Yoann Barelli’s Commencal Meta AM V4.2 | GMBN Pro Bikes

Yoann Barelli’s Commencal Meta AM V4.2 | GMBN Pro Bikes

– So, this is Yoann Barelli’s
brand new bike for 2017, after swapping from Giant. He’s now riding this Commencel Meta AM. It’s 160 mil travel bike and
it’s got 170 mil fork on there just to rake it out a little bit more. I think, definitely, a pattern
I’m seeing with these bikes for Andes Pacifico is
big tyres and big brakes. So, we’ve got these Hutchinson
Toro real chunky tyres and Sram guide brakes
with 180 mil rotors front and rear. (dynamic music) so, the Meta AM is 160 mil travel bike and Yoann’s got a 170 mil fork up front, so bringing that front end
that little bit slacker, more travel on the front. It’s an aluminium frame, you’re seeing this really nice, sort
of polish bare frame, and it’s got this Rock Shox
super deluxe shock on the rear with a remote lock out under
the bar on the left hand side. So, Yoann is riding the large frame. As you can see, it’s
quite a long bike anyway, but Yoann’s got these five mil offset cups in the front of the bike just to give him that
bit more space again. So, it’s long, low and slack. So, the bars are Renthal Fat
bars, the oversized 35 mil, and they’re 760 mil wide, paired
with a 40 mil Renthal stem. The first thing I noticed
actually about this bike is the angle of the levers, you
see how they’re really flat, so, really quite high on the bar. I’ll have to ask Yoann about that. Also, Renthal grips. You’ve got the reverb
dropper post remote here. Again, you’ve got that
lockout for the rear shock underneath the bar on the left hand side. So, a few levers going
on on the left hand side and we’ve got the sram eagle
groupset, that’s a one by 12. And the shifter is there
on the right hand side. The suspension up front, we
got this rock shox lyric, like I said, it’s 170
mil travel, air fork. So it does slacken that
bike, off a little bit, just make it good for those faster trails. We’ve got American Classic wheels, a brand that’s renowned for
their lightweight wheels. And Hutchinson Toro tyres,
27.5 wheels on this bike. We’ve got sram guide
ultimate brakes on this bike. So, the big downhill style brakes
with four pot callipers and 180 mil rotors front and rear. So, to the drive train,
we’ve got sram XO rear mech and that huge sram eagle
cassette, so it’s 10-50. That really big gear, just
to give you that low climbing ability, and that’s paired
with 38 tooth chain ring. So, much bigger than we see on bikes that don’t have that size cassette. I guess the average nowadays
is probably 34 tooth chain rings so really big up front. Also, got this gold chain
that’s got a bit of black goin’ on in here. So, I’m not quite sure it’s
supposed to look like that. Sram exo carbon cranks and
crank brothers malette e-pedals. So, the Meta is boost. So, we’ve got that wider hub in the rear. Something we’re seeing
in a lot of bikes moving over too now, it just
makes those wheels stiffer, with the angle of those spokes. The bikes finished off
with the rock shox reverb, dropper seat post, and this
Tioga Spyder Outland saddle. We’ve also got this fabric
water bottle that’s cageless. You see it mounts directly to the frame. So let’s have a chat with the guy himself and ask him about his bike. So, Yoann, brand new
bike for you this year, change of sponsors. Does it take you a long
time to get used to a bike? – I’m still trying to figure it out. – Yeah. (laughs) – No, it was quite a big change for me because I changed the frame,
the wheels, the tyres, and the bows, the seat post,
the centre pillars, everything. So, it was quite a big change for me and the first time that
I jumped on the bike, I was kinda lost. – Yeah. – And then it’s starting to
come back, I’m getting used to and it’s different bike than
the rain in, but it’s perfect. I like it. – So I guess we’re still pre-season, where Andes Pacifico, what
first race of the year? Are you usin’ this as a test? Or is this– – Yeah. – You’re just tryin’ to go
fastest as you can straight away. – Totally, it’s totally a test because you know sometimes
you feel that you are good and you are feeling well on the bike. But, you don’t really know if it’s actually efficient or not. – Yeah. – So, Andes Pacifico, we
have five days of resting, a lot of stages, so it’s perfect, like, you can do one stage, change
a little bit some stuff on the bike, then do
another one and see if you improve a little bit,
and see if you’re feeling actually right. – Yeah. – So, yeah, for me it’s a big test and see how it goes. – Yeah, so one thing I’ve
noticed about your bike is the brake levers. Why’d you run them so high? Is there a reason for that? – So there is a reason. So I gotta show you. – Yep. (laughs) – So what I figured out
is that when you ride with the levers normal, like that, you actually use a lot of your
thumb to hold your handlebar. – Yep. – So and when you force
and use a lot of energy to do that, you get arm burn. – Yeah, okay. – So far I’ve seen injury after 10 minute, you have arm burn. – Trying to take some weight
back off the handlebars. – Exactly, and if you put
your hands a little bit more flat, you use more of
the palm, the entire hand to just, like, rest on your handlebar. So actually ride like that. It put my body a little bit higher so I’m looking a little
bit further as well. And, yeah, it’s another style of riding but it’s, it works for me. – Makes perfect sense. – It’s not for everyone. (laughs) But, for me it’s a, it’s perfect. – Cool. – It was a game changer. Too much, too much
Enduro, too much Enduro. – Yeah. – Never go full Enduro. – Take his advice. If you click on this GMBN logo, you subscribe to GMBN. And, click down there for an
enduro video with Martin Maes, and click over there for a pro bike check with Josh Carlson. – And, if you like my
bike, give me a thumbs up.

