Why is Honda Doing This to Their Cars

Why is Honda Doing This to Their Cars

rev your engines it looks like Volkswagen and Honda are taking opposite views on electric cars Volkswagen is speeding up
their electrical vehicle production by 2023 to be making a million electric
cars a year which of course might have something to do with it’s a European
company they seem to be pushing electricity where Honda sees that
hybrids is more of the future Honda feels that people want hybrid cars and
they’re not really sold on pure electric cars yet I think I’d go with the Honda
CEO myself big market as the United States I don’t think we’re ready for
electric cars yet maybe in Europe they’ll be selling a bunch of them
European people seem to love to be pushed around by the government’s
telling what to do all the time so if the government says you’re gonna drive
electric cars you will where here the government tells Americans that
driving electric cars will probably go out and buy the biggest gas guzzlers I
can’t just Aggie because I don’t like listening to what the government has to
tell them they’re pretty smart companies those guys they started with little motorcycles and started to make cars that had a twin cylinder motorcycle
air-cooled engine now they make great strong engines and they sell millions
and millions of cars Honda is now the number one internal combustion engine
maker of the world Volkswagen specially the United States
hybrids are gonna be more than electric cars for quite a bit of time even more
so like BMW get an electric car with a little motorcycle engine in it that
charges the battery so it still runs at full power and when it runs out of
electricity it runs on the gasoline motor that runs the generator that makes
it go they still have full power they’re just running off the battery from a
generator instead of the battery itself may be Honda’s right here be interesting
to see what happens 2023 Volkswagen says they’re gonna be making a million EVs a
year let’s see if they can sell them fab 94 says Scotty shout out New York City
think about leasing a 2020 Infiniti q50 3.0 t with
any thoughts on the car we a lot of snow and slush in New York if you followed
me you know that I am NOT a fan of infinity they can be decent cars when
they’re new but as they age they cost a lot of money to fix and they do tend to
break down but generally not until you get a hundred thousand miles or more
you’re talking about leasing one if you don’t mind the expensive lease payment
and you’re not gonna buy the car back on a buyback you just kind of lease it or
at lease up get rid of it go right I had they generally don’t have that many
problems any even if they did you’re leasing the cars not your problem you’re
releasing it if it doesn’t work they got to give you another car if it gets fixed
under warranty gotta still give you a car to drive around in so anything
that cost you anything extra when you do lease a car those are high payments you
never see that money back so you know I mean if you don’t mind losing it you
want to drive it around hey it’s not gonna be your problem just
don’t buy one bring a new you’re gonna lose your shirt because I’m gonna get
older and they start breaking they have no resale value so all your money went
down the toilet in that case you are much better off leasing than buying if
you want that particular vehicle Roger 89 says Scotty got an 03 Civic DX
hundred and eighty eight thousand miles my wife was driving it with no oil in the
motor and black smoke coming out of it okay yeah I don’t want to drive a car
with no oil now I had to have some kind of oil in it cuz of an absolutely no oil
the engine would just lock up metal to metal now I’ve had customers bring me those things some of them only half quart of
oil came out when I drained and it should be four quarts but only half a
quart came out but luckily enough when I changed the oil and put brand new oil in
it ran okay sometimes that’ll happen so what you want to do is change the oil
filter put in really good oil like castrol run it and pray cuz if it doesn’t run and makes noise and keeps smoking the engine has been ruined you
don’t want to run a car low on oil and dirty on oil but pray that didn’t go
too far and if it didn’t great then you check the oil in her car you make a
logbook to know what mileage it’s time to change the oil line don’t leave it to
her like with my wife she has no idea if I take I’m changing the oil in your car she says didn’t you just do that and I said yeah you know last year I did we don’t drive
much so I just changed it’s a year she puts like 3400 miles on
her car every year now that she’s retired she’s gonna work so y’all need
to change it once a year but she has no idea so take it onto your shoulders and
pray didn’t destroy the engine, jay says scotty I’m looking at a 2013
Hyundai turbo 110,000 miles there’s no crashes in the Carfax reports
all right stay away from that I’m not a Korean car fan now you could
buy one of those things brand-new it might last pretty much trouble-free
hundred thousand miles everyone’s got one hundred and ten thousand miles on
you do not want to buy a used one even a regular engine but especially a
turbocharged engines more strain more stress I mean if you’re a gambling man
and you like the idea cuz they’re cute looking cars there’s the turbo and you
can pick it up for almost nothing it is seven years old nine or ten thousand
miles no you can buy it for a thousand fifteen hundred bucks and it runs good
now and you want to toy around with it it’s a toy car go right now that’s not
much money to spend but if it’s going for a lot of money don’t even think
about buying buy a much better car than that and it’s near the end of its
lifespan anyways they’re having a turbo on it and being a Korean car where the
engines are weak in the first place George the new mechanic says scotty
we’re planning on getting a new car when our 2014 Grand Caravan breaks down well
