We Almost Crashed The Random Tandem! | Martyn & Blake Race A-Line | Whistler Crankworx 2019 POV

We Almost Crashed The Random Tandem! | Martyn & Blake Race A-Line | Whistler Crankworx 2019 POV

– [Martyn] Corner (chicken
cackles) cows ass. – [Blake] Try to go straight, Mart. – [Martyn] I am, that’s
me trying to correct! – [Blake] Yeah, brake down here. Brake, brake, brake,
brake, brake, brake, brake. Let go, let go, let go, let go. – [Martyn] Oh no, oh. Whoa!! – [Blake] Holy (chicken cackles). (dramatic music) – Race day, yeah we’re heading up the hill to do the Fox Air DH on the
Random Tandem, me and Blake, I can’t quite believe
it, it’s an insane idea, ’cause the A-Line, which is
the track we’re racing on, for the tandem, is honestly
terrifying, it’s huge. We practiced yesterday and I’ve never been so
scared on a bike in my life. I’m actually shaking, I’m
actually truly shaking. But Blake, it’s a Random Tandem race, I thought we need to look the part, okay.
– Well, I’m all black. – Yeah, but it’s the Random Tandem, right? – Right. – You’ve got to look steezy, and nuts. – I think black is nuts.
– So I got a little surprise for you under here. Look. – Oh, we’re matching! – We’re matching, Pro Race top. – Are we going to? – Yes. (Blake laughs) Put it on, and then I’ve got
another surprise for you. – Can I put it on now? – You can put it on now, yeah. Dress him up, showing off his titties. – Never been naked on a. – He’s a beautiful specimen, isn’t he? Yeah, so we’re really nervous, it’s going to be really exciting. Yesterday was a big day for me, ’cause I was practicing with
my prototype fabric seat, which could have gone wrong
I guess, but it didn’t, it was incredible, it worked like a dream. So we’re going to head
back home afterwards and let them really dress that up and make that look fantastic. So I guess all that’s left to do is just add our matching freshy gloves. (Blake laughs) If you notice, I’ve swapped
hands, so we’re going a, I particularly like wearing
alternate color gloves, so it’s an orange and a
blue, for me and Blake, on the Random Tandem, we look too pro. – We do (laughs). – We look too pro.
– We’d better win. – Let’s do it! – We’d better win. (Blake and Martyn laughing) – Well, that actually matched, look. – Well it will, won’t it, ’cause we’ve, ’cause we’ve. – Oh, yeah. (upbeat music) (wind blowing) – [Leo] Whoa! You guys, that is so cool, oh my God. – All right, we’re heading
up to the race run. – Yeah. – I’m proper nervous now. – You got cotton mouth. – I’m proper scared,
yeah, I need some water. – Leo is going to be following us. – It’s going to be sick. (laughing) – Oh my God.
– And then we. – We’re going to go for it. And I’ve got a plan, I’m going to get down and
free them first two corners, then I’m just going to listen
to Blake’s instructions. I’m going to brake when you say brake, and I’m not going to brake
when you say don’t brake. – Don’t brake, ’cause we want
to clear some of them step ups. – Well, that’s what you say. – Yeah. – And you say it’s better
to clear them then not. – It’s better to clear than case the hell out of it.
– There’s definitely some times when I feel
like I like to brake when you say don’t brake.
– Then you should do what you think is right for you, Mart. – No, I’m only doing
what you say once we free them first two corners.
– Right, and I’m going to be saying brake before we go to fast and go to the moon.
– Well, there’s definitely one we have to brake for. – Yeah. – There’s a massive one, where you say definitely braking.
– That massive bastard one. Yeah. – But the other ones, where you’re like, “I think we need to clear it.” I’m just going to leave them brakes and go as straight as an arrow. I just want to go straight off of the loop.
– That is key, we want to go straight off that loop, ’cause if we go skew with, oh, that’s when it goes terribly wrong. – I’m getting into it now,
I’m getting into it now. – I’m feeling good on the back, Mart. – We’ve got this, dude, we’ve got this. – We’ve got this. – Dropping in. – [Martyn] Right, Bingers. – [Blake] Right, Dingers. – [Martyn] Let’s have it. (gravel crunching) – [Blake] Let’s be careful though, ey? – [Martyn] Oh yeah, man. – [Blake] Don’t get too carried away. – [Martyn] Right, we’re going
