Zwift IOS on a Budget (iPhone/iPad)

Zwift IOS on a Budget (iPhone/iPad)

Zwift IOS on a budget today we’ll take this blank space here in the garage and convert it into his with training studio so to make a lot of viewers of my last videos we’ve got a budget did note that i was using a two-thousand-dollar macbook pro and a nice five-thousand-dollar is words back okay the game has changed literally we’re going to use with iOS will use some cheap bluetooth smart bike senses along with my trusty Cyclops fluid to standard training or dumb trainer and my giant TCR we’re going to get my indoor space here up and running with a seven-day unlimited with trial alright let’s get into it so first things first we’ll set up the yoga mat as a bit of floor protection and a bit of noise dampening as well always just a cheap solution here for the flooring will get the black mountain on the trainer and it’s super important to have some air movement as well if you’re working out indoors so I’ve got myself a little turbofan day’s work brilliantly so literally we’re almost done we put the Bluetooth sensors on the back to fire on the handlebars and we’re ready to ride I’ve got a few cents on here already but we need is the blue truth one cadence into here speaks into around the back so he’s a trick i just use the one who fitness apps you check out this sensor connect to it and make sure the speed and distance actually comes up and it doesn’t matter really what it reads as long as it read something we’ll get to that later on but you can see there i’m getting a speed and cadence reading so bluetooth center up and running so quick overview of what we’ve done so far we’ve put a fan up there for calling with my giant TCR bark mounted on a cyclops fluid to stand in China will put some bluetooth smart senses imagine on the rear wheel for that we put a mat down all the Select is Swift on the handlebars as with offer a seven day free trial so it’s a good way to get on board and see what it’s all about before committing to the monthly subscription i’m using my account today let’s run through logging in and setting up the senses to that Island today i might even get the lokra okay to pick up my is the state theater and I have a cyclops fluid to trainer ok it’s also picked up the cadences straight from that so simple that pick up the bluetooth straightaway let’s go this is with the right standing in one minute it’s got it is with rice just join this with rice let’s go oh wow yeah okay I’m i guess that really explains the community owns with I was just sort of jumping to test something I’ve found myself in a rice ok we’re on I’m gonna have trouble feeling that’s what we’re racing but you’ll see what’s going on here side we’re off I’m not going to last too long here but you can see how easy it was to me to set that up you get involved in a race straightaway here we go today I said that just to show you guys how easy it was to get set up with some basic equipment here no computer no five-thousand-dollar bike just your findings and Bluetooth it’s an indoor trainer here in 15 minutes later in a bunch of rice that’s pretty cool tick and that might just be a little insight into why people get hooked on mix especially me this is super cool i may not be in locker might be time to attack though let’s go ok I’m cooked all the guys right there huh as I said before that wasn’t planned it was super simple to get setup today so again the summary of everything got a good fan to move some air we put a yoga mat down to protect the floor and to stop some vibrations in a bit of noise coming through we’ve got my giant TCR black on a cyclops flew into trainer we’re going to bluetooth smart speaking cadence in a retail for less than fifty dollars and I just pulled my phone out of my pocket downloads with I asked for free using my account but you can also just use a 7-day trial if you want to set things up so with this setup in about 15 minutes I was racing with about a hundred other people they’re off the line a few things to know Swift ion source with iOS supports Bluetooth sensors direct only hence the use of a bluetooth speed and cadence into down here the cycleops fluid to has no starts built-in so it uses what’s called Z power or estimated power based on a known speed curve that’s what we have to have a magnet on the rear wheel and hope those senses up the accuracy isn’t too bad but if you want true power accuracy you look at something like a smart trainer or a power meter on your back using the powers a good introduction and a very cost-effective way of getting on board with the free app the current 7-day trial you can see if it’s for you or not but if you do enjoy a setup like this investing in the parameter or another smart trainer further down the track might be something to look into that’s it for today questions comments below thanks for watching

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  1. Great video I ended up going all out and put my money toward a trainer. and just ride in my living room with my Mac Pro to tv setup. I was surprised to know that all the courses are not unlocked at the same time only certain days I guess to keep the streets busy though. Or the servers can't handle it

  2. Shane all your zwift videos convinced me to give it a go. Amazing fun and no better way to stay in shape during Canadian winters with 2 feet of snow!

