Why We Love Cycling + The Best Of 2019 | GCN Show Ep.364

Why We Love Cycling + The Best Of 2019 | GCN Show Ep.364

– From Lake Biwa in Japan,
welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – And happy new year. – Almost, Si, but where better
to bring in the new year than the Canary Gin
Bar right here in Bath. – Yes, cheers Dan. Right, this week we are
going to be talking about why we love cycling, which
brings so much to so many but yet it can also be a little bit weird and really tough. – We’re also going to go
through the best hacks, bodges and inspirational photos that you have sent us in 2019, and we’re going to be a bit self indulgent and talk about our favorite GCN moments. – Yeah. Right, get rid of these. – This year in the world of cycling we learnt that cyclists are
not very good at pushups. – We also learnt this year
that it is indeed possible to burn 10,000 calories
in a single bike ride, but you might not want to. And it also doesn’t unfortunately seem to change the shape of your ankles. – Does cause pain in the legs
for many months though Si, doesn’t it?
– It does. We also learnt that Opi can
set a Guinness World Record. – Yeah fair play Chris. We also learnt this year that
Hank is incredibly versatile. Apart from his undercarriage of course. He can do well in indoor fixed gear races. – [Dan] He is able to ride
the entire first stage of the inaugural Tour De France, on a bike from that era. – [Si] And he can even ride a
recumbent, broadly speaking. – However, he cannot pronounce Scatista. – Scatista. – He cannot pronounce Deceuninck. – Belgium dream team
Deceuninck Quick Step. – And he can’t pronounce Campagnolo. – Campagnolo. – We also learnt this year that Dan could find work in a wheel tour team, but just might not do
very much when he’s there. – No, not much work. We also learnt that Ollie is not really that good at cyclocross. – No, but we have learnt
that he might be able to beat Eddy Merckx if
he can get fit enough. – But, above all, finally
we learnt this year that cycling is great, and
for so many different reasons. – And we have constant reminders of it. For example, in racing,
Mathieu van der Poel winning Amstel Gold in the
most incredible fashion. I’m never going to forget that. – [Dan] I don’t think I will either. We had Julian Alaphilippe also on hand to make the Tour De France exciting again. – And we had Annemiek van Vleuten winning the World Road Race Championships with 100K solo breakaway. – That was unbelievable wasn’t it? But it’s not just confined to racing, there have been so many other achievements this year as well. – That’s right. Russ Mantle springs to mind, the 82 year old Brit who as of this year racked up a million miles in the saddle over the course of his lifetime. – An absolutely monumental achievement, I think we can all agree on that one. But it’s also not confined to just racing or even accomplishments, cycling is just so much more
than that to different people. Now I recently tweeted,
Si, simply asking people why do you ride a bike? And the responses were
really quite enlightening. For example, Andy replied and said because it gets him
out in the countryside. – Yeah, Trevor said to
experience complete human silence and for views like this. – Blimey. I hope he entered that
into GCN inspiration, that’s an absolutely stunning photo. – Cracking. – Meanwhile, Hahostoize, in
reply to why you ride a bike, simple said, “I’m Dutch.” Fair enough. – That does seem to explain it. Now, Rico’s Bike Shack
listed whole load of things, hence why Dan’s bringing the laptop out, because it’s awesome,
healthy, keeps you fit, helps you relax, carbon
neutral, efficient, it’s a great way to see the world, it’s social, if you want,
it’s antisocial, if you want, it wakes you up on the commute, reduces congestion, but
mainly ’cause I love it. – [Dan] Fair enough. – [Si] Can’t say fairer than that. – But one thing that
he’s missed off his list, Rico there, is one that was a common theme amongst many of the responses that I had. That being mental health
or mental wellbeing. Amongst those who replied
were Justin, George, Martin, Mark, Samuel,
Jim, Jason, Dan, Hannah, and there were many others as well. So many people use riding a bike to feel better in their heads. – That’s right. Well, me too. Back in January we were
super lucky to be able to go and film at the psychiatry
department at Oxford University, and I was literally able
to see just what effect it has on my head. And it was perfectly summed
up by Puff Line, wasn’t it, who said, “Because I’ve lost everything, “but I’ve reclaimed riding my bike. “It took me three years
to learn to ride again “after meningitis nearly killed me “and completely changed my life. “I have brain damage,
I live in constant pain “and I have damage to my right side, “but I can ride my bike and I’m happy.” – Fantastic. – Unbelievable. – Greg meanwhile, says he
