ok guys, lets start with the suggested retail price of kymco and yamaha here in kymco xtown 300 i, SRP is 199 thousad pesos, while this one Yamaha xmax is 249 thousand pesos so regarding their price, you already know who has the advantage kymco is more affordable while yamaha xmax is a bit pricey lets check why so lets start with this yamaha xmax is already keyless so its already keyless ignition compared with kymco xtown, which is using conventional manual key here as you can see they have different looks they are both sporty, but if you are loooking on to usual type of sporty look kymco has it a little bit edgy and you can see on its looks, aggressive type but, if you are looking for another level of sporty mode or sporty look of course we have the yamaha xmax that has a little bit futuristic design compared to kymco xtown ive noticed they are both matte in color but have different inner fairings so lets check first the xtown as you notice, the built of fairings is ordinary or its structure there is a pattern here then when you try to look on this part it has same pattern on the other one when it comes to inner fairings the rest are plain compared to xmax which is more elegant in design because there are stitches type of innner fairing design here looks like a leather but totally plastic farings, inner fairings when it comes to outer fairings ive noticed that there is more unique designs on yamaha xmax compared to kymco xtown like this ive already mentioned this one last time on my review of xmax 300 there are pattern like this and also the exhaust tip another different style pattern while on the other hand, xtown has plain matte color so, there’s not much pattern in here of fairings that kymco made more simple here in xtown, you will notice its still bulb type thats why this is in favor for those rider who loves to modify headlights because it is easy to replace and easy to find aftermarket bulbs or LED’s which can more improved our visibility at night it is to adjust signal light is also bulb type so it is also easy to upgrade, like aftermarket bulb, atom and osram brand more brighter than the stock headlight then lets check the tailight here in taillight if you will notice it has a futuristic designed tailight if you look far from behind then you will notice the X letter on its LED taillight so that is its trademark or its identity of xtown ofcourse fully LED including the signal light in this rear part, but on its front its bulb type while on the other hand, the yamaha xmax is already equipped with fully LED headlight then when it comes on signal lights here in font part still bulb type same with xtown when it comes to xmax tailight fully LED except on the signal lights it looks like predators eyes ^_^ and it has a reflector down here ok guys, check it out the rain is starting to fall, lets take a break ok, i think it already stop but still have little raindrops they seems to have same level of windshield but this xmax is a little bit taller the only difference is, xmax’s windshield is adjustable same with the handle bar you can adjust towards you if you are having a short arms like mine ^_^ it will be adjusted on service center while on this one, it is not adjustable this windshield has more width because this one has a shape while this one is just plain this is the under seat storage actually i tried this one and only fits half face helemts then as you can see it has a LED light with sensor if i cover this one, the light will turned off nice the good about this xtown is regardless of its key positioing you can still unlock the storage even when its locked the handlebar is locked you can still unlock then, even the handlebar is unlocked you can still open the storage and the best part is, even the engine runs the engine runs open the storage by pressing and twisting the key which cannot be done in xmax, because you can only open its storage if the engine is turned off here in xmax as you can see it also has a plain structure then here you can also fit the helemt, and is more deeper compared here in xtown ive also noticed here in xtown, it has a hydraulics here the problem is you cant open it fully while here in xmax just the normal mechanism you can fully open this seat some users removes this for them to fully open here in xtown you can see, there is allotted space for glove compartment which has a open and locked function just twist the knob in open function then here it is this is my hand also deep that we can put our gadgets then it also has a built in USB type port all you need to bring is cable for you to charge your phone in here ok lets close it but it has no safety when it comes to leaving our gadgets in here, because anyone can open this in right side, nothing because this part is for the coolant reservoir you can check the level of coolant in here now lets proceed to xmax300 glove compartment as you can see, it has a left and right compartment for you to open this one, you need to press the ignition then twist it to LID then open nice right? the LID is only for the left side, because this one you can open this by just simply pressing this upper part, here then,just pull this thats how it works again, my hand also deep then here, also same with the kymco xtown it also has a built in power outlet unlike in Xtown xtown has built it USB port for you to bring cable only, but in here you need to buy adapter or the panel gauge so here in xtown, lets open this as you can see, left and right part is still analog type then digital here in the middle in here there is a built in volt meter, trip meter, temperature fuel gauge and time clock then buttons are here for mode, function and reset now lets check the yamaha xmax wow yamaha xmax as you can see, thed left and right part is still analog same with xtown300 then in the middle part is also digital same with the xtown, you can see the odometer with time clock temperature,engine temperature and the fuel gauge the only difference,here in xmax there is average fuel cosumption then for the mode or changing of trip A trip B and other settings there is no visible buttons here, because its located here in switches with trip and info word you can adjust it here by just pressing or pulling this switch then it also has a built in volt meter and special features, traction control system on ok so first lets start here in yamaha xmax as you noticed here in left part, this special switch, it has a passing light by just pressing this button, the lower part unlike the other passing switch, located here in upper front part then signal