1. The lady is the bad guy she tuck a purple note from the tree she also said this is the spot and she had her back on the green note because she did not whant you to see it that is how I know she is the bad guy.

  2. Karen was the one who did everything and look back at it she put that nail and that green paper 📝 there cause she even said put it back

  3. Ms.karen took the pink sticky note and tryed to hide the green sticky note form you guys. She is ovisly the one who stole the 100,000,000

  4. I’m sure that miss Karin is up to something. She had been acting funny ever since I’ve seen her in the video. I’m shour she is an member of how ever that person is in that green ➕pink mask.maby it means something well that’s what I think 🤔

  5. it is miss karen because when grace said wait a minute look at her face also, look back at the time 9:34–10:16. look at the tree that you thought it was, there are two notes that she doesn't want you to see because she put them their. john found that one note but the other pink paper is in her purse. she was the one who was trying to steel the mystery box. that's why she wanted ya'll to stay in the room that why she could take the mystery box.

  6. She is the person that why she has a black hoodie title and because she is a person that's what she was trying to connect you thinking there's nothing going on she's being suspicious I know she's the person try to go around until after 2 keep a close eye

  7. Sharer fam Mrs Karen was acting really suspicious around that tree and if you look in the video she tells you to look at other trees while she could take a pink post it note of the tree that had the green post it note on. She was also looking into the camera suspiciously. I think you should have a word with her

  8. Did you know Steven that the mystery neighbor is in your house right now her name is Miss Karen she was in your hide and go seek video and that’s who John thought was you Stephen

  9. She stole sticky not from the tree stephen the first tree that you said was it it is behind the tree there is a green sticky note.

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