Trivandrum Nightlife | Road Accidents | Buhari Hotel | Tamil  | Duke 390

Trivandrum Nightlife | Road Accidents | Buhari Hotel | Tamil | Duke 390

Night 2’0 clock So in Quora looked for nightlife at Trivandrum or in Youtube looking for nightlife at Trivandrum I got only bad influence stuffs only In Quora it was mentioned Sangamugam Beach and Challai will have nightlife So does that means There will be no man walking on the roads of Trivandrum So far for my knowledge shops and stores whatever gets opened after morning 8’o clock only Is it really like this only This city is turning into IT hub and also there is a Pub on the way in Kerala for the first time But is the city is sleeping in the night or otherwise. Let’s go out and find it started my bike but not going to close the gates. will need it when i am coming back If dogs starts to chase me it will be an epic entry through the gates First i am going to do our Kazhakootam and Attinkuzhi road Tea shop Bajji shops then Food hotels and everything else is open or not. Let’s see How many of them are available at night to support the nightlife Mostly if you see Nightlife means Desi cuppa Coffee factory keeps their doors open at this times In recent times a Drinks shop called Green Habitto have told they will be open until 2’o clock or 1’o clock But already this is past 2’o clock Most probably all of that will be closed i guess But still let’s see if Nightlife exists How many will be open now First when we touch the NH66 we will be able to see Desi Cuppa Desi cuppa will most probably be the last one to close Desi cuppa is already closed The staffs are cleaning the hotel now Coffee Factory Coffee Factory Coffee Factory Coffee Factory is open with usual crowd Now in the list Terrace Mackow and Cricket Shack Unfortunately those are closed and the whole building is dark (Crossing Triumph Tiger) why this bro is going slow. Rainnnnnn Now i can see Hotel Saravana Bavan is also closed So They closed down at this time is not a surprise Arabian Tasty Cafe is open Finally we have to check Hotel Aaryas Couldn’t go further into the city Aaryas is indeed closed as well. From the location we saw raining and this place is just 3 km away. Gate is open because i didn’t close it So I have to sleep thinking about this failure to explore Sleep now (to Duke) Mom I am home I have to help myself and switch on lights Nice So night exploration failed No one is definitely having nightlife in the rain Have to check again sometimes later All Fate Still I accomplished something Found out which shops are open in night time Newly opened Nilla cafe restaurant Cafe Cafeday was open Then like usual Desi cuppa was open till 2’o possibly as they were cleaning just now Then The first shop Coffee Factory. It is near Technopark You get everthing not only coffee juice then cigarettes bedi and other bakkery items available i don’t have the habit

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