We are off to the Redpaddleco ultimate Sup demo tour 2019! Held at Polkeris today which is right on my doorstep and I literally cant
wait! Comes around once a year and this time Redpaddleco have decided to come over here where I live and its going to be amazing! First off time for a pasty before we get on
the water! Mmmmm Ansum! Today there is a weird sort of seaweed, its like grass and its everywhere! Residents from the beach say that they’ve never seen it as bad as this before! Rachel was having a fab time on the water! On the Redpaddleco 10’6 Ride. Really great board! I took the Redpaddleco 9’6 comp[act out, which is the new paddleboard to the Redpaddleco
range. Absolutely fantastic board! It Packs down into this really small bag as well which is so handy! This is the compact board from Redpaddleco. It feels nice! This board really does pack down quite a lot! Its meant to be the equivalent board like
the 10’6. The big bonus is the back pack that it packs down into so much smaller and lighter! Conditions today are not the best, but you can definitely feel that its a very ridged
board if you want to drop one and a half grand onto it! We are here today with George from
the Redpaddleco team, on the ultimate SUP tour and he’s going to tell us a bit about
the Redpaddleco range, which I believe is the best brand of paddle boards that you can get in the world today! The board that we have here is the worlds most popular board, the ride 10’6. This is the most versatile board that we have on the range, its an all rounder, so it covers every aspect of paddleboarding really well. So if you’re starting off for
the first time, you probably had a lesson on a 10’6 ride, because its what most schools
and centres have. 10 foot 6 long, so it has a really nice waterline length, really glides
across the water. 32 inches wide so it has a really stable platform to get onto for the
first time! An its 4.7 inches thick so you don’t feel thigh above the water on it, it
feels like a natural hardboard feel, so you don’t feel too high above the water an unbalanced
and so makes for a really nice ride! Boards like this you can do a bit everything with,
so on a day like this where its quite choppy, you can go cruising on it, you can catch a
few of the waves coming in. So its a really nice board to have a play on. Pretty good
family board as well, comes with completely indestructible fins so your kids can be jumping
all over the back of the board and you are not worrying about finds getting damaged.
You can also get a few of you on here so you can have a bit of a play! Have a bit of a
jump off as well and treat it as a good time on the beach, which is what we’ve been doing
today! The styling is nice too isn’t it? Yeah we do little details so its an all embossed deck pad, its got a red repeater graphic all on the deck pad. Its in our classical colours
that we’ve always had, the blue and the red. The board also comes as an SE in the purple.
So it comes in two different colour waves. If you like the video, please as always subscribe
and hit the like button! Put a comment down in the comments box too. Let me know what
you think about paddleboarding, have you ever been paddleboarding? Let me know! Alright!
Until next time! See ya!


  1. this is cool…ilike the video cover… i want to know your application for creat the conten… thanks for your sharing video👌😍🔔👍

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  4. my friend ~ is it PADDLEBOARD? oh ~~ GREAT my dear friend !!! This is the most fantastic ULTIMATE leisure sports I've ever seen…

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  7. Hi K Watching here while eating chocolate. Waiting for next update this is awesome hope i can swim too so that i will do practice Paddle hahaha

  8. Paddleboarding looks like great fun… Those boards look a tiny bit like the 80/90s style BIC supertanker windsurfer boards that were indestructible – just loved learning to windsurf on them when I was younger!! Think we might have to look into this sport… Thank you for another fab video L84 xx

  9. That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. Annyeong (hello) from Korea, new friend to your channel. We hope to see you around <3

  10. Excellent vlog. Wow from 9’6” to that small back pack pretty cool. We never gone paddle boarding looks fun. We love the water though. Thank you for sharing.

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