that might be pretty soon know how those things are we’re thinking about Corolla
or Honda Accord both those manual transmissions what do you think they’re
you’re talking about manual transmissions so they both make great
manual transmissions and they both make great engines your choice there is more
what do you want because a Corolla they’re excellent cars but on the court
it’s a more luxurious car of course the Corolla is gonna get better gas much
both of them are gonna last a really long time but it really depends on what
you want to get see how they fit one vs the other you might just decide a you
want an accord because you want more luxurious and more room and stuff
especially if you got big kids they would probably be happier with the
Accord because it’s a standard transmission they’re both excellent
vehicles and they can last a really long time I mean if you were a single
person I just say get this Corolla they can run forever but you got the whole
family you think about that, hey Scotty company I got an issue where I’ve been
hearing noises on the right front wheel when I turn right you always want to
start out with the obvious things get the car in the air and pull it at three o’clock and 9 o’clock and pull it at 12 o’clock in six o’clock
you get bumping see what snapping it goes thumping that way check the ball
joint it goes thumping this way check the tie rods if it dumps the whole way
around you got one out will burn start they’re depending on kind of noise you
hear if you only hurt when you turn right especially if you accelerate it’s
often a bad CV Joint shake it up just look under their joint and the rubber boot if the boots ripped and a grease leaked out the joint is shot
that’s real easy thing to check out so always look at the obvious things first
when you’re fixing text then go further if you have to but if you see play or you
rip parts you know that’s where you start Sheldon sasy scotty I need your
help I problem the gas gauge it isn’t up and down problem my filler goes up goes
down it goes up your fuel gauge they’re relatively simple there’s just a float
and it floats when you fill the gas up it floats higher and when it goes down
it goes down and the other end they are there is a little electronic bar and it
goes up and down on that sending a different mounts of electricity to the
gauge to make the gauge go up and down the only real part that wears out is
generally the float assembly inside there it’s a one piece assembly with
the float and the electrical part because you got an electrical part
it’s what soaked in gasoline eventually the seals go bad and they go bad now if
it’s not bad it can be any connectors it could even be the part in the dash that’s
going bad but 90 some percent of the time it’s the float in the gas tank
that’s the problem it’s isuzu so it’s at least it’s got an access panel you know
to drop the gas tank you can get to or take it apart from the top and then put
a new part in and if you can get them aftermarket day after my current ones
work perfectly fine it cost a lot less than what the dealer wants to jeno but
says Scotty do you think it’s reasonable for dealership to ask $100 for
Diagnostics fee after taking a car for a test drive to see if the CV axles bad
car accident can oice at low speeds how long can i drive on an axle like
that doesn’t vibrate you know here when you turn on a parking lot it depends on
how much of a gambling person you are I have a customer they had a Honda Civic
and he drove it with both of the axles all four of the cv joints the buddha
grip you could hear him a block down the street driving and he’s still drove it
for three years and sold it now eventually could break and
then it won’t run anywhere but you know that’s up to you sometimes you go really
long time you know the deal is always charged hundred dollars diagnostic no
matter what they did you know if I mean it was driving around a block and heard
the noise I mean that’s kind of a stinker need to tack it up on the left
look at and show but if the boots ripped you could’ve easily done that yourself
get a flashlight look and you see the boots rip you know the joints worn just
do it yourself and of course if you are gonna get it
fixed don’t take it to the dealer they’re just outrageous price on now to
give you an example the the dealer brand new CV axles can be as much as 750 bucks the aftermarket ones can be as little as $59 g36 says Scotty I got an 03
mailbu with hundred twenty three thousand miles I have a random misfire I can’t figure out why I replaced all kinds of stuff but it still
is misfiring often confuses people because they hear misfire and they think
oh what the ignition system isn’t firing right it can be many things they change
the spark plugs change the intake manifold gasket change all kinds of things
you didn’t mention anything about the fuel pump your fuel pump does not put
enough pressure to the fuel injectors it will misfire cuz the fuel isn’t running
right it would be running lean you will get a lean misfire from not getting
enough fuel now sometimes it’s as simple as the fuel filters clogged up so change
the fuel filter that doesn’t do it pressure and volume test the fuel pump
because if the pump doesn’t pump enough you can get a misfire and that’s things
that people often miss on that also don’t understand that they think it’s a
misfire so it’s got to be the ignition system if you’ve got bad fuel injectors
you can also get misfires because they’re not filling it up with fuel
right either that’s why the misfire code is one of the hardest to fix the random
misfire because there are literally dozens of different things that can
cause the misfiring first check the filter in a fuel pump you did a lot of
other things and if you didn’t check that it’s what 17 year old Malibu with
two hundred and twenty three thousand miles they could easily be just a fuel
filters clock or the pumps going up because the pumps rarely last that long
anyway so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

