WORLD'S SCARIEST GAME (With Shane Dawson & Drew Monson)

WORLD'S SCARIEST GAME (With Shane Dawson & Drew Monson)

hey what's up you guys we're gonna play a video games it's all Resident Evil 7 you're gonna buy Muhammad out now they're Oh what youtubers house to this be that's so scary simple Africa is like Titanic when Kate Winslet is like knowing my business is what you doing oh crap our destroyer we need to port to in your champion which house like Susan she's a shot oh you're an artist are you yes why do your best no I'm really getting ready to hear just so dramatic it's not like yes it is play the clip I've seen the movie at 8900 yes I don't even know that she died at the end I think I did it 89 done number there's a month ago I was like a lot of guys at the end and you're like blood it's up for debate it could have been a dream I don't she throws a ring in the ocean she draw a stroller and damn video next week alright battery gaming guys welcome back oh my god boo-ki town did not even scared at all I want to be scared guys okay where we know that I'm a biter I'm still in the same house we're still my god I think having it parts to this video we need to go tomorrow no this just again an amusement worth looking at Camden there's not welded under one we whose bag Hedgehog I was trying to give a joke the back head and I just went to a weird place with grinder and the neck up okay cool what's gonna be in there what's in my cabinet hall oh my god the fuse with that a bucket of leaves and a look is that Mia can't we already killed her no we did it back for part two fridge well it isn't pretty cute over a different house where the group though we're gonna find her I got a problem with to a better house bigger house stop she's moving on she went to a scarier house your house you remember what I mean yeah I know this house like the back of my like better than I know my own apartment and my old apartment is 350 square feet you shouldn't reveal why not people could look up the floor I love watching daily bloggers and they don't want to reveal their address they just be they show their feet walking rather neighborhood really feel like I want to target and Mister sort of mean yeah like there's a second quarters before Wow whether boosted boards what's up is that before I never say nothing okay I'm sorry guys it looks like a ton more I'm going right now I just thought you need to talk with the back of your I dunno what exactly I heard I could go anywhere you guys can tell me in detail I can go find it right now go find me a fine first and drag army is dead can we watch this is everything oh she's back guarantees big sweet she's lying okay hard okay play this all night now she ugly I do it that I'm gonna dream about oh my god it's really good I love it oh I love her yeah what's the next scene of this gift look you know no now what are you gonna do with it I think they're nothing on the ball survived on you peopling on the wall oh well I only actually know subscribe okay I think presses why the word now because I've been appeared in oh you are checking New York snapchat story with their prime Oh what do you I only that what do you think it is shoot like Superman – no I want to waste ammo all I have no please of change nothing will be fun you're testing it out hey wait isn't even do it we did it moved it a little Cheers work its gaming boys night be cool well I didn't fail yeah she is crappy yeah she's a bitch okay which you can't even die against me I got headshots glory guy yeah yeah no no she gets oh my god yeah no oh my god oh my god no no no no no hunger dad where are we now we started over we got wise all the way no just literally right here well you let me bite the bullet line is that I have some oranges Oh oranges where's the check yeah I do have some dried bananas I think oh god you waiting here to come out we were know it okay you don't look away it's okay Weezy are you okay yeah let me just kill me let her tell you no I'm gonna kill her and then I'm going to get your services you don't know you're my friend your health is a priority when he's a good friend guys we're back we took a break Drew had diarrhea and threw up I didn't have diarrhea so what were you doing I almost throw up I didn't okay he's not feeling well so we're going to try to wrap this up um he's just not going to look at the screens I think it's making him sick can we kill ourselves no we can kill me let's get back to okay one more right in the head no do it this is my woman gonna come back I was Drew imma throw up well I'm on the Mia defense squad and she's dead I feel like she's gonna come back real quick we'll examine carry that also my family's not that different here we good we're not set it but we're zombies no it's look at it's gonna get pretty hot to come back from that but all we have to eat dinner what they're stapling my hitta Fitbit for mom I know I try to Fitbit now that I saw that look rise and shine sleepyhead sleep on Kristin honey it's too late for attention outside she's my friend but you know you can say I think we should just give in and let him kill us it'll go fast you know okay that's not here suppose I got I saw your folks play games oh yeah no that's your stairs bitch where are you doing a sexy thing sorry are bees like one of my tweet that's cool now this is making me kind of and everyone's getting sick I think I might throw up this is for sure enough spawns the Tootsie finders this is Marc he gets it they follow the pain that also your way of things let's turn this off last stop okay I was dying I feel sick now yeah I was gonna play like a car game or something see you would a rather had it been sort of a wonderful Mario Kart okay thanks for watching

35 thoughts on “WORLD'S SCARIEST GAME (With Shane Dawson & Drew Monson)

  1. WHY have I only JUST found the video of some of my FAVORITE YouTubers playing a game from one of my FAVORITE game series

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  3. The thumbnail was great😆
    Garret:*looks like He's in a family photo*
    Shane:*looks impressed like something worked*
    Drew:*looks like someone grabbed his boob/butt*

  4. Aww I wanted to watch more. Garrett can you play the rest of the game and post it. I thought it was really cool and spooky.

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