Trek Rail

Trek Rail

For hardcore mountain bikers who want to tackle rougher trails and fly up hills to reach their favorite descents faster, Rail is an aggressive e-mountain bike that adds the power to do more. An all-new Bosch Performance CX system powers your ride. The new motor is lighter and smaller than previous versions. This allows for cleaner frame integration and shorter chainstays for more nimble handling. It’s also more efficient, so you can go farther on a single battery charge. Choose from 3 assist levels. Or, use the intelligent eMTB mode to automatically adjust the assist to match your own effort. This mode makes it easier to stay in control at low speeds, like while navigating uphill corners, where just a little boost is best. The 625 watt-hour battery found on most Rail models provides the best range available. The removable battery comes out of the side of the downtube. So, it’s compatible with a water bottle cage and convenient to remove for transport or just easier charging. More power means harder riding, so Rail has parts optimized for eMTB use. Each model features 150mm of rear suspension travel and a 160mm fork with beefier legs that won’t flex. Shocks on select models use a RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft damper. It reacts faster than other shocks to float over chattery bumps and provide amazing traction in rough corners. All models feature 29×2.6″ tires on wide rims that roll fast and give extra grip. So, you can make the most of the additional power from the motor. 4-piston hydraulic brakes are stronger than standard brakes. With the 12-speed drivetrain, you can always find the right gear for a smooth pedal stroke. This helps the motor deliver more consistent power. Rail gives you the same sure-footed handling as the rest our trail bikes because it’s made with the same frame technologies, like ABP and Mino Link. The Straight Shot down tube makes the frame super stiff. It doesn’t flex under the added weight of the motor and battery. So, you can charge the hardest lines knowing Rail has your back. With Bosch’s latest drive system, a rowdy long-travel frame, and parts made to shred, Rail is perfect for any mountain biker who wants more stoke on more trails.

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  1. To be specific e-mtb is for people who want to go mtbiking without fitness and training, real hardcore riders is using their own strength to pedal up or hike-a-bike. But if you have alot of money you can buy many bikes.

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