rides for health reasons, and that cycling has got him through quite a few health issues. – Yeah, a fair few people of course using cycling to lose weight
or to maintain weight, Jose Been among them. – And then we had this
very powerful response from Andy Taskis who put, “After traumatically
losing my wife in 1999, “cycling truly aided my recovery, “and it makes me feel good to be alive.” Cycling is such a powerful tool but so are bikes aren’t they? Because there are a
lot of people out there who use bikes as a means
of staying in education, which is where World Bicycle
Relief basically come in. They provide bikes to kids that are most in need of them in Africa to allow them to get to school and back a bit quicker, because a lot of them
currently have to walk an hour and a half or
more each way to school. – Yes, cycling for many
people, it’s not a hobby is it? It’s not a way of losing weight, it’s not a way of trying
to maintain mental health, it’s simply a tool for a better life, and that’s why we’ve chosen to raise money for World Bicycle Relief
over the past few years. Although let it be said,
I’m not going to ride across London in a pair of Speedos again. I suspect if ever I was
going to get arrested it’d be doing that. (upbeat music) We didn’t need to see that again, did we? – You’re not the only
person that’s pleased that you’re not going
to be doing that again. In summary then, a bike can be bling, or it can be a workhorse, or it can be pretty much
anything in between. A simple invention on two wheels that brings so much to
so many different people. It unites us all. Me, Si, everybody hopefully
watching this at home, and that is why we love cycling. – That is. Now we would also like to
know why you love cycling, so get involved in the
comment section down below. Why do you ride and what
does it mean to you? Let us know. – It is now time for your
weekly GCN inspiration, where you submit your photos and videos that inspire us to get out on our bikes, and in return for possibly
winning one of three prizes. They being, this week, £10
for third, £40 for second, and £100 for first place
to spend in the GCN store. – That’s right. Yeah no, ’cause we’ve learnt haven’t we, that these actually aren’t exchangeable for drinks and things at bars. – No, hence why they’re all still here. – Yeah bit of a shame that, but anyway. Now today’s going to be slightly different because this isn’t the photos of the week, this is the photos of the year. We’ve taken the most
popular, most liked photos from the GCN app since
the app was launched, and these are going to
be our prize winners. Although unfortunately, the
most liked photo on the app is not eligible for
£100, because it’s Dan’s. – Yes, and I’m still doing
the bloomin’ kilometers as we record this in
return for what I promised. Anyway, let’s crack on with the one that did have the most liked after that, and it was Dorin B who had
192 likes with this photo. – I remember that one, I loved it! It was so dramatic.
– So did I. And we learnt then massively fake, but at least it wasn’t just
me and Dan that got duped. A lot of you seemingly
got sucked in, and yeah. – Yeah, close to 200 people. Obviously there will not be a prize for Dorin B on this occasion. – No, not again. – We do, Si, have a tie for
third place, both of whom– – Seeing as this is New Year’s, does that mean we give out two of these or have they got to split it?
– Fiver each. – No, two lots of 10 quid. Right, both with 139 likes, the first one comes in from ExtinctRex. I find myself alone on this bike path on a beautiful fall day. This rarely happens, had
to stop and get a picture, wanted to upload to share. – Whoa, that is cool. That’s nice getting a bit
of a reminder of autumn as well isn’t it? Like there’s no color in
the landscape at the moment. – A reminder of dry roads.
– That’s it, yeah. Right and then, tied
with Craigball, who said, “I got out early before a long
day taking the kitchen out.” As you do.
– I was going to say, yeah, removing the kitchen from his house. – Taking the kitchen for a walk. – Well I was going to say,
I was like, that’s weird. Anyway, he said, “The fog started to lift “on the way back down empty country lanes. “Absolute perfection.” There we go. How have you taken that photo? Just out of interest. Does he set… – [Dan] He might need to share
it with the photographer. – [Si] Yeah. – [Dan] I expect he’ll
keep it for himself. Keep it quiet, it’ll be fine. – [Si] It’s a bloomin’ good photo though. – Right, £10 to both of you. Right, second place, just,
with only one more like than the previous two on 140, is StamBUK. Another day another ride. Hill climbs near my
home in Split, Croatia. – [Si] Oh wow. That is a cool photo isn’t it? – [Dan] It’s a very nice photo indeed. – Fantastic, right, what was that one? £40.
– £40. There we go then. Right, which means, the
winner of our moderately sized novelty voucher but of a
whopping value of £100, is Pooney Rocks. Winter in Thailand is the
