WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 43 | The City Car Special

WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 43 | The City Car Special

In this week’s WeBuyCars Car Dash, we sent
the team to have a look for any Urban city car under R150 000. Something small and compact that can fit into
any tight spot. These little cars are always popular for dashing
through the hectic traffic during the week. So, let’s see what the trio pick this episode. Today I have chosen a Suzuki Alto 1l GLS. This is a nice funky small little car. This little car is easy to park, easy to get
in and out of traffic, and excellent fuel economy. It is a low risk car. Has a lot of safety features to keep your
kids save. With varsity season around the corner, this
is a great starter car. I found this 2013 Kia Picanto 1.0 LX. This car is fast paced and cuts through traffic
like you can’t believe. It’s light on fuel and its perfect to go
do shopping from point A to point B. It’s surprising that you can find so much comfort
in a car as small as this. This vehicle is ideal for the student fresh
out of university or for a family as a second vehicle. For this week’s option I went with the 2016
VW Up. What more do you need for a youngster driving
around in the city? The car might be small, but so many features
you can’t go wrong. What really stood out for me, is even though
it’s only a 2 door, the doors open nice and wide so it’s easy to get in and out
with very little effort. It’s like my father always said…it’s
very hard to go down, once you go up. There you have it. Small, quick, economical… No matter what you need to get to your next
destination, we have it. Come on by and look at what we have waiting
for you at any of our nationwide branches. Thanks for watching today’s episode. For more episodes visit us on our Youtube
and new content coming soon. Leave a comment below and you could decide
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