100 thoughts on “Why is Honda Doing This to Their Cars

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  2. I don't care what the government says, but I do really like breathing clean air and not burning non renewable fossil fuels. Hopefully an increase in production will bring about a better used market than there is at present.

  3. Screw all of them… I'm driving my pure gasoline cars to the ground, which will take another 10 years at least (hopefully). Then I'll buy more purely gasoline vehicles which hopefully will last another 20 years or so… And then I won't need any vehicles anymore.

  4. Why would you buy a hybrid car which is twice more complicated than both gasoline and electric ones so it will become a money pit to fix after the measly warranty expires? I ain't no buying a new car every 5 years. Hybrids are for people who only drive new cars all the time. I'll save enough money on repair after the warranty expires to buy me gas for 100 years.

  5. Electrical engineer here…. electric cars are not coming anytime soon… why? Because the electric grid would need a MAJOR overhaul if EVERYONE plugs their cars in at night. Expect the electric company to jack up your electric bills to make way for more copper mining, installation of HEAVY equipment for each substation/distribution transformers to handle the demand. The infrastructure for gasoline is already here, hence at it's lowest point for energy.

  6. Plug in electric cars may be ok in you drive mostly in town and are able to charge them at home, but there needs to be a boat load of charging stations all over the country before they will sell in large numbers in the US.

  7. 5 years ago everyone was laughing at hybrids… now half these comments committing to buy a honda hybrid. And in 5 years you'll all be looking forward to your next car being an EV… 🙄

  8. Went to sign up as I have question google plus is shut down due to it has been hacked and personal information was released on members. Now how do I get a question answered

  9. Electric cars are a good idea the biggest issue though is setting up the infrastructure for either having charging stations or the ability to replace the uncharged battery for a recharged battery. On the other hand a hybrid vehicle makes sense because the ability to refuel is within every nook and cranny of every bi way across the country. Once it becomes easy to recharge an electric vehicle then it will make sense to buy a pure electric vehicle.

  10. ( 5:50 ) Toyota Corolla vs Honda Accord: "They both make great engines …"
    BUT, Honda has switched from naturally aspirated to turbocharged engines in more models, while Toyota has not.

    That could be an important consideration, depending on how long the car is expected to last, as Scotty has explained in many videos.I share his skepticism about turbocharging — no free lunch rule applies. More power and torque, but more wear, higher cost and expense to repair.

  11. Hard not to buy an electric car in Some Europe countries. Big subsidies incentives to purchase, exempt from toll road (of which there are many) fees and one can deduct the purchase price from your income which is heavily taxed, especially the high incomes. So yeah, it’s an offer you can’t refuse, but I guess you can if you got more money than God.

  12. If a Democratic President required electric cars some red states would restrict the number of electric power stations to make sure the policy failed. It is just the way US politics works.

  13. Scotty just said buy a used car. He doesn’t buy new cars but he’s giving advice about what people who buy new cars will buy in the future. Hybrids been round a while. The stepping stones to full EVs. Once electric vehicles start selling more, gasoline will become too expensive. Scotty if we still around, you won’t have much of a choice! Just like when most people uses Microsoft Windows and automakers require a Windows computer to flash a module, there’s nothing you can do but buy a Windows computer. Someone else made that decision for you decades before.

  14. Yeah, I prefer a hybrid car myself, in fact I prefer them so much that I've been driving them for the last 15 year's.😁

  15. I know I know…the damage we do to the planet's ability to support our way of life long term (without mass migration ie mass immigration) is not as important as making our lives convenient now.