best weather for cycling, at 23 to 25 degrees. All right, stop showing off. Yeah, anyway, here it is. Whoa, look at that image. – I’m also glad to see that
not only were we duped, like many other people,
with Dorian B’s photo, but also everybody else, including us, seem to be suckers for
sunrise and sunset shots. But that one is a brilliant photo, so well done to you.
– Isn’t it just? And don’t forget to continue
submitting your photos. You can either use the upload app, there’s a link to that of
course in the description below, or you can continue using the GCN app, and maybe we’ll go on the votes in future. – Ooh absolutely. Now sticking with inspiration, one of the most inspirational
stories of the year, Dan, has been Ollie and his attempt
to overthrow Eddy Merckx, through science, technology,
and a bit of hard work. Here’s his latest vlog. (upbeat music) – All right. I’m feeling much better
since my disease last week, you’ll probably be glad to hear, and I’ve also managed to get some new toys to help me in my quest. Now I’m willing to try
anything, within reason. And so that’s why I’m
inside an altitude tent. That’s what this is. Now, the idea behind
this is that it reduces the amount of oxygen inside the tent, and in doing so your
body’s forced to adapt to that lower oxygen content in the air, and produces more red blood cells. Now red blood cells carry
oxygen in your body, so the more red blood cells you’ve got, the higher your VO2 max, and in theory, you’re basically getting fitter, you’re increasing your VO2 max. So, I mean this is ideal. I can just sleep here and get fitter. Maybe I can sleep my
way to this challenge. Unfortunately they don’t work that well, so I still am going to have to train. But you know, onwards and upwards. Right. Better get on with some training. Catch you in a bit. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now,
and I don’t know whether you’ve been able to work it out yet, but this is a prerecorded show, and you’ll probably be glad
to hear because otherwise this is the deadest bar
ever on New Year’s Eve, plus Dan and I will be serving you drinks. But anyway, it does mean that there isn’t much in the way of news to share with you because we’ve kind of
already reported on it. So instead we thought we’d be a little bit self indulgent and actually go through a few of our favorite moments of 2019, and we’ll start by handing
over to the other presenters to see just what has
floated their boat in 2019. – Ooh, a tough one. Well, my highlight of the
year was probably actually getting to be able to see the Lord Nelson. I jest. No, it was actually when I went to Croatia to see how elite water bottles were made, because I think water
bottles are something which we all just take for granted, but in actual fact there’s an awful lot of research that goes into them and just seeing them being
popped out of this machine was really cool. – My highlight of 2019 would have to be either the events where we actually get to ride our bikes with everyone
that’s come on the events, or a lot of the off-road
riding that I’ve done. Got to do Leadville, the
100 mile mountain bike race in the summer, which was pretty special. And a few of the bizarre gravel rides that I’ve done with the
Mountain Bike Channel, so they’ve been good fun as well. It’s been a good year. – My favorite ride of 2019 has to be the first time that Simon and I officially worked together
here in the United States. Got the whole crew from
the UK over to show them some of the great gravel
riding we have near my home, and the ride ended up being called the most American gravel ride. I roll up in a big F350
Ford American truck, and the look on Simon’s
face when I come up. Jeremy? Will forever be singed
in my memory as one of the funniest things I
have ever done on camera. – It’s been an amazing year. It’s really hard to narrow it down. I’m going to cheat, I’m going to have two. The first one is when we
filmed on the Nivolet, which is the climb from
the Italian Job in Italy. So we made the Italian Job video. That is a stunning climb, amazing. I really want to go back there. And the other thing was doing the rift gravel race in Iceland. I’d never done any gravel
before and that was amazing, but also, the terrain
and landscape of Iceland is just like another planet. So both of those things were amazing. – Right, it’s my turn. – Go on then, mate. – So I’ve got a few
favorite moments in 2019. The first of those was
getting fit in 10 weeks at the start of the year off less than four hours of riding a
week with Sufferfest. That was good. I really enjoyed getting unfit afterwards. – [Si] Funny how quickly it happened. – I took that part very seriously. But as you all know, the
last few weeks I have been back on my bike again for #Dan’sAdventure. I’ve done, at this point,
close to 1,200 kilometers. I’ve been on some nice social group rides, I have been reunited
with my favorite roads in the New Forest. It’s been brilliant. I’ve enjoyed riding my bike again. But actually what I’ve
