Who Is Geraint Thomas? Tour de France Winner 2018 | Tour de France 2018

Who Is Geraint Thomas? Tour de France Winner 2018 | Tour de France 2018

As Geraint Thomas seals the deal on his maiden
Grand Tour victory, the Tour de France no less, we thought we’d take a look back at
his life and career so far, and ask the question, just who is Geraint Thomas? Thomas’ win has been one built on consistency,
he has not finished outside the top 33 on any stage. He’s one of the only riders in the race
who hasn’t suffered some bad luck, which is in complete contrast to the rest of his
career. He picked up bonus seconds in the first week,
and far from simply defending or hanging on in the mountains, he’s arguably been the
best climber in the race. Not once has he lost time to any of his closest
rivals. And it’s paid off in dividends. Thomas has given the whole of Wales reason
to celebrate. But let’s rewind to the start. Geraint Howell Thomas was born on 25th May
1986, in Birchgrove, Cardiff, Wales, UK. He began his cycling life 10 years later with
the Maindy Flyers Cycling Club at Maindy Stadium, where he borrowed a bike and started competing,
and it’s there that he would eventually meet current teammate Luke Rowe for the first
time. The club had almost shut down in the early
90’s, but was given a new lease of life by Debbie Wharton……. With the help of his parents, The Maindy Flyers
club, and his own determination, Geraint went from strength to strength. In 2003, he won the junior Kuurne Brussels
Kuurne in his first year in that category. A year later, he won the the Junior Paris
Roubaix, in part thanks to Ian Stannard taking a wrong turn coming into the Velodrome. Thomas then went on to win a silver medal
in the points race at the European Track Championships, and a gold in the scratch race in the World
Track Champs. At that point, his power and versatility was
clear, and Thomas decided that he had a future as a pro rider. However, before he finished as a junior, he
had a final goal – to win his home race, the Junior Tour of Wales, a prestigious 3 day
race often attended by international riders. Steven Kruijswijk was there, but It turned
into a ding dong battle between Geraint and Dan Martin. Dan won the prologue, Geraint took time back
the following day, but the tables turned again on stage 3. Ultimately, despite his best efforts, Thomas
would finish runner up, something that Dan is still gloating about 15 years later……. Soon after that, Geraint went to Italy to
race with the British Academy, a place that saw the likes of Ben Swift, Mark Cavendish,
Alex Dowsett and Pete Kennaugh ply their trade, all flung in at the deep end to the notoriously
tough Italian amateur racing, under the guidance of their coach Rod Ellingworth. Thomas’ talent became even more evident
as a senior rider, so much so that by 2006, aged just 20, he was given a tryout with the
Saunier Duval team, although it would be with Barloworld that he would sign his first pro
contract the following year, in 2007. Having just turned 21, he was the youngest
rider in that year’s Tour de France. A race he almost killed himself to finish,
in 139th place, with just one rider behind him on the GC – although I think it’s fair
to say that a few excess kilograms didn’t help him in the mountains.. His focus back then though was on the track,
and it was there that he would pick up his first major success. At the Beijing Olympics, he joined Bradley
Wiggins, Ed Clancy and Paul Manning in the Team Pursuit to pick up a gold medal, and
world record in the process. From that point, he split his attentions between
the road and track. In 2009, he finished in 6th place at the Tour
of Britain, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he would pick up his first pro win – the British
National Elite title. One week later, he would finish 5th at the
prologue of the Tour de France, and then came close to taking his first yellow jersey, finishing
runner up to Thor Hushovd on the Roubaix stage two days later. His first stage race victory came in 2011,