  16. Honda = smart. VW = dumb. The world is a couple of decades away from supporting fully electric. I hope it never happens but no stopping 'progress' I guess. 🙄

  17. I agree the US is not ready for all electric. Our distances traveled are longer than Europe. Plus Europe has much better public transportation, they don't need to drive as much.

  18. Scotty I have no experience on working on cars. I have an 09 Honda Civic LX. I've been hearing a clanking noise that's starts and goes away in my engine, the cars also been jolting and making a loud bang when coming to a stop

  19. You need to wake up. Electric cars are much better than fossil burners: cheaper, drive better, and you’re stuck in the 20th centrury

  20. 2011 kia forte right now with 114k never no issues, wife had the 2014 kia rio up to 100k with no issues before trading for the 19 sorento. Kia makes great cars!

  21. my freind got a mecerdes c180 on 180000km (matriculated in 2005 first time )for 4500 euros tthats like 110 000 miles and the stupid car won't pass the test emisions, the people who sell him the car give him on year waranty and then they said to him we replaced blah blah blah, do test emision and fail then we replaced something more and then again it didnt pass emisions tests then they said to him he will needs HIS CATS TO BE CLEANED (the place is a land rover boutique but only sell kia[with rusted brakes disks] and other brands i only saw 1 land rower) . and then i told my freind god job man you got a nice car that's illegal for some nice money and then he hide from police all times 🙂 hahahaha we cant be freinds anymore… anyway that car does not come with engine oil check stick 😂😂😂😂

  22. What????? A little tiny engine is not going to give full power when the battery is dead, that's basic physics that even Honda can't beat. A small gas engine in an electric car would be great for limping home, but don't expect any better than that.

  23. Honda is strategically wrong. Ahh, the Japanese tendency to get large strategic decisions wrong. They are positioning themselves to be one of the last ICE powered vehicle manufacturers instead of being one of the first all Electric manufacturers. They are living in the past.

  24. Many American, Euro and Korean cars are such poo these days. Sure, each country produces something that's decent that most buyers flock to, but for the most part, these countries produce rolling garbage. You WILL end up being sorry you bought one. The Japanese companies, on the other hand, are your best bet these days with Toyota and Honda undoubtedly leading the way. Camrys, Accords, Civics and Corollas all leading the pack once again in 2020. If all you fit in is an F-150, fine, but if you want it to go forever, buy a Corolla.

  25. I think Honda are on the right tracks. I live in the UK but have no appetite for an electric car. Interestingly electric cars still account for a tiny percentage of car sales here so they're not really catching on…

  26. I mean, is it unreasonable for a government to strongly advocate for products that will literally help humanity avoid extinction? Might be a bit heavy handed, but unfortunately necessary. Electric cars are necessary whenever possible.

    We go to multi-decade wars over three buildings being bombed.

  27. Thomas Edison said to one of his employees in 1910 that electric cars would never be practical until there was a battery-changing station on every corner. Today's corporations are making a huge mistake by not settling on a standard quick-switch battery which will work in any EV and can be swapped out in a minute or so for a fully-charged battery. At that point both the recharge duration problem and the maximum range problem evaporate completely. I think Edison was right. Until those two problems are eliminated the appeal of electric will always be limited.

  28. Scotty, I drove a Ford Fusion "Hybrid" for about three weeks (rental for business)…. It drove well, good gas mileage, very comfortable…. EXCEPT the amount of technology I saw on the dashboard tells me that when this car starts to act up…. I ain't gonna be the one to fix it… What I see is between the speedometer and gas gauge is more technology than a nuclear submarine, which I do not have a clue how to fix when it dies…. So I will being driving gas only vehicles until I cross over to the other side! LOL

  29. still waiting on honda to explain why we have oil dulition in 2019 crv 1,5 turbo……. most likey cheap cylinder walls or cheap rings and pistons

  30. Scotty, you are right. Moreover, the German authorities, in particular, are cheats. I saw a YT video where they installed a machine to monitor emissions just before a traffic light that was prolonged for minutes even tho no pedestrian crossed after the first few seconds!
    The idling diesel engines must have triggered an artificially high set of readings ALLOWING the govt. to issue diktats removing diesel cars from the roads and forcing users to go back to gas
    The video featured a distressed driver who only switched to diesel because the Govt encouraged diesel cars when he bought it and the same stupid Govt wants him to junk his car that's in perfect condition ONLY because the left and Greens have created such a "Scheißesturm" over the whole thing! Wunderbar!