most enjoyed this year is seeing my son Jude fall in love with the world of cycling. And also falling off. (laughing) – I do like the fact that you’re laughing at him falling off. – Well there was a comment
underneath the show that that featured in that said, “Only Dan would laugh
at his son falling off.” – No, come on. Anyone would laugh.
– It was funny wasn’t it? – Yeah, and you’re falling off on sand. It’s not like it’s sharp rock. Anyway, my highlights. Well actually, yeah, I’ve
got to say highlights, ’cause as always, I’ve been so fortunate and have done some incredible
stuff this year with GCN, so I can’t get it down to just one. April, North Coast 500, so riding around the north of Scotland with Mark Beaumont. That was insanely cool, and really hard, but I think the fact that
the weather was so good it felt like a once in
a lifetime opportunity. Deserted roads, beautiful
sunshine, that was fantastic. And then more recently,
cheeky little road trip around Colorado, visiting
Niner for example, stopping off to see Sufferfest, but culminating in my
first proper gravel race in Steamboat. That was brilliant. And then lastly, heading over to Vancouver for the first time to ride
the RBC GranFondo Whistler, which was great fun, meeting
so many GCN viewers out there, and also Jeremy and I sneaking out early one Sunday morning to go
mountain biking in Whistler. That was cool. – [Dan] You haven’t got
a bad job, Si, have you? – [Si] It’s all right isn’t it mate, yeah. – No it’s been a brilliant year. We’ve absolutely loved every moment of it. Next week on the GCN Show we will resume normal service for cycling shorts, and go through all the main bits of news from the previous two
weeks, I guess, of cycling. – Yeah. (streamer horn) – It is now time for
hack/bodge of the week, and since this is the last show and the last day of 2019, we thought we’d go through
the biggest hacks and bodges, I say of the year so far, but
since the app was launched. The first two you’re going to recognize ’cause they were the Christmas themed ones from last week’s show. This one from Boardy. – [Si] Still don’t like that. – [Dan] Can’t believe you
haven’t been swayed yet. And then this genius one from Alpen Jon, as he takes his Christmas
tree home on his bike. – Christmas tree by bike, I’m
still a big fan of that one. Right, now this one from Jolly
Giant got a lot of likes, but, Dan, I’m not so sure about this. He says that he didn’t like the way the out front mount
disturbed the clean lines of his aero cockpit on his Canyon, so he made a rear facing mount, admittedly impressively
light at just eight grams, but what I can’t quite
get straight in my head is the fact that you’re
going to hit your knee on it every time you turn the handlebar. Particularly when you’re
riding out a saddle. – Riding round the carpark
when you’re meeting someone and turning the bars and
peddling and snapping it off. You’d be devastated.
– Yeah! What you want is an aero elements roam or element bolt really don’t you? – Yeah, like you could take that single sheet of carbon fiber and sort of take the ethos of it and move it forwards. You’d still be pretty aero. – [Dan] Only weighs eight grams, and 70% of people voted that as a hack. So I think that’s proving that we don’t know what we’re talking about. – No, I think people have been swayed by the fact that it’s carbon. You know how we’re a
sucker for 3D printing, I think people are like ooh
carbon fiber, that must be good. But no, not feeling that. – You’ll remember this one
Si, from a few weeks ago, from Mangar, who managed to get his lights under his stem using a printed bracket. – [Si] There you go, 3D
printing, I like that. – But you’re going to
like the next two Si, because these were the ones
with the biggest percentage of bodge votes in the last few months. – Come on then. – First up, this one, from Sterutsch. Some kind of mud guard
made out of pipe lagging, polystyrene? – [Si] Yeah. Well you know, if you get
caught out in the rain and you don’t want a dirty face, just got to use anything
that’s available, haven’t you? – That is a bodge. So 93% of you voted that as a bodge. And then we had this one, Si.
– Wow. Didn’t we have this one. This is from Daniel Pana. An easy rider conversion. Don’t like your top tube? Fancy a step through bike? Well just hacksaw the top tube off and just bodge another one on. – Absolutely amazing. Although surprising, 12% of
you voted that as a hack. What are you thinking? – That must be terrifying. Can you imagine how flexy that would be? – [Dan] Especially with your power, Si. – Well exactly.
– I think you’d break it. – Yeah. Although, easy to get my ankles
through that step through. – Exactly. – There’s always an upside I guess. Maybe those 12% were like
brilliant, that’ll work. – Exactly. Now, the post that got
the most interaction on the hacks-bodge section of the app was actually me, again. But since we haven’t got a
