Yamaha MusicCast BAR400 Soundbar Review – YAS-408

Yamaha MusicCast BAR400 Soundbar Review – YAS-408

Hey everybody, Carl here from Abt, and this
is the Yamaha YAS408 soundbar and in this video we’ll be taking a closer look to see
what it offers and how it sounds. Yamaha’s traditionally done a great job
offering reasonably priced soundbars that have styles that fit in with most dacor, features
to help you get the sound just right, and are generally easy to set up, which is what
most people want when they add something like this to their home theater system. And the YAS408 is no different. It’s about thirty eight and a half inches
wide, two and three eighths inches high and four and three eighths inches deep. So you’re looking at a soundbar that will
fit comfortably under a forty three to fifty five inch TV, but hey, if you have a sixty
five inch set, you can use it under there if you want too. It’s a matte black cabinet and a black aluminum
grill so it looks sleek and isn’t gonna distract you from the picture on the TV. In the middle here you’re gonna have some
indicator lights to let you know which input you’re on as well as some controls for volume
and source select. There’s also a button that says Connect,
and that’s for connecting to a device that has the Music Cast app which works with select
devices in their lineup. It’s a simple app to use that offers the
ability to control speakers across multiple rooms as well as create groups of speakers
to play the same thing throughout your home. For inputs you get an HDMI in and Out with
ARC, optical in, three and a half millimeter analog in, ethernet in and a usb connection,
but that one’s only for updating the system. You’ll also see a couple keyhole mounts
on the back for wall mounting. Touching back on the HDMI for a moment, it’s
gonna pass through HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG and HDCP 2.2 for anyone wondering. And just so it doesn’t feel left out, here’s
a quick look at the wireless sub that you get with this system. It’s seven and an eighth inches wide, sixteen
and three eighths tall and sixteen inches deep, and it’s got a similar style with
a matte black finish but the grill is cloth instead of metal. You also get a remote, in case you don’t
wanna use the Music Cast app. You can switch between five different virtual
surround modes, control the volume and subwoofer output, turn on the clear voice feature which
makes dialog easier to hear, and switch inputs, along with a number of other functions. And in case you were interested, the YAS408’s
available right here at Abt or online at Abt.com, just click the link in the description or
email us at [email protected] for our current pricing. Now for the sound. This system gets a hundred watts of power
to the soundbar and a hundred to the subwoofer. The soundbar’s got four, one and three quarter
inch woofers and dual one inch tweeters. The subs got a six and a half inch cone woofer. This all combines to provide an experience
that sounds more expensive than it actually IS. And with the use of DTX virtual X you actually
get some height to your sound as well. Ideally you want your ceiling to be in the
eight to nine foot range so you get the full effect, but it works on taller ceilings too. This’ll also playback dolby digital, pro
logic 2 and DTS digital surround. Mids and highs are, in my opinion, better
than what you’d find on other soundbars at this price and bass was full and really
rounded out the full experience. Here’s a sound test so you can hopefully
experience a bit of what this sounds like in person……………. So what’d you think? Is this something you’d add to your home
theater? Make sure to let us know in the comments. As always, thanks for watching and don’t
forget to subscribe so you get updates whenever we upload new content.

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  1. quick question, do you guys only review what you have in the store? I would love a review of the new Dolby dimension headphones. will you get it in the store? thanks

  2. Inches is never been a world wide standard only use in usa and uk from the old days when it been called : the British Imperial System of Measurement when the uk rules the states .But youtube is world wide… so just use the Metric System in meters and grams and we all be find 😉

  3. After buying more than 2 soundbars (2 generations) and 4 wireless speakers I am tired of the crap connectivity for surround and pairing. All crap does not work. All day reset routers and plug cables. I thought the last generation will work, but all is not working. Surround starts when it wants…

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