Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM (Pavel Marcel)

Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM (Pavel Marcel)

Hello from the new episode of Chicago Hope
series Enjoy your popcorn And asside of that virus you’re constantly
sharing with us in store I’m gonna share with you, what I found
interesting on Yamaha Pacifica 611 HFM Those of you, who’d already met with
Pacifica model maybe knows, it’s the most common guitar
from Yamaha their most succesful model, most popular In this particular model I had a feeling
that Yamaha tried to pacify all Fender Heads and Gibson Heads and they had gone the third way of fusing the best from both worlds. As inmates know, Gibson Heads against
Fender Heads and other way round… So those are different worlds, different way of
playing, different attitude…usually There are not too many folks, who have both
or wanna both. This guitar wasn’t definately wired
homosexually, it’s straight.. So from the back we have here
bridge pickup, both pickups, neck pickup ..that is a single…. scary single, brutally loud single,
old school single.. and this is a Gibson type humbucker
from Seymour-Duncan, both of them are S-D and bridge can be splited to work properly
with the neck single so it doesn’t leave you with hubucker
plus single combination, that doesn’t work for the most of people so it can be splitted in order to have
a single coil guitar… Of course, the splitting knob is related
to the bridge humbucker, single is single.. Ok, now let’s look how does it work
in example of some Rock ‘n Roll on humbucker and on single coil This guitar works for me, like the bridge
is exclusively for rhythm parts.. it has just enough tone, just enough drive,
can be splitted doing exactly what I need…. it reacts well to the pot,
it can be lowered smoothly or burned…. this is it, this is what I need and then we have here that
mega single, P-90 type… `from Duncan… it’s not just big, it’s really loud so in the end it feeds like mid-progressive
humbucker,when it comes to signal strength so gain-wise, there’s no problem at all but it has a single-coil character
and harmonics it’s very fat..very…like this.. if I wasn’t a [email protected]#ker let’s look, how it works with both
pickups, I’ll start with two singles yep…wow, attention.. noise cancelling in progress.. when I select single with humbucker
then we have a hum here which is logical, but when I split them, hum
cancels itself, or gets weaker, like on Fenders so, I’m testing both singles… good, punchy, it will be well heard in music.. so, now there’s a minute of truth, when
we’ll run it thru clean… so I start with expected combination
with both pickups in single mode.. …satisfactory, isnt’t it? Testing the neck… yeah, so this is how it’s meant to be…it’s
probably not meant for rhythm on fat strings… and now, last imaginable combination,
splitted bridge on clean.. nice… I could easily play the whole gig on this
with Pumpa (band) but I would have to live a while
with her, she won’t get hot on first touch but that’s common for guitars with a character so, as a paradox, it’s often said, that Yamahas
are easy to play and without a character this one is very characteristic
and I really enjoyed playing it.

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  1. Najlepšie recenzie robí tento týpek.. Podla mňa je to zábava pozerať aj pre človeka, ktorý sa nevyzná do gitár 

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