captioned photo this week because we haven’t got the
winner yet from last week’s show, we thought we’d get you
stuck into this one. Give us your best caption for this photo. – What an absolute pearler
of a photo that is. Happy new year everyone. (gentle music) – Whoa. – Here you go buddy. – Look at that. – Yeah, it’s not your usual,
but I figured a change is sometimes as good as a rest, innit? – What is it, what’s it called? – What do you mean what is it? It’s a gin and tonic, but… – Well not as I’ve seen one
before, that looks amazing. – Just a little sexier. – Wow. – That, the mint slap by the way just brings out the
flavor of the mintiness. – I noticed the mint slap. I wondered what on earth you were doing. Seems to have worked though,
that tastes brilliant. Anyway, as we sip on these, we thought we’d show you a compilation of some of the best moments from
this year’s pro-cycling races, because we launched GCN Racing. It’s been fantastic to
be able to bring you some of the best racing in the world, and it’s been brilliant. – It has. Enjoy. (upbeat music) – [Commentator] Look at the acceleration. – [Commentator] And it’s
Alaphilippe who wins. – [Commentator] What a
good job, a superstar. – [Commentator] Boss comes through. – [Commentator] Primoz
Roglic crossed the line. – [Commentator] And van der Poel! This is incredible! I have never ever seen
anything like this in my life. – This is normally the moment where we go through our favorite comments that you’ve left us over the previous seven days worth of videos, but we haven’t see them yet, so instead, we’re going
to say a huge thank you to all of you who’ve contributed over the last 12 months of GCN, be that with comments
or with photos or videos or anything else. It’s very much appreciated. – Well absolutely, GCN wouldn’t
be anything without you all, so yeah, thank you very much. Unless of course, actually,
the previous seven days you’ve been really mean and
we don’t know about it yet. – Well I was going to say, most
of the comments make us laugh, far more witty people out
there than us, obviously. Some of them do make us
cry though, occasionally. – Yeah, and all of them
taken on board as well. Right then, what is
coming up on the channel over the next seven days, Dan? – Well, let me tell you, Si. Starting on Wednesday, so
tomorrow, New Year’s day, we have got worst New Year’s
resolutions for cyclists. That’s one worth checking out. As is another one that’s coming
out on the very same day, which is the latest
indoor training session. – That’s right. Now, for years you have been crying out for us to make them
interactive in some way, responsive to smart trainers. So we’ve teamed up with our
mates over at Sufferfest, and actually they’ve
got six on there already where you can follow
along to a GCN workout but your smart trainer can
actually control it for you, all using Sufferfest’s 4DP. Plus, we’ve got another
few coming as well. So if that’s of interest,
make sure you check ’em out. – It takes a lot of the
thought process out of it but none of the pain, unfortunately. Then on Thursday we are going to show you how to jazz up your recovery. Basically speed it up
so you recover quicker after a hard training session or race. – And maybe putting some
like fruit and vegetables in your drink is a way of starting it. – I mean the wrist slap maybe will help from that point of view. And then on Friday, Jeremy
is going to go through a list of the essential
things that you need to do before you compete at
your first bike race. Many of which I wish I’d known
before my first bike race. – Yes, that’s right. Saturday we’re looking at diet, specifically whether or
not a fasted type diet is appropriate for cyclists, whether that’s fasted days
or indeed fasted training. Then on Sunday, how long could you hold world record hour pace, okay. So 440 watts, what would a complete newb, an enthusiast and a pro be able to do? So yeah, well worth a watch that one. – I reckon a minute and a half
I could do 440 at the moment. Maybe a minute. – Well there we go, here
is to a banging 2020. – Happy new year everybody. Cheers.
– Cheers. – Ooh, hang on a minute. (streamer horn) Happy new year. Oh and Dan, sorry, I forgot
to give you this earlier. I’ve been keeping it warm. – Warm as in you’ve used it. – Only a couple of times. Yeah, anyway, cheers everyone. (steamer horn) Now it’s party time. Yes. Anyway, thank you all so much for watching not only today but also
for your support over 2019. If you’ve enjoyed it, please
give it a big thumbs up. And if you would like to watch a video, one last video, before
the end of the decade, why not check out Jeremy’s
trip down to Indianapolis to see just how an indie
car driver stacks up against an ex-pro cyclist. – Si has literally just realized
it’s the end of the decade, which is why he keeps mentioning it now. – Well I know. I literally didn’t realize. I should’ve done. But anyway. – See you next year. – Cheers.

