Trek Slash Review

Trek Slash Review

*if you watched my Trek Remedy review, you
might think you already know how I feel about Trek bikes
But I wanted to compare the Remedy against the Slash. BOTH are Trek’s 6” travel, Enduro/All-mountain
bikes that are REALLY close in Geometry… but the Slash has BIG wheels on it’s side… And Dang Gina! This is a Monster truck of a bike! 29” in wheels to roll over just about anything
When I say it was a monster truck… it pretty much felt like a monster truck!… it wanted
speed, and it begged me to pick bad lines… or to NOT pick any lines at all!.. It just takes you for a ride!…. which could
be a good or bad thing.. I definitely enjoy that feeling for what it
is… with the bike doing all the work.. and taking me for a ride… I still prefer something a bit more nimble
Where I feel like I’M THE ONE in control, but have to work a little bit harder… Now – if I was racing enduro… and all
that mattered was the clock.. I could enjoy something like the slash ALL
DAY. But… with the huge wheels… long legs…. No matter how low the bottom bracket is (352mm
height)… or how sagged in I got… there was STILL kind of a feeling of riding *on
top* of the bike.. instead of really inside it… which kind of added to the experience
of the bike doing all the work and taking ME for a ride… An aggressive 65.6 degree headtube angle felt
just right for me… and if you want to party even more, you can easily flip the mino link
chips and get it down by half a degree… But for climbing.. it can get down to business
with a 74.1 degree seattube angle…. Which I was expecting it to feel about the
same as the efficient Remedy… but.. I felt like… after getting over the initial
acceleration, it climbed better than the Remedy. Handling technical climbs just as well. The reach on this 17.5” frame… measures
at 431mm… And The Chainstays measure at 433mm… which,
are the SAME length as the 27.5 remedy… which is nice! It’s still stable, but they kept ‘em short
enough, for a 29er, to give it SOME agility… or at least as much as you can get out of
a 6” travel 29er… haha Now, Just like the Remedy, the Slash sports
the super stiff front end with the Straight shot downtube and knock block headset technology…Which
IS noticeably stiffer… but I could go either way on it… It also has the Active Braking Pivot suspension
design to keep your butt comfy through the chunder… even while on the brakes!… which,
I prefer to more conventional single pivot designs, where Brake Jack is really noticeable… But it DOESN’T have the Full Floater design…
the bottom of the shock is fixed to the frame. *now Trek says that they initially designed
FULL FLOATER before all these new shocks came out with more volume in the negative air chamber,
to help them break off the top more smoothly … so for their full Enduro 29er, they decided
to utilize new amazing shocks and skip out on full floater to create a beefier frame
design for more stiffness in the rear… *Now… this IS a $5500 bike.. and they only
make carbon options… the other one is $4500… WHEW! If you want an alloy option 29er from Trek,
You’ve gotta go with the Fuel Ex… Going down to 130mm of travel… Which I thought it was a great bike… but
It would’ve been nice to see a BIG brand offer more options, especially in their aggressive
enduro 29er slash bike… And Trek, being one of the big 3… Trek, Specialized, and Giant… uses a lot
of in-house bits to give better value… BUT – I think in comparison, trek falls a
bit short on value at the $5500 mark… YES – everything is top notch… but at
this price, with Specialized and Giant, you get in-house carbon wheels… which is a MAJOR
upgrade in my opinion… Also… You all know that I’m a shorty… with a
27” inseam… I had problems with saddle height and seatpost
insertion on the Trek Remedy because of their kink… So I sized down from 18.5 to 17.5 to see if
I could fit a longer dropper post… but NO!.. The ACTUAL Seat angle on the slash (64.5)
is slacker than on the remedy (67.7)! Trying to keep the Same “EFFECTIVE” Seattube
Angle at 74.1, just caused the Kink to be MORE ABRUPT! Again.. I’m stuck with a 125mm dropper MAX… and
for a bike that’s meant to be an enduro race bike.. you would THINK that they would
allow for really long dropper insertion… and do something about that kinking kink! And onto the dropper post itself… the Bontrager
Dropline has really good intentions with the shifter style remote lever… But it got REALLY sticky on me and it wouldn’t
keep the seat down… which I’ve heard has happened to multiple people with these same
posts… AND.. because the ACTUAL seattube angle AFTER
the kink is REALLY slack (at 64.8 degrees)… when you want to push the dropper down, you
have to sit on it at just the right angle, or else the post kinda binds up… And as far as spec goes…with X1… Sram is great for going!.. but NOT for stopping! … I know this is a big heated argument…
but sram guide brakes just aren’t for me!…. And ….Maybe I’m just ruined for all other
tires after sporting Maxxis Minions for a year… but sheesh! The Bontrager se4 tires were NOT my cup of
tea… for my style of riding.. yes that’s an easy change.. and tires are all relative
to the rider and terrain… but I would expect a more aggressive tire spec on the Slash…
if they HAVE to stick with Bontrager… maybe they should spec the SE5 or G4… *(WHICH ARE PRETTY MUCH JUST TRYING TO BE
MINIONS!) OK… despite that rant… I actually really liked riding the Slash for
a week!… it was a really efficient climber for how dang well it went downhill… and
it felt really balanced… Now, Which one did I like better? The Trek Remedy? Or the Trek Slash?…. Well…. I NORMALLY lean towards 27.5 bikes…. But if I had to pick between the two right
now, and I didn’t have short leg problems….. it would probably be the Slash… despite
having the same amount of travel.. it felt way more composed! I didn’t love it, or hate it…. But it’s bike likes The Slash… that REALLY
make me want to have a long travel 29er in the bike stable to mix things up and have
a blast!…. Thanks for watching my review of the Trek
Slash… but I would Highly suggest trying out the Slash for yourself and making your
own opinions… now, in the meantime.. get out there – Ride more! And Crash Less!

