We Develop a Bike Frame / E2 // TECH SPECS

We Develop a Bike Frame / E2 // TECH SPECS

Cheers, here we are again, nice you are watching. If you saw the KICK OFF Video You´ll know we talked a lot about Kinematics, as that`s the subject we care about most. But today we would like to introduce you to the specs that we want to build the frame around. Let us introduce you to the most important
specs. First things first, the wheel size! The concept will be build on a 29er Enduro plattform. The travel will be 160 mm at the rear end. High pivot point. High pivot point with Idler Pulley More about this in the next episode. The fork travel will be designed for 170 mm. So you can use forks from 160-180mm. As we want a low top tube. The shock will be a 205x65mm Trunnion. The long travel of the shock will lead to a low leverage ratio. Which is pretty good. We want to accommodate 2 shock positions. One for traditional Air Shocks with litle progression and the other one with more progression For Coil Shocks or High Volume Air Shocks. The bike will ask you to abuse it. It´s not an Enduro it´s an #ENDuro The rear end will be short with only 425mm Which is very short for a 29er But due to the HPP the bike will have chain stay growth so effectively you´ll have a 435mm chain stay in SAG position. We also want a steep seat angle with very Which is actually steep No big offset to gain tire clearance Like most bikes have it. In order to keep the seat position good for tall rider. I´m a tall guy and I rode a lot of bikes where I was actually sitting on the rear axle. If some engineers messed it up. We want our seat tube to have only minimal offset. So that tall guys with long legs will find a good and effective pedal position. The frame should have room for a big bottle as we know many of you would value that. In some points we know exactly what we want and we go for it but a bottle mount does not hurt any one If you don´t need it just don´t mount it In fact it´s pretty hard to make room for a a bottle mount if you want to build a frame with straight tubes. Most manufacturers just use hydro forming so they can easy make room for the bottle by forming the tubes around it. The design will look simple but indeed it´s way harder than you would think. Loads of Tire Clearance! Was important to us. But due to the high pivot point we don´t have to deal with that tight area where the chain stay has to pass between the chain ring and the tire. So it was easy for us to generate lot´s of tire clearance. We are developing a concept bike so we build the geometry rider specific If it will ever be industrial made we will have to decide if we can offer a custom Geo As mentioned in the first video we don´t know jet if we ever want to use this project commercially Or if it´s just a research platform for us. Where we can try things out. Another big point is bearing wear we will use oversized max type bearings from Enduro Bearings they can take higher loads compared to standard roller bearing and have a better sealing. We want to use one bearing type on all pivots. Stefan has made a benchmark analysis on bikes we know he checked the bearings load capacity and compared it with the actual loads on the bike. Based on this two numbers we build a factor. Often the factor is lower than one way lower than one 😉 We had designed a bike with horst link bearings with a factor of 0.6 They where lasting only one season. Based on that knowledge we can scale it and if use security factor with 1.6 or higher. We know the bearings will last for ever. I think that´s it If you have questions about the specs, boost or no boost or what ever. Just drop it into the comments.
Okay We will answer all of your questions. Okay See you Cheers We always drink and work 😉 But it´s actually late and dark outside.

11 thoughts on “We Develop a Bike Frame / E2 // TECH SPECS

  1. Sehr schönes Format! Nur die Audio war nicht so bombig. Wie schaut es aus ? Werden die Räder getestet? Hab ich das richtig verstanden das ihr die Rahmengröße ( Reach, Stack) anpasst und keine einheitlichen Größen bis jetzt machen wollt?

  2. Richtig geiles Projekt Jungs! Freu mich schon auf die weiteren Videos. Schön zu sehen, dass Ihr das Bike als Entwicklungsstudie für Euch entwickelt und euch nicht auf das Kommerzielle einschießt. Habe ihr eigentlich schon mal über Crowdfunding/Kickstarter nachgedacht?

  3. Habt ihr euch über Brems-Performance Gedanken gemacht bzw. an welchem Hinterbauelement die Bremse sitzt und welche Auswirkung die Position auf die Kinematik haben könnte und wie die Effizienz des Pedalierens also Belastung durch Pedalieren auf den Dämpfer ist? Siehe Extremfall Knolly Bikes

  4. Servus ihr beiden, ich schau mir eure Videoserie jetzt schon zum zweiten mal an, das Projekt ist echt geil geworden gratuliere euch. Habt ihr außer Linkage x3 und CAD noch eine Software benutzt? Ihr habt ja die Kräfte erwähnt die am Rahmen auftreten, kam die Simulation da aus Solidworks oder habt ihr da was eigenes dafür? ; )

  5. Habt ihr euch eigentlich bei der Entwicklung von Rahmen mit Druck- und zugdreiecken beschäftigt, war gerade auf einem Seminar wo dieses Prinzip aus der Natur behandelt wurde. https://www.konstruktionspraxis.vogel.de/wir-haben-verglichen-die-methode-der-zugdreiecke-im-vergleich-mit-anderen-kerbformen-a-117157/
    Gruß Nils. Dr. Mattheck ist auch regelmäßig bei allen Größen deutschen Industriefirmen und gibt dort Seminare für Ingenieure. Gruß Nils.

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