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  13. I started riding as a bicycle messenger at 18 years old and was riding a lot before that. Even after my bicycle courier job of 7 years I got an office job and continued riding until some years later when I met my wife. Love and life kept me busy for many years and I became inactive and gained a lot of weight. One day I stepped on the scale and had gained over 50 pounds since being off the bike for many years. I felt sick, weak, and tired and had next to no energy. The cycling foundation I had built up over the years was still there. I could sense it. I started riding again and in about 6 months I had lost around 45 pounds. I also do not feel my age of 48. The riding I had done while younger seems to have built a foundation of strength and endurance that I was able to easily unlock again. I’m 48 years old now but I’m riding like I’m 25 and I feel like I’m a young man. My goal is to ride as far as I can for as long as I can. It makes me strong and healthy both mentally and physically. I personally enjoy riding for the challenges it presents. Hill climbs when tired or riding in bad weather. I am now convinced that cycling will keep me healthy and prolong my life. I wanto look and feel 20 years younger than I am all the time. Cycling is a gift that has allowed me that option.
    In the end all the pain and suffering is worth it.

  14. Why I Ride a Bike. To begin with I just love it. It keeps me balanced mentally and physically. I ride an average of 170 to 200 miles a week with a bicycle club titled Lightning Velo in Long Beach California. In 2017, shortly after our Saturday club ride, and after a recovery lunch with my wife Grace, we were watching the Tour de France. During the commercial break I went down stairs to retrieve the mail. On my way back up the stairs I became very sweaty and a little winded. I shrugged it off as recovery from my club ride fatigue as we ride an average of 18 to 22 mph for around 40 miles on each of our rides during any given week. When I came back upstairs my wife asked if I wanted to lay down which I did. After a few minutes she came in as I was standing in the bedroom and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Without hesitation I said yes. The nearest hospital was 2 blocks away and while riding in the car i noticed that I could not see color and the light of the sun was hurting my eyes. As we arrived at the emergency room parking lot my wife secured a wheelchair from the ER and I was wheeled into the ER. On arrival my clothes were soaked with sweat and I was told I looked very gray in color. They admitted me immediately and the next thing I new a doctor told me to relax all would be fine. The next thing I recall is the same doctor telling me that they need to exam ray my heart and rule out a heart attack. That is exactly what happened. The doctor said I was very lucky to be alive and must have an angel on my shoulder (which I am convinced I did). To make a long story as short as possible I had a 97% blockage of my left arterial depending artery (otherwise known as the "widow maker"). The doctor said over 90% who have this similar blockage never make it to the hospital. 
    So, he also told me later that cycling saved my life. Without the weekly rigorous workouts on my bike which kept me in very good aerobic and overall excellent health, except for the blockage, I would never have survived. The next morning I had a double bypass and 6 weeks later was back on my bike. Three months from my surgery I did an 80 mile ride to San Diego with our club. 
    I haven't stop riding since. Still putting in those 170 to 200 miles a week. My survival was not only a miracle, it was the conditioning from riding my bike regularly with my bicycling club. That is why I ride a bike. I am now 76 years young and can't wait to hit the rode again with my TREK Madone 9 Aero with eTap Force 12 speed. The single best life saving investment I have made in my entire life!
    Russell Alan Curtiss
    (A grateful rider)