48 thoughts on “Trek Slash Review

  1. nice honest review really appreciate the detailed review.! How's Big Joe treating you.?! haha look forward to seeing what your full sus purchase is.!

  2. This was awesome man, both are badass bikes and it was cool to see you riding with Alex….lots of great info man thanks for that =)

  3. See if you can get a demo on the Whyte S150 CRS it’s a 150 front and rear 29 and it’s a weapon 👌🏻

  4. Great comparison! I have the same short leg problem, and I hate those kinks that don't let you drop the post all the way down. I've ridden the both the Remedy and the Slash. I would honestly take my cheaper Norco Sight over both of them. Nice footage riding with Seth and Alex, BTW!

  5. I’m 52 years old and love all that the 29er full suspension has to offer. Great breakdown of the bike dimensions that are relevant for you and hopefully no crashes!

  6. If I’m gonna rock a Slash it’s gonna be next to Axl, Duff, Matt, and Izzy. Seat tube fail. Proprietary stem fail.

  7. i'd say if you want to keep a variety in your bike stable go for the remedy since you also have the 29 big wig. But if you think 29 is the new master race for for the slash, just my two cents nice one man

  8. great points, about the components there, I have not heard about the stiction issues with the Bontrager dropper before.
    There are definitely ways around the issues with the frame design, but for some really Trek sticks with this design and just change it up, if it was a great design there would not be anything wrong with that, but it's not, But In my opinion there are a lot of better options out there. But as I wrote earlier I am still doing with Trek.
    I don't know the know the measurements for my fuel compared to the newer bikes, but I think I should have a longer frame than what I got now, if the bike was bit slacker, longer, it would probably be a lot more stable, the 2014 fuel ex is too twitchy in my opinion, with correct stem length and bar width for me.

  9. I can tell you the Slash is a great all around bike and a great Enduro type bike, I’m lucky to have a few bikes and I thought my slash was gonna be my gravity only bike, but it has proven to be a great all mountain bike.
    Thx for your vid! Keep up the good riding.