at the Bayern Rundfahrt, but a year later his focus returned to the track – a win on
the short prologue of the Tour de Romandie an indication of his power over short distances,
and so it wasn’t a surprise that he was a key part of Team GB’s Team Pursuit squad
that won another gold medal in London, that summer. That spelt the end of his time on the track,
and once he concentrated fully on the road, the results came quickly. 3rd overall at the Tour down Under in 2013,
2nd at the Bayern Rundfahrt, 15th at the Criterium du Dauphine – all signs of future success. He would later ride the Tour de France at
the service of Froome, most of it with a fractured pelvis, underlying his sheer grit and determination. In 2014, the divide between his classics and
stage race ambitions was never more evident – 3rd at the E3 Prijs, top 10’s in Flanders
and Roubaix plus a gold in the Commonwealth Games Road Race showed his potential in the
cobbled classics and one day races. And yet that same year, he also won the Bayern
Rundfahrt for a 2nd time, and came 22nd overall at a Tour de France in which Chris Froome
crashed out. The progression continued in 2015 – a win
in Algarve, 5th in Paris Nice, a huge win at the E3 Prijs cobbled classic in Belgium. 2nd at the Tour de Suisse, and 4th in the
GC at the Tour de France going into stage 19, before he cracked. That, though, was after working completely
at the service of Froome, riding in the wind, on the front – he might have slipped out of
the top 10 by the end of the race, but he knew then that he could compete with the best
at Grand Tours. And so came a decision – the cobbled classics
or the Grand Tours? He chose the latter, and it paid off immediately
with a win at Paris Nice in 2016, and in 2017 he would be team leader at a Grand Tour for
the first time, at the Giro d’Italia. However, if there’s one thing that seems
to follow Geraint around, it’s bad luck – a police motorbike stopped at the side of
the road took down most of Team Sky as they raced towards Blockhaus – he soldiered on,
even finishing 2nd to Dumoulin in the TT the following day, but ultimately his injuries
would prove too much, and he abandoned three days later. And so to the Tour, which didn’t go much
better – lying 2nd overall behind Froome, he crashed on a descent on stage 9 and was
forced to quit the race. You have to say, that if Geraint didn’t
have bad luck he’d have no luck at all. Back in 2005 he had his spleen removed after
a bad accident whilst riding to the velodrome in Sydney, the crashes at the Tour, the crash
wind at Gent Wevelgem, Tour de France last year, Giro d’Italia last year. It’s no wonder that the world of cycling
were questioning whether he’d ever manage to avoid the bad luck that has plagued his
career, and that must have crossed his own mind too. But the bad luck would continue – this year
he dropped his chain on the decisive stage of Tirreno Adriatico whilst leading the race,
and then crashed hard in the opening prologue of the Criterium du Dauphiné (WE HAVE VIDEO
FOR THIS). Since then, though, he’s managed to piece
together the perfect 8 weeks, in which he hasn’t put a single foot wrong. He would go on to win the Dauphiné after
a dominant performance, and at this Tour de France, he really hasn’t put a single foot
wrong at any single point of the race. At 32 years of age, everything has clicked
into place for Geraint Thomas, and he can barely believe it. He’s answered the critics questions, and
his own, in fact the only question that remains is, WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING THOSE OAKLEYS?! The common theme when you speak to his teammates
past and present, coaches, mentors and friends, is that he’s a no nonsense good bloke – nobody
has a bad word to say about him, and that, although he takes his cycling very seriously,
he’s a relaxed individual away from it – he’s laid back, he’s passionate about rugby and
football, in fact he went to school with Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton. He also likes a beer, or three – so, cheers
Geraint Thomas, you deserved that.