  3. Great video, Shane. I've been on the fence about what trainer to get and whether I should even do any of this but I think you might have sold me. I'm going to look into that model trainer as well since it appears more budget friendly than the smart models I've been fixated on.

  4. Hey Shane, which trainer do you think is better. Elite Rampa fe-c or Tacx vortex? Looking to jump on the Zwift hype real soon.

  5. I started about six weeks ago on zwift with the first "budget Video" that you have online. I now have a "Elite Turbo Muin Smart +" from ebay for 300€ inkl. the Sensor, iPad mini 2 – 280 € still to buy new – and i am good to go. And i realy get a good road feel, althow the Résistance dose not change "Smart". HDMI Adapter will come for christmas i think. Then i have a realy good setup, quite cheepe. (Of couse i can use the iPad for other Thinge and the "Turbo muin " will be realy good for warmup befor races, too. Thnks for the Videos, love the chanel!

  6. Love ya videos all the way from sunny Suffolk in the U.K….. quick question Iv got an old garmin speed and cadence sensor on my winter bike will that connect to zwift or do I need a Particular Bluetooth sensor… thanks

  7. Cool vid, phone apps def the way to go for increased market, more simplicity. I have an aliexpress BLE Ant+ sensor, works over BT with wahoo but not Strava, works on an ant dongle, so caution to anyone looking at them for iOS zwift over BLE, might not work.

  8. Great stuff Shane. just what i was looking for. Start modestly and if it bites … yeah ! Have a great Christmas and New Year. Oh… and would love to say 'just going to use my basic TCR' :p))

  9. thanks for the video Shane. I sort of figured that's how the ultra low budget set up would work but I've been waiting for you to break it down just like you did. cheers

  10. I got the iOS version also running and love the simplicity. I just need to get an iPhone holder for the bike, so I can see the small screen better. Table next to a bike is not ideal setup.

  11. With the bluetooth sensors, where do you attach them? It looked like there was only one on the crank and one on the chain stay but shouldn't there be a sensor on the wheel?

  12. Sorry if you have already answered this but do most smart trainers transmit in bluetooth or just ant+? Looking at a Tacx Vortex smart trainer but it seems as though it doesn't have bluetooth. Is there another way to get it hooked up to zwift ios? Many thanks.

  13. Hey Shane. Cool videos, I really enjoy them. I am shopping around for an indoor trainer. I have narrowed it down between the KICKR Snap and the Tacx Vortex Smart. Looks like both have their own issues. The Snap has inconsistent power measurements in ERG mode which many people complain about but it seems the hardware to be sturdy. The Vortex has smaller flywheel and according to some users, it is not as reliable as it has brake unit issues and it locks up, requiring a new brake unit. From your experience, what your recommendation would be? I live in US, if that makes any difference on the brand (Netherlands vs US brand). ~ Thanks!
    PS: I am not a pro, just want a decent and reliable trainer for my Cervelo R3 to use with Zwift.

  14. Question: I have a Garmin 1000 that has Bluetooth. My S/C and HRS are on ANT+. If I connect my Garmin to my iPhone 5s, they are paired. But I tried paring it on Zwift using the iPhone that is Paired thru Garmin 1000, it does not find any sensors…. Since the iPhone is connected, shouldn't Zwift see it ??

  15. What do you think is the better budget experience with Zwift and indoor training, this setup with the cyclops or with the cheapest smart trainer? Thanks for your videos!

  16. Great Video, with all the bad weather in the UK thinking about Zswift myself! Very helpful and honest video, good work. If your into old Retro Road bikes Check us out! Subbed all the best Andy

  17. Good afternoon what bluetooth sped and cadence sensor are you using please. I was hoping that my garmin 510 and speed and cadence hub sensors would work with Zwift iOS. But annoying that it won't. Kind regards

  18. Thanks for this vid, very helpful. Quick question, how do the races work when only folks on smart trainers receive the automatic resistance from Zwift? For example, because you aren't getting the resistance info from zwift, won't you climb faster than people who are on smart trainers?