right to the start line. (engine roaring) – [Martyn] Go Blake. – [Blake] Ready? – [Martyn] Go. (crowd cheering) – [Martyn] Oh, that was
on the point then, dude. (tandem rustling) – [Blake] Remember this corner. – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Blake] Go quite high. (spectators cheering) – Quite high, Mart, you’re low.
– I couldn’t because of the Fusion. – Whoa. We got away with it, Bingers,
– Yeah. – [Martyn] we got away with it. Right, now,
– Careful, Mart. – [Martyn] I am now on your instruction. – [Blake] Yeah, right. Remember, here’s our brake for this chap. – [Martyn] Yeah. We’re (chicken cackles)
racing A-Line, dude. – [Blake] No brakes. – Oh, yes.
– Mart. Ha-ha. – [Martyn] Oh, that was harsh. – [Blake] A bit of brakes
for these, all right? ‘Kay, no brakes, no brakes. Yes. No brakes. – [Martyn] Oh no, (chicken
cackles) that was harsh. – [Blake] Try to go straight, Mart. – [Martyn] I am, that’s
me trying to correct. – [Blake] Don’t try to correct, you’re going to go off straight. No brakes. – [Martyn] Yeah, yeah, that was well nice. We popped into that one well good. – [Blake] Yeah. All right, stay left. Stay left no brakes, straight, straight. – [Martyn] We’re losing the Fusion. – [Blake] Bit of brake,
bit of brakes, no brake. – [Martyn] Whow. – [Blake] Martyn Ashton. Just take it easy. – [Martyn] I’m going easy. – [Blake] Brake, little bit, little bit. There goes the Fusion. – [Martyn] We lost the Fusion. Oh my God, we lost the Fusion.
– Careful. All right, brake a little bit for these, no brake, no brake, no brake. Yeah. Yeah. – [Martyn] Come on. Oh my God, I can’t believe
we lost the Fusion. – [Blake] All right, brake
a little bit for this, Mart. Straight on that, yeah. – [Martyn] Oh, nice man,
nice, getting it straight. – [Blake] This is where
it’s going to get tight. – [Martyn] Okay. – [Blake] After this one. – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Blake] So slow down. Yeah. Yeah. – Yes, that was the best.
– And then stay right. – [Martyn] Stay right, yeah. – [Blake] But brakes, ’cause it’s quite rough down here, Mart. – [Martyn] Yeah, okay. – [Blake] All right, slow, bit slow. Not too right. (Martyn laughs) (crowd cheering) All right, slow down for
this, slow down for this. Straight. That’s it, all right,
go a little bit left, little bit left, little bit left. (Martyn laughs) No brakes, up this, no brakes. – [Martyn] Oh my God! – [Blake] No brakes. No brakes, go straight. That’s it. Right, brake here. A little bit. – [Martyn] Whoa my God. – [Blake] Little bit. Little bit, stay right,
this is the rock drop. – [Martyn] Nice. I got left and right right then. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Oh, Jesus Christ. – [Blake] Brake a little
bit for this, Mart. – Brake.
– All right. Let ’em go, let go, let go. – [Martyn] Hey, I don’t like that one. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Come on, come on. Whoa. – [Blake] Don’t brake, don’t brake. – [Martyn] Oh, yeah. That was the best one we’ve done. – [Blake] Yeah. Don’t brake. Stay right, and don’t brake. Don’t brake, don’t brake. All right, this is where
it’s getting big, Mart, – Okay.
– so just be careful. Don’t brake. All right, these are rollers,
brake a little bit, yeah. – [Martyn] Wo. – [Blake] That was a rock. All right, don’t brake, don’t brake, don’t brake, don’t brake. – [Martyn] Whoa! – [Blake] Don’t brake, don’t brake.
– No, we haven’t got it. Whoa! – [Blake] Don’t brake,
don’t brake, don’t brake. – [Martyn] Oh, (chicken cackles). – [Blake] Oh, this is
where you got to brake, on this big one, ey. – [Martyn] Right, so brake. – [Blake] A little bit,
yeah, brake down here, brake, brake, brake, brake, brake. Brake, brake, let go,
let go, let go let go. – [Martyn] Oh, no. Whoa. – [Blake] Holy (chicken cackles). I held on for that one, Mart! – [Martyn] Oh my God! – [Blake] I held on for that one! – [Martyn] Oh my God! – [Blake] Stay left. Stay left. – That was too much, dude.
– That was too scary, Mart. We’ve got to go up straight. – [Martyn] I am going up straight. – [Blake] Don’t brake. – [Martyn] It’s just,
pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal. Pedal. – [Blake] All right, stay left off this. – Stay left.
– Left, left, left. All right, this is where
we’re we cutting off, Mart. – [Martyn] ‘Kay. – [Blake] So brake a little bit, ’cause it’s rough.
– Yeah, yeah. – [Blake] It’s loose. It’s loose, Mart. It’s loose. It’s loose. That’s kids. – That’s kids.
– Yo! – [Martyn] Mind your back, cheers guys. Pedal, pedal, pedal,
pedal, (chicken cackles). – [Blake] All right, we
go slow here a bit, Mart, slow down a bit. – [Martyn] So we got to
get up over here, ain’t we? – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] Ah, Jesus Christ. – [Blake] Go slow, go
slow, slow, slow it Mart, slow it Mart.
– Aw, I missed it, missed it. Go on, go on, go on, go on,
push it, push it, there. – [Blake] Slow, slow. (spectators cheering) Slow, slow, yeah, yeah. Nice, that’s really nice.
– That’s nice, thanks. – [Blake] Right, so this is a step down, you want to go a little
bit slow for it, Mart. – [Martyn] Little bit slow. – [Blake] But straight, remember? Yes. All right, let’s go a
bit brakes for this bit, braky, a bit braky, let go. We’re going on the right a bit. – [Martyn] Right. – [Blake] And then straight up on there. – What do I do here?
– Don’t brake, don’t brake off this, don’t
brake, don’t brake, don’t brake. Right, brake a little bit. Let go. – [Martyn] Eh, whoa. Ha-ha. – [Blake] Yeah, brake, brake. (Audience cheering) [Announcer] All right,
coming in to the coral here, is the British bike legend Martyn Ashton. – Oh my God.
– Oh my, got to stop, yeah. – [Man] How was that? – It was (laughs) it was good. – There’s the Fusion. – We lost the GoPro Fusion halfway down. Yeah, it was amazing, we definitely went too
big on a few things, and we only just, we only just did it. – We only just did that bit. – I’m officially retiring my
A-Line career, right there. – No. – Until next year. – Until next year (laughs). – It was unbelievable, Bingers. – Yeah, we just. – Oh man, it was so good one.
– That was scary. – It was such good fun, but
I’m glad we got to the bottom, everything worked, except for the. Except for the Fusion disaster,
I hope it still works, but it was pretty crazy. If you’ve enjoyed this video, then make sure you click some over here for some more GMBN goodies. And smack the old button there, ’cause I think we just earned a subscribe. – Give us a thumbs up, yeah, and let us know what else
we can do on a tandem, in the comments down below. – Dark fest, anyone? – Oh.

100 thoughts on “We Almost Crashed The Random Tandem! | Martyn & Blake Race A-Line | Whistler Crankworx 2019 POV

  1. Truly incredible… you are a total inspiration Martin and what a top bloke you are Blake we need many more people like you in this world …true friends are people who can lift you out of the darkness that life can sometimes bring us and this shows us that the light at the end of the tunnel comes in many ways and this video proves that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and you have good people and friends around you…….keep up the great work…👍

  2. Just incredible! You two are truly insane. Shredding on tandem way better than I would on my bike 😂🙈. Looking forward for the next one already!

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  5. This is how para mountain biking gets to the olympics!
    That was stressful to watch though. Good work Martin and Blake!

  6. This was the most incredible thing I have witnessed so far on the Global Cycling family of networks! Amazing!

  7. Love these vids with Mr. Ashton and Blake on the Random, because they just go to show how friends can do amazing things if they have a shared compassion!!

  8. Nothing has made me happier than seeing the smile on Martyn’s face I love seeing him enjoying riding bikes again one of life’s great moments 🤙🏻

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    Go on boys, make it happen 😀😀

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    Ride on you beautiful people Ride on

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