  10. I have the same issue with short legs, my 150mm dropper on my Yeti SB5 is all the way down but I still can't raise it all the way up. Going to go with shorter cranks to see if that helps. (part of the problem is Yeti's ridiculous seat tube height)

  11. Hey Sheyne,
    Very nice vid & review.
    Your plug-ins/pop-ups/overlays (whatever they're called) are a crack-up! They keep your vids fun & interesting. A little levity always helps!
    Plus, nice rip on the Bench!!
    And, thanks for the Over The Edge plug.

  12. I have a Remedy with a Fox Transfer seatpost at 150mm drop. I'm 5'10 on a 17.5 and it works well for me. Love treks.

  13. I ride the slash 9.8 and the first things I changed on the bike were the tires to minions dhf and I put xtr brakes on it. Now it feels much better! So you are right the bontrager tires are really not rideable.

  14. You are making really good quality videos, that said its pretty clear you don't really like Trek bikes which is fine as I am not a fan of K2 skies and my friends love them. All I can say its a great time to be a Mt Biker as the bikes are awesome. I started back in the late 80 s and the bikes really sucked but fortunately we did not know this and our bodies were young. Take care

  15. I love my fuel ex 8, it's a 2017 so far all I did to my bike was a brake change from the shit shimano brakes to a set of xt brakes

    Also the 130mm is really enough for me and my terrain I personally love the feel of the bike.

    Also fuck the guide R brakes that are fucking garbage. Shimano might not have the cable removal that a sram brake has but they will stop you….

  16. You're wrong on the tire comments. The XR4 and SE4 from Bontrager are superior to the maxxis. Don't just follow what others say. Hands down no argument

  17. Another great review man…thanks!! I'm actually about to get the Remedy in the coming months. I demoed one about a month ago and LOVED it. I'm not a big fan of 29ers…hell even going to the 27.5 happened only because I broke my Nomad V2 and SC warrantied me a V3 frame that I had to build up with 27.5s. I'm getting the Remedy though because while the Nomad is a great descender with the ability to climb, that's just it…it CAN climb, but I want something that will climb better. After the demo, I was positive that I found it. I rode a short section of trail on a friend's demo 29er and there's definitely truth to the hype…they are FAST…but it just felt "tall" to me and I felt kind of "tippy" and less willing to lean hard into corners like I can still do on a 27.5. I like the agility of the smaller wheel…if I want to go faster, I'll just pedal harder…LOL

  18. I’m renting one in bentonville ne g week and can’t wait. Tried the remedy and own the fuel ex. Looks like the bastard son of both😁 want long travel but also love my 29er. I’ll let you know!

  19. Nice review. At my age I like the idea of the bike doing a lot of the work. I want to feel confident when I you rode some sketchy trails and when you take a spill you really pay the price! Carbon wheels would be nice though👍

  20. I know this comment is rather late to the party, but I would love to see you review the 2019 slash 8. Cheers and keep up the good stuff.

  21. I have to think of the big 3 you mentioned, Giant is likely really the one to use the lowest brand parts on their bikes to save $. Meaning on a similar bike on Trek you might get Fox suspension, where a Giant might give you lower end RockShox. For me anytime I browse Giant bikes website, the parts the bikes come with just seem way under the price point they offer. The best bike I have had yet today was a Trek Fuel EX7 when they last did their 26in models, a few years ago. It came with Fox CTD shock(amazing, unstoppable) and Fox fork. The cost of it, end of year sale was $1599, I got a bike with components in the $2400 range for a great deal, however, had this bike been a 29er I would still have it today. I do feel Trek is the top dog when it comes to bang for the buck on a bike cost. But having had only Trek for years now, I desire to upgrade to something in the stable of Salsa, Orbea, Transition some of those brands you seldom see on the trails. After a while it is like the same thing, "oh you got a Trek too?" I want something most others do not have. Hope you did well in your race that has been posted currently on Instagram.

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