  15. Why I love cycling. It is a forlorn effort to stave off the loss of youth and energy, and all the garbage that comes with old age. I'm 76 and have just bought a Boardman SLR 9.4 with Di2. Sod the calendar.

  16. When my mother died, my bicycle was an escape machine, a meditation machine, and so much more. That bicycle I rode that summer I had already owned over a decade and its been a decade since. To me it represents a period of healing.

  17. I started riding again, after 40years off, in 2017; for fitness and weight loss. I’m now, at 60, a regular mental health rider with a bike for road, a bike for paths, a tech fetish, an upgrades addiction, and a maintenance obsession. The GCN library has been integral to my journey, thank you.

  18. Thanks guys ! In my opinion, if you’re going to break Eddy’s hour record. Do it on the same kind of bike, not a modern track bike. I’m not talking about Ollie, but the pros who’ve broken Eddy’s record in the past few years . Make it fair!

  19. Um, it's not the end of the decade. Sorry for being such a bore. I ride my bike cos it never criticises me for this type of crap! 😀

  20. I ride to connect with the world and escape just a little, even if it's a routine jaunt through the same old back roads.

  21. There are plenty of other cities Si can rid across in a pair of speedos. May i suggest Melbourne Australia? 😛

  22. I see what you did here you cheapskates. "Oh no, we've got a tie for third place. I know, let's reduce the second prize by £10. Job done."

  23. Without getting religious Cycling as a spiritual experience that helps replenish the soul from the daily rigours of a modern lifestyle. And wonderfully this can be shared with our closest friends!

  24. So many people ride to keep themselves mentally healthy, yet plenty of drivers (who will no doubt have a Facebook profile picture supporting mental health) continue to abuse cyclists.

  25. Actually Hank is pronouncing Campagnolo better than most of you. Ask to Marangoni he'll help you out with that pronunciation. Keep up with the good job!

  26. Why do I cycle? Great for physical and mental wellbeing; WAY cheaper and quicker than car/bus for my urban commute; environmentally friendly; it’s fun; time alone; time with friends. I could go on but I can tell I’m boring you already…

  27. I have to ride 🙂 gives great legs and to maintain bone density in hips love your videos really well presented.

  28. I started riding in 2019 to prove I could beat Cancer. Every mile I rode i told my self that I would overcome Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma! The more fit I could become the better my body could fight the Cancer!