  31. Difference in primary markets. Honda is US. Cars must make long distances between fuel stops. VW is Europe. Automobile destinations much closer together. Very efficient rail for longer trips.

  32. I am waiting for Mazda to make hybrids. I will probably test drive a Kia Niro hybrid next time for the gasoline savings and the long factory warranty. Not as fun to drive as a similar priced Mazda now that is naturally aspirated, it is more about being cheap, or for less air pollution. A 1994 Celica is very cheap!

  33. By 2025 Honda want to only make eclectic cars don't sale much cars in Europe that's why they have cut there plants in uk and Turkey so don't no what you are chatting Scotty

  34. Electric cars becomes cheaper with more autonomy each year, I knew that the Americans do not like progress, but it is only a question of time when they replace the gasoline cars

  35. European here, looks like Scoty is salty about electricity being the future. Its over Scoty, let go, people are moveing on to beter things, you and greasy gas cars are obsolete. Sry for bad eng

  36. i'm not sold on electric cars because no single manufacturer has made an effort to make a Normal electric car, and no the Bolt or Volt do not count

    Honda's made hybrids for over 20 years now, and all of them have been good, so I'm goin with Honda's vision — hell, Honda was earlier in the hybrid game in the States than Toyota, who dominate it now

  37. Scotty I think you are wrong with this video. China and Tesla are getting together. China is helping Elon Musk and money will win out in this race.

  38. Scotty you sound like a trump loving climate change denier..Maybe that has something to do with you ability to work only on internal combustion engines..

  39. I laughed my head off at 2:08 — "Scotty, shoutout from New York City…" — shows picture of landfill, lol

  40. Hybrids are dead!! Why would I buy an expensive hybrid, when I can get a gasoline powered vehicle that has better gas mileage? A hybrid is also very complex, many things could go wrong. Extensive electronics, two motors, and batteries to mention a few.

  41. You right. Europeans have a very controlling government. While over here. We will love our country to death but give the government the bird for anything.

  42. Western Europe, being the most developed part of Europe, has a population of about 200 million. It's densely populated with a modern and also dense road network. If they install charging stations along their highways for example, then drivers won't have very far to go to find one. They'll be the first ones to make it practical to drive a full electric car over long distances. Whereas in Canada or the United States we have certain regions that are densely populated where it can become practical. However there are vast areas that a too sparsely populated for current electric cars to be practical. Once an electric car can easily travel 1000km+ regardless of how hard you drive it, how much you turn up the heat, air condition or other devices that pull electricity, only then will it become viable for everyone.

  43. I had a Cadillac CTS and a misfire code on that car could mean the sun rose that morning. After months of joint custody with the dealership and replacing half the engine it still did it and had other problems so I traded it in on one of it's few good days and of course took a bath on it. Beautiful car, just a shame it was such a P.O.S.

  44. LOL you guys regularly send troops to different part of the World to kill in the name of gov and corporations, but it's Europeans who like to push around…

  45. In Europe is leasing electric cars the way to go… (Company ev-car leasing is cheaper than a ice-car. But only in the top-end market!) Private buying ev-cars is still expensive!

  46. Idk… I honestly disagree. I love Honda. I’ve owned 2 now and will probably keep buying them, but I think VW is going down the right road. The current EVs probably won’t be great for long distance drives, but the money they’re pumping in to R&D on the venture should result in longer range, faster charging EVs before the end of the next decade. Not to mention the investment they’re going to put in to building up charging stations here in the US.

  47. What should I buy? 2019 Camry SE 2020 Optima S or something else more affordable? I need reliability seeing how I just got out lemon law with Ford (never buy a Ford) and can’t afford a ton but need something that’ll last 4-5 years 180-200k miles.

    HELP! I got $3300 to put down. Carmax/dealership? Credit isn’t as good as it used to be.

  48. Leasing cars is stupid because it’s like renting a car long-term except with limited mileage (12,000 miles a year?!) and you’re guaranteed to lose a bunch of money.

  49. A financially sound decision. Let other manufacturers go through the bumps and bruises of selling full electrics and come out with your own later on when the market is ready to take off (around 2025-27), when truly fast charging and cheaper batteries are the norm in new models.

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