100 thoughts on “Who Is Geraint Thomas? Tour de France Winner 2018 | Tour de France 2018

  1. Well done Dan..tks for walking us through 'G's' palmares. Completely warranted plaudits for this likeable Welsh Wonder. Even us Aussies like him. Great piece to camera…perhaps this will silence some who question this seemingly out of nowhere performance. Chapeau 👍

  2. sooo happy he won. so happpy that T D was second. and the way T D and chris froome met at the end of the TT was lovely.
    as dan ( or someone else ) said. froome has won 6 grand tours and never once publicly complained that he was not the sole leader. speaks highly of him , as well as the camaraderie of the team.

    last but not least, GCN has made the tour 100's of times more fun to watch and listen to. thank you so very very much for that <3

  3. Fuck cycling super stars. Cycling needs underdogs, people who don't come from super teams. Giro>Tour.

  4. Bad luck is why I never become a Pro. Thats and 100 watts missing from my ftp.ok,maybe more. But, mainly but luck.

  5. People are calling him the greatest living Welsh sportsman already!! Whilst I admire him – please! What about Joe Calzaghe? Gareth Edwards? Gareth Bale?

  6. Geraint Thomas, Well if any of Team Sky are on the juice surly it might be Geraint Thomas. The poor chap, what have they done to him, it appears that he cannot speak properly, he's all over the place and then chucking the sound engineers microphone in front of the whole world, well that's going to far. Anyway, well done done GT you have worked very hard for many years you deserved the win. Words of wisdom G, do not become an M.P.

  7. How about an episode of having two TdF champions in a team and what it effects to the team dynamics? Will Team Sky participate in the TdF next year with both Geraint and Froome and if so, how are they going to organize the team? Is it possible to have two cyclists in a team who both know they can win? When was the last time any team had two winners in their teams? These are the questions that I would like to see discussed and speculated.

  8. thanks for the brilliant GCN show!! I value the honest opinion that GCN gives, the question was GT clean in the TDF. reason being the controversy SKY so called TUES scandal of late . incl the WIGGS scandal as well. The question is can a pro cyclist win a Grand Tour on bread and water alone, u get my meaning[? Thanks

  9. Can someone remember last years first mountain stage, Thomas was in Yellow and he was bad at that stage and this year he won Tour de France #doping

  10. I don't think Emma's cut out to be a GCN presenter. We can't have spot on predictions on GCN. That's 2 for 2 already with the Giro Rosa and now the Tour de France.

  11. Cheers to Geraint what an accomplishment! Props to Froomie as well for being a good sportsman to his teammate 👍🚲💯

  12. 34.5% of all male babies born in Wales are named Geraint Thomas. The rest are Gareth Davies and Rhys Jones.

  13. Well done and congratulations nice Welsh man. I am sorry that some people say that you are English.Llongyfarchiadau eto

  14. How a guy could crash that many times that hard and still keep going amazes me. That one you showed twice where he crashes on his chest is going to give me nightmares. Chapeau and many beers to him. And to Emma for calling it,

  15. 0:46 Not true, he lost some time when Primož Roglič won the stage and also Roglič gained some time on Thomas in stage where Omar Freile won(s14 I think). Also lost time on Porte from BMC in TTT.

  16. Was just realizing that Geraint always wore that same Oakley Racing Jacket throughout almost his entire career. I always thought Racing Jacket was a bit ugly compared to other Oakleys, but hey.
    You guys should definitely ask him about it when meeting next time!

  17. Lowering pressure in the front tire would solve the ''Low sides'' in a fast corner. Problem is that it increases the drag. Depends on the overall result.

  18. Chapeau! This is the kind of personal background information about professional cycling that we do not often see. More, please.

  19. Isn't it amazing if an English guy wins the tour de France they call him British but if a Welsh man or Scot wins it's a Welshman or Scot not British?

  20. Dan, just a great video, an excellent presentation on a world class cyclist and a world class fellow! thank you!

  21. We are very proud of Geraint Thomas at our shop in NYC! He did a REALLY Amazing job! Fantastic job Team Sky!!

    We still love Peter Sagan tho! haha.

  22. Geraint Thomas = Another Sky Doper! Sky = marginal doping! And Froome is not an asthmatic and never has been. He's doped using Salbutamol for years to cut weight while maintaining muscle mass thus illegally increasing his power to weight ratio. In his own biography dating to his childhood he never once mentions being an asthmatic. Then when the press sees him using a puffer as a new Sky team member his claim is suddenly that he's a lifetime asthmatic. And he has never been able to show an independent doctor's prescription for asthma, nor a diagnosis prior to joining Sky. Froome = Doper, Sky = Team full of doping cheaters.

  23. He lost his favourite Oakleys in 2016 TDF when another rider bumped him off the road, at the stage he mentions that they were his favourite and they don't make anymore. After taking a knock a reporter asks him what's his name G says Chris froome …..lol true story

  24. Well done!! No doping whatsoever, shows that it is possible to win without being doped. Imagine that, someone winning without doping? Who would have beleived it was possible without doping? That will show the haters… no doping at all…

  25. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Welsh and proud🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  26. Thomas needs an uppet cervical spesific pnly adjustment. Lool on upcspine. Upper Cervical Health Centers
    Nucca. TheSpesific. Wait 4 – 5vdays after an accident. Give your body time to get used to being balanced. Don't wash your hair for the first 48 hours.


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