  29. I think I have the most specific reason why I love cycling…
    I live in Iran… You must be done with military service to marry a girl…
    And you have to do it anyway… But the ones who are in national team of cycling are free to do it…
    I`m training hard to get in national team to get rid of military service Before I get graduated from university so I can marry the girl I love

    Prey for me

    I love cycling cuz It gives me my love

  30. I want to know what Dan did to upset the lighting guy – seems like Si is 'artfully' lit, but Dan's just sat in the dark.

  31. Why do I ride, darn I'm Dutch umm Canadian now but it's in the genetic code of my body unfortunately a broken collarbone got me looking from the sideline beside some trainer workouts

  32. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to your team. I broke my neck, back and some ribs mountainbiking in NZ at the end of 2018. Throughout my rehabilitation in 2019 your channel both distracted me and motivated me to use cycling as my platform and goal to recovery. Ill post some pics from the 90km back country sub alpine ride which marked the completion of my rehab. Dont stop being the best channel on YouTube, dont stop being yourselves. Cheers.

  33. As a US CX fan GCN racing has been a godsend! Thanks for bringing all those rad races to the US and here's to another year of GCN action!

  34. #askgcntraining after watching the channel for last couple of years I have loved the content and after watching dans zero to hero I decided that I want to start this year with more of a structured plan.so started on the sufferfest and love the workouts.my question is I have done my own plan as I wanted to try just doing 2 workouts plus 2 hours riding on Zwift /outside for a 6 week period.now in week 4 and have just completed the same workout (revolver) I completed it in week 1 after my 4dp test.i noticed a drop in both my tss and If ? Why is this and is this a positive improvement as is it because my body is dealing with the sessions better

  35. I spent way less money on making my bike run like it was new all the time. than I did on making a used car run. It a work horse that made me a work horse and it also is bling.of course the random spikes of adrenaline when almost crashing or just bombing a hill helps to love cycling even more

  36. Tank , si, hank, flat , off sore and gritty, your watching the gcn show , which is funny and witty …. ( sorry 🤣 )

  37. I'm very impressed to see GCN's continued support for World Bicycle Relief. After watching the videos GCN posted about WBR I signed up to be a monthly supporter. Kudos to GCN!

  38. 1:38 To be fair he did a better job of 'Campagnolo' than Dan. It was spot on except that he used an 'a' where there should be an 'o' while Dan completely butchered the 'gn' bit. Now I'd like to hear Dan say 'tagliatelle' just for a laugh!

  39. Cycling gave me my life back!

    In my youth, I rode a bike mostly to get from Point A to B. In my early 20s I rode almost daily after work, just for the relaxation. As a parent, it became something else to do with my son. Then, at 33, I had a brain hemorrhage.

    As the doctor put it, “You have an area in your old brain the size of a Ping-pong ball that is non-functional at this time.” The hemorrhage took out the right side of my body; I had to re-learn to walk, talk and write. The Hemorrhage also took out the balance centre in my brain. (To this day, I am not allowed to use lawn darts. 😊
    I started riding seriously again after I had quit smoking at 47, moving from 12-km rides on the weekend with the family, to leading groups rides on the road. I am involved with the advocacy community, racing community and the MS Rides in Manitoba as well as marshaling for Ride for Mental Health. It’s safe to say that cycling gave me my life back. I am now about to turn 60 and my balance and motor skills are still improving, and I owe it to cycling. Today I ride over 7000 km/year on road and gravel, and my Fat bike lets me ride all winter in the Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada where the temps can get as cold as Mars sometimes.

  40. Caption: there is a suprise at the end of Dan's rainbow

    Reason I cycle: oh dude, I am not talented at team sports with my motoric skills. Cycling is great, no judgement by others that may be disappointed and judge you instead of my skills. With cycling improve and become more physically and mentally fit although my motoric skills causes many injuries and finally: the object called bicycle is a work of art. I have my bikes in my appartement and when I am not riding they are beautiful to look at.

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