Zadali jste nám 360 X-up na enduro kole! Zvládli jsme to?

Zadali jste nám 360 X-up na enduro kole! Zvládli jsme to?

Hi everyone, welcome to the new video Today we are shooting the promised double-trickstop videp and we will be learning a trick from one of your sugestions – 360 x-up on enduro bikes We went to Zubri bikepark which is a great place to learn new tricks We’d like to say hello to Tom Kondelka for letting us in How are you feeling before learning a totally new trick? I’d like to add that Damjan has like 10 years of experience of doing freestyle MTB And I’m totally new into doing dirt jump tricks So it’s gonna pretty hard for me I’ve never done 360 x-up on enduro bike I’ve never liked doing X-ups to be honest Not easy for me, too Tom Kondelka is the guy who built this place many years ago, I’m looking forward to meet him again in few days Ondra is already standing at the foampit roll-in Test jump That was really cool This was my second flip to foampit, I didn’t wanna jump straight air into the foam It’s safer to flip into the foampit than just jumping with no trick We also have a resi jump over here, Damjan is ready for the test jump I’m not doing the flip yet I will have to do a flip with my enduro bike, If I failed to land 360x-up to resi today Show us something Ondra wanted to practice into foampit in his shorts – classic trials spirit That was a stupid idea So I made him wear pants at least Now I’m unstopable Nac-nac is my dreamtrick, I’m gonna try it I landed straight on my bike Was it as steezy as Martin Soederstrom’s nac-nacs? Foampit is great for learning some of the tricks But there are also tricks that you don’t wanna learn into foampit and nac-nac is one of those I can do it A classic trick I think you wanted to take off the hands, right? I decided to focus on 360s, because learning other tricks would take much more time 360 you said? I want this, too! Table was not the task I will work on my 360s in the next 100 tries I’m scared of the resi jump actually I wanna see the x-up Not yet mate You’ve been doing them for 10 years Guys at the shooting range are practicing, too I’ll try the x-ups I found out my bar is hitting my seat, so I will put it higher And my bars are pretty wide so I have to hold them like this I think your 360s are little bit more dialed than mine This should totally work just fine I hit my ribs with the seat Let’s have a coffee! It’s October 24th and it’s 22° Celsius Great temperature for having a coffee The coffee was great and now it’s time to move to the resi I did few more jumps into the foampit and not all of my 360s felt right If you let me, I won’t be doing 360 x-ups today but instead I will land my first flip on the enduro bike, is that ok? It’d be a challenge for me as well, but 360 x-up seems impossible for me right now.. I will try just few safe 360s and let’s see how I will feel about that I cased big time More speed What’s wrong? Your back? Oh no So now I need to land the 360 x-up? Thanks! Really nice seat grab! Martin Adamek, local shredder What are you thinking? I think I have to do the flip, I don’t like hesitating Wrong gears My feelings are mixed right now That was short Your first backflip on the enduro bike! Congrats! Easier than the seatgrab Every freestyle trick I’ve learnt lately was harder than the flip I’ll try to get more distance I cased it with the rear wheel but it was close I’m happy because I landed a new trick However Damjan hurt his back a little bit he took a painkiller and will see if he can continue maybe we will have to finish the trickstop next time health is important I hurt my back a little bit during my last 360 I’ve been having some back pain last few weeks but it seems it got better and I will try couple of jumps into foampit I hope the pain won’t strike again You cased the landing but it was legit I’m sorry for the big case, but I’m happy I was able to pull it So I think I managed to do the trickstop One more jump for Ondra You look healthy Our trickstop wasn’t too stylish and Martin’s gonna show us how it’s done properly I was hoping to pull it like this, but whatever.. I’m done for today So that was it We are beaten up Damjan hurt his back and I was hard on my ankle which is still sore but it was fun anyway The trickstop was successful, because we saw a 360 x-up I pulled the trick, but didn’t see you doing it Ondra moved to another trick the backflip on enduro bike was pretty cool I thought I would die if I tried the 360 on resi So I picked another trick instead I will have to think of something special for Ondra in some of the future videos Thanks to this sick bikepark, we will come back for sure There are more videos coming This train will never stop!

13 thoughts on “Zadali jste nám 360 X-up na enduro kole! Zvládli jsme to?

  1. Já jsme viděl minulej nebo před minulej rok damyjana v Brně v Olympii na kole a dělal tam triky a byl tam aji parkourista a typci na koloběžkách já jsme měl takovou černou freestyle koloběžku

  2. Sice to s Ondrou v pátek nevyšlo ale o to víc jste mě oba dva namotivovali ze jsem jel do blanska a zkousel triky a i mamka mi řekla ze jsem dobrej a ze to vypadá super a kdy bude v Blansku v trialparku bude molitanova jáma???jen tak.tesim se na street

  3. Ahoj podíváš se prosím na můj kanál prosiiiim jinak jste best
    Jinak se zabývám hodně jízdou na kole triky a pod ale natacim hry

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