91 thoughts on “Yoann Barelli’s Commencal Meta AM V4.2 | GMBN Pro Bikes

  1. Cool bloke with a cool sled. Man, running a 38t up front is pretty insane. Did anyone else run with that setup in Chile?

  2. C'est lร  qu'on voit les personnes qui parlent anglais comme elle parle franรงais… AIME CE COMMENTAIRE SI T'ES FRANCAIS!!! =)

  3. Since Commencal makes no carbon frames their prices are affordable, just got myself a Meta 3.0 with a Pike and Monarch rt3 both 160 mm for $1.8K
    You are not going to find a decent bike under $2K elsewhere.

  4. #askgmbn can you guys tell me why i know things like that Josh Bryceland won the last DH World Cup on 26" or that Steve Peat won the 2009 World Champs just 0.05 seconds before Greg Minnaar, but i can't remember anything from that damn accounting class?

  5. beauty of a bike and the 38t in the front is pretty impressive! I have a lot to work to get there. Big Fan of Yoann, he is the coolest guy in the bike biz.

  6. would it work to put a thinner innertube in your wheel to help the tyre like haveing wider rims and lower pressures. like a 2.25 tube in a 2.4 tyre?

  7. Clicked the video because I thought it was made of steel since the tubes were so skinny! Whatever, still a pretty good looking bike anyway

  8. Hey gmbn the show is amazing love it,guys do great work have my first enduro event coming up 30 years old did a few xc races just not fun enough can't wait any tips with eating have a felt decree 3 just need a bit of advice from Michigan so not to many hills but the event is at copper horror very nice track. Thanks for all ur vids Martin is the fn man! Steps up the game for all people great work Martin and thanks again guys for the great tips

  9. wow Yoann explains so well why you should put flatter your brake lever,brilliant!I ride the same way,only 4 times slower.

  10. i use meta v4 2016 it was really nice bike, it can handle all trails condition. Good to see my favorite racer join Commencal this year #cheers #fullgazzz

  11. I wonder if there is any reason he's using regular fatbar 35 cut to 760mm, instead of the fatbar lite 35?

  12. I also ride with the levers almost parallel, for those DH's where you got them already slanting enough. When they right under the bar and you have to lean back beyond the seat they are more easily accessible and efficient when it the bike shakes hard.

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