  19. Do you know if the Wahoo TICKR X (heart rate monitor) will bridge Garmin ANT+ Speed and Cadence sensor for ZwiftIOS? Like the 4iiii Viiiiva strap does?

  20. Great video. Really helpful. Your channel is excellent. If your budget was limited, would you get good second hand trainer (Kinetic road machine, Cyclops Fluid 2) with sensors and use virtual power OR one of the cheaper option smart trainers. Only one within my budget is the Tacx Flow Smart T2400. My reservations for the Tacx are it's power and slope limit. Any advice is welcome

  21. Thank you Shane! best video on how to set up zwift on a budget! no idea I could zwfit on my phone. my laptop is fried and can't support Zwift. This is a good alternative until I get a new laptop. Also, you saved me some time. I was planning to buy a new smart trainer but, now I can wait using this setup.

  22. With this configuration, would I be locked into using the cellphone? Could I connect it to a laptop also? Would I have to get a different sensor for that?

    Thanks for the great detail info!

  23. I'm using my rollers a lot lately as we are coming into winter in Melbourne and don;t want to lose fitness. Would I be better to buy a power meter and use my rollers with Zwift (then the power meter comes with me on outdoor rides) or buy a smart trainer?

  24. Shane thanks for the video – really helped with the know how to set up zwift on ios. I have an issue I am hoping you help with? I have started using zwift ios. I have a 26 inch mtb with a gatorskin slick. I am using garmin speed and cadence sensor and It is running through a jet black z1. Which is a supported trainer. My settings (on zwift when I paired) are for a 26 inch wheel. But when I ride I am averaging 20ks difference on zwift than on my garmen watch. I am also pushing 500 watts… Which I am not capable of… Obviously I have buggered up the settings. Do you have any suggestions that may rectify this?? Thanks in advance

  25. Thanks Shane this is a huge help. I went back and watched this video a couple of times as I'm setting up my 7 year old daughter on Zwift (16 inch wheels on an old fluid trainer = an adapter fabrication job for me). I hadn't used Zwift iOS and now I've seen it, it's perfect for her.

  26. Hi Shane, is the functionality or quality any better with a PC over an iPad for this? Looking at running a iPad with hdmi output to my TV with some Bluetooth sensors for HR and cadence.

    Just want to make sure the IOS style isn't just a watered down version compared to PC version.


  27. ok so just to know i should be able to ride my trackbike on freerollers with zwift if I put my garmin cadence and wheelsensor on? I have no powermeter on my bike…
    thx for answering.

  28. Thanks for these videos, because of this one I could have a blast using my iPhone. Happy days. Tom from the UK 🚴🤘

  29. Hello, I think I watched nearly all your video's.
    Really a great job!
    I have another question:
    Do you need a cadence sensor with the Wahoo Kicker (for determining the speed; I do not care that much about the cadence itself…)?
    Thanks again!

  30. Zwift is a huge disappointment . Spent so much time trying to get speed up on a flat section of the course. Watts up, speed down. Makes zero sense. Wasted hours

  31. OK, so I bought a Tacx Neo as it came with a Garmin ANT+ for computer (USB). I am/was going to use an IPAD Air 2 BUT…….. I read that the Garmin Ant+ sensor wont work and I now need to buy a WAHOO ANT+ and an Apple adapter to fit the plug on the IPAD. Is that my only option??? making my TACX Neo bargain loose some of its shine…..

  32. Just looking to get into zwift. I have the same budget setup in my garage for winter training and you've answered all my iOS questions. Thanks Shane!

  33. Hi Shane, I'm from Brazil, and watch your channel for almost a year now. I finally had the chance to buy a trainer (not a smart one) and I bought a Bluetooth speed sensor from AliExpress ( those that can be turned into a cadence or speed sensor). I tried to run it on my iPad, but I failed. The app pairs it as a power source, not a speed sensor, but it works fine in other apps like wahoo, Kinect or btwin training. I don't know what to do, since my computer is really old and can't support zwift. Can you help me?

  34. not sure if any of these comments talk about the battery life when zwifting with the iPhone. you will run out of battery life if you do not plug it in.

  35. Woooooo this is going to be awesome, got a Garmin 530 sensor bundle and Powertap P1 pedals, I wonder if the HR monitor will work.

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