lights, normal position, then the horn here in right part, there is kill switch engine activated then if you still push this bottom part, it is its push start button there is a built in hazzard, this on with the triangle while here in kymco, highbeam and lowbeam located in this part but the passing light switch is here as ive said earlier signal light switches then horn then lets proceed to the right switches,engine stop is here kill switch engine then hazzard here in upper part and here is the starter and take note, we can still use the hazzard even when the engine is turned off for me, i like this side mirrors of xtown300i because there is no visible stem or metal fully covered of rubber cover here, if you will notice the stem is not prone to rust especially when its always expose to acid rain and sunlight and then the size of this side mirror is wide wide visibility at the back and theres a kymco word in this part while here in Xmax as you can see here is the stem and only this part has a rubber cover for this part not to be rusted because these are also prone to rust what i love here is the shape of this the shape of its side mirror is leaf type and also it is thin unlike on this kymco, a little bit bulky ive just noticed, its a little bit hard because we already took this scoot MARILAQUE ride so, thats my opinion on this xmax seat, now lets check the xtown based on my review or personal experience in this scooter the seat is very soft this is the only scoot which i felt most comfortable compared to other maxiscoot that ive rode the design is not so good,it is a little bit bulky if you will notice, here a little bit bullky but it compensates the performance, or the comfort it gives to the rider it is very very soft, here especially when the road surface is not good, you will not so much affected by the impact when it bounce good job kymco lets start here in Kymco as you can see, the grab bar is one piece shaped this is where the backrider holds on it has a built in…. bracket for top box, so you wouldnt need to buy aftermarket brackets for the box because of this you will just need to remove this two clips then if you lift this up there is already a thread here for the box nice one because we did save a little bit money for that here in Xmax, it is not one piece shaped it looks like a fang then its shape over here is also futuristic as ive said it is also edgy unlike the xtown, the design is for practial use this one is more on style and loks if you are more concern about the design here in the front tire of Xtown the size of its tire is 120/80-14 the profile is a little bit higher because usually it is around 70 yamaha xmax has 120/70-15 so its a little bit higher compared to xtown300i here in rear part the size of tire is 150/70-13 in front is by 14 the radius of mags, here is by 13 quite smaller then let check on Xmax 150/70-14 the rear mag size of xmax is already the size of front mags of xtown so, that’s their difference ground clearance is much higher if you measured it when im riding on it, the leg room or leg space is much larger for the rider here in xtown compared in XMAX which is a little bit smaller when im extending my leg about on seat height almost same height, but when i sat on it my foot is normally tip toed in xtown because the seat cushion is more soft and more compressed that is why my foot is normally tip toed while here in xmax so for me, this xtown is quite better specially if you have height problem … 5’4 lets start with the 2valves, this kymco xtown 2valves ive noticed, the engine runs quiet fine engine, if im going to describe its sound. you will not hear any unusual sounds because of its smoothness lets rev a little bit for you to hear its sound nice now let proceed to Xmax as you can hear the engine sounds a little bit louder given that it has 4 valves the projection of sound is really much louder let try to rev it it sounds like a bigger Nmax it sounds like that regarding to power or top speed of both scoot in torque and acceleration, ive tried this xmax in MARILAQUE ( famous main road in phil ) going up, uphill. there is no problem and the xtown, ive tried it in PAMPANGA and Marilaque also very good, very reliable. both 300 cc then, i’ve just noticed, xmax is better when it comes in torque and acceleration and top speed because in Xtown, i did a 130kph and Xmax can do 140kph also depends on some factors, riders weight the road if its plain road or downhill and the wind or aerodynamics of scoot so given that Xmax has 4 valves it really got power but, it also affects the gas consumption because when i rode the xtown, i got an average of 23kpl while here in XMAX city driving, i got 19-20kpl but when i tried it on long ride in jariels peak ive got 26 kpl gas consumption ^_^ so maybe this Xtown will get better fuel consumption in longride given that it is 2 valves so thats thier pros and cons then based on their performance in cornering xtown got a better balance and ground clerance when tilted because i did not get to touched the ground in cornering here in xmax, the certer stand touched the ground when i did a cornering ground clearance from center stand is lower compared to Xtown compared here in xtownn, because in here i really didnt experienced the center stand touches the ground in cornering as you can see, it is high ^_^ so thats all sweetpotatoes youve seen the difference between Xtown and Xmax same category but recetly, KYMCO launch a higher version or variant of xtown which is the xtown noodoe here it is same engine, same fairings, the only difference is the instrument panel connecting in the smart phone to instrument panel that the xtown advantage from the xmax so, kymco did well when it comes to technology of noodoe theres another new latest version of 300cc from kymco which is the xciting 300i now guys if you are not satisfied on xtown because it is not yet keyless compared to xmax and there are some specs that xmax really wins try to review about xciting 300 because kymco really released it to compete xmax in this year 2019 in 300cc category thats the latest model of kymco about the price difference, it is quite big 199k compared to 249k but you can also tell in their specs difference and not everyone can afford expensive maxiscoots so in local market this is the cheapest maxi scoot, the xtown 300i so its for you to decide guys, of what will you choose everyone got their own choice and reasons goodluck for those planning to buy one for those undecided, i hope this video could help you ^_^ so thats all sweet potato riders out ther. ridsafe! hoho


