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  1. I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  2. He does this characturistic representation like Wes Anderson but keeps it so emotionally attached. Even as a non Maori who never had my father leave, I get the guttural emotion. Genius.

  3. I remember nights like this dad and mum at the pub me and my brother telling stories waiting to we go home.. Chips and fizzy drink for dinner.

  4. Taika's mum was my teacher at intermediate school..best teacher ever..she use to come round home and just chat to mum..about anything not nesscerely bout me..Mrs Cohen her name

  5. Just read yesterday that the boy in this movie (now an adult) has been jailed. Sad. He had a great opportunity and alcohol got the better of him. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  6. "Kia Ora" and "Tēnā kōrua" (the old man on the bike) are Maori greetings https://www.wikihow.com/Say-Hello-in-Maori

  7. little interpretation; there actually aren’t any brothers, it’s actually just the one kid reading in the car. The kid reading is who he really is and the older brother is what he wants to be. (notice the slow zoom in when the kid reading notices that she’s looking at him/them (the zoom in occurs when the “older brother” is out of frame and the composition is solely focused on the kid reading), kid reading is trying to ignore the next car (ie. not looking up, while the older brother “what he wants to be” is insulting her) but lowkey can’t stop thinking/talking to them, the “probably gay” line is him giving himself an out as to why he’s too shy to actually approach the next car). lol this film is cool

  8. to be honest with you all I will never ever leave my kid's inside the car like this one..especially my daughter..piss me off

  9. Just saw this on the news yesterday! Congrats Taika!
    With all of your hardwork you've you deserve to be at the top!

  10. I love this. I wanna post my short film here. I'm sorry if it seems like shameless self-promotion. I swear it's a relevant thread for the comment section. I think Taika Waititi's work and career trajectory are incredible and inspiring. I worked with kids on this short film – and I'm reminded that it brings its own sets of challenges. But kids are also able to sometimes bring out a character that's more honest than adults. I think it's incredible how Taika Waititi worked with these kids and got these incredible performances. I think the kids are great. And I'm sharing the result of the last time I worked with kids on a short film – and how awesome those kids are. If you watch it, cool. If not, cool. But I'm putting this out in the universe right now: I'm so much closer than I thought I was. I'm pretty much there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAfmyu3o3ho&t=34s

  11. This use to happen slot growing up then they would drive home drunk with us in the car but I still loved them just makes me think tho

  12. Just saying, that diamond ring had a lot of meaning. If you think about why her parent had left it in the car, and how the girl gave it away — there's a lot going on there…

  13. A component of this will one day this might became a dated curiosity in showing the casual like 'turn of the last century' heterosexism/homophobia practised by kids. It was a part of childhood naiveness, they might say.

  14. Chur far out crazy horses was my thing when I watched boy the movie. When I went to college always thought I was a crazy horse

  15. Great wee film..an XT and an HQ and waiting for your father to come out of the pub the memories of home when you where a kid. It reminded me of the New Zealand don't smoke and drive ad because of the girl you can't forget her voice from the ad.

  16. Hi
    Does anyone know the name of the Short Film Taika Made with the plane crash
    He the Pilot survives und roams the place und then flees when police arives

  17. 1983 Tokoroa tavern back when every family in town had spare change due to the mill pumping . Until I watched this with my boyfriend I just thought that all kids had spent the odd night in cars on a Thursday night. Apparently not. He was kinda buzzed out about it lol

  18. Kiaora Taika, i had mixed emotions when i saw this short film for reasons i guess most the previous commenters didnt experience. I grew up in the 60s & 70s era where this film reflected a reality that exhisted for many maori kids. My father often left us in the back of his work truck while he was in in the pub. Much of the slang used in this film never existed in my time, like "Dick head" and the reference of gays hadn't been heard of then, certainly not in the far north town of Kaitaia. Memories being quite vivid while watching this film evoked memories of fun as we would look through the pub window in the hope to see our father to remind him it was cold and we were hungry. Our intoxicated uncles would reach into their pockets to give us.money for fish n chips from the chip bar across the road. That was fun. Our father would eventually come out to take us home. How we got home without any incident is beyond any comprehension.

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