  1. Nice video. Nice comparision. I own xmax300, 2019. I'm from Europe amd the bike looks little different than the one in your presentation. The European models looks more modern, in my oppinion. I'm 1.83 m height, 100 kg and i feel just perfect when riding Xmax 300 bike. I already done 2200 km with the love. Consumtion is 2.9-3.0 l/ 100 km and i ride a bit faster. I'm very satisfied of this bike and materials quality are very good. With me rideing, the maximum speed is 145 km/h measured on GPS (not screen bike). Breaks are very food also. I recomand everybody the XMAX 300, not 400! Yamaha invested money and time in all the components, aerodinamics and quality. In Europe, the price is around 5800 Euro included VAT. In my oppinion,in this quality segment, the only competitor for the Xmax300 is Forza300, but the Honda is a bit lazy than Yammy. By the way, in Europe, the rumors are that the BMW scooters are made together with chinese manufacturers and Kawasaki is 100% made by Kymco, but with better paint quality ( you can verify this by the look of Kawa and Kymco).
    Ride save guys and good luck to all!
    PS: your leanguage is something between English and something else. I can't catch my self what is the second leanguage you used.

  2. I don't think you can't compare yamaha with kymco it's not comparing apple's with apple's it's like comparing apple's with mango.

  3. Personaly i don't think these Two Scooters are a Fair Compairson, Mainly because of the Displacement of the Kymco XTown. They may be the Same model year , but the Specs tell a different story . Kymco has a Scooter that more of a fair Compairson that would be the Downtown 300i . What are your thoughts.

  4. boss nmax vs aerox
    x max vs n Max
    x max vs aerox
    pa compare namn ohh hheeh Salamat paps more power to your yt

  5. tol pwd review mo din honda sh 300 vs jan sa dalawa na yan?o kaya naman piaggio beverly 300 o kymco people 300…ayun kasi mga pinagpipilian ko mga model ng motor ih..

  6. i dont speak a single pinay but i understand everything he says lol…………….and btw he is 5'0" not 5'4" lol

  7. Red always watching ur videos very informative ask ko kailan lalabas ang honda forza sa pinas goodluck tour safe.

  8. 50 k os 50k diffrence npklaki bagay na un sa makakatipid nararating ni xmax nararating din ni kymco budget wise at kymco porma xmax hehe…

  9. Sersak patanung nga sa yamaha kung ilalabas nila xmax 400. Wala nman silbe yan di mailabas sa xpressway ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Red, wud you recommend Kymco X Town 300. Budget ako eh. Need bigger scoot. I am 6 ft flat. Otherwise PCX na muna. Thank you. Ok

  11. Dahil sa vlog at review mo ng xmax red nka bili tuloy aq ng xmax dahil na guatohan ng misis q, and sulit bayad namin sa xmax

  12. Sa akin tol red fuel consumption ko ay 4.2 liters/100km inakyat q na yan sa uphill twisties at city driving at highway 115km/hr

  13. Idol meron ba talagang 125 na xmax sa ibang bansa? Tsaka may chance ba na ilaunch dito sa pilipinas yun? Reply ka idol

  14. Just a question guys.. i just got my motorcycle license and i need an advice from people that have been riding motorcycles/scooter a lot. Should i buy Motorcycle or a scooter? I need something that is comfortable to ride on long distances 400/600 km, i want seat to be more comfy and not like as sitting on a concrete :[ and of course fuel efficiency that makes me worry a lot.

  15. Newbie question lang po, yung hazard po ba pwedeng i-disconnect yun? naisip ko po kasi, kung nasa open parking po, baka mapaglaruan, iwanang nakabukas yung hazards, madischarge ang battery. kasi namention niyo po na pwede siyang buksan kahit patay ang makina.

  16. Red medyo mataas ang xtown ko for me 5ft, 5inc ako. Meron ba way to adjust lower ang shock para flat paa sa ground? Tnx

  17. lodz.. kayang kaya ba road trip or longride yung kymco pag Dito valenzuela, papuntang samar leyte??๐Ÿ˜Š.. tnx God bless..

  18. Hello, do you think is it possible to fix the height of the xmax in order to shorten it? I mean maybe the seat cutting it ? I my height is the same as yours

  19. 249 pesos? ๐Ÿค”
    Makapagbenta nga ng mga bote, bulok na yero, kapirasong bakal at tanso, lata ng sardinas, plastic bottle… Kung hndi umabot kalakal ko.. utang muna sa tropa… ๐Ÿค”

  20. Kung praktikal ka go for Kymco. Kung hind mo naman problema ang pera go for Yamaha. Kita mo naman kung bakit siya mas expensive.

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