Transport of the future? Monowheel – electric unicycle!

Transport of the future? Monowheel – electric unicycle!

Hi, guys, as usually it’s me, just an offscreen
voice and you are watching review machines! Can you imagine a kind of personnel transport,
which moves you quickly and silently through crowds of people. Which is very compact and can easily be carried
like a bag, which doesn’t need fuel and finally which is even able to move you by
air. Not real? Well as to air I slightly exaggerated. But all the rest are quite real today, contemporary
technologies can provide us now with a transport that was a fiction jast few years ago. One kind of this transport is so called Solowheel
or gyroscooter (джайроскутер). And today we will review the most popular
models of these devices and will compare them with each other. And this is Max, he is very fond of these
devices, he knows about them everything and by the way he everyday goes to his office
by this gyroscooter. Lets ask him few questions now. -Is this just an entertainment or it may be
used like a real transport? -The both. But firstly I think it’s a real and effective
transport, but at the same time it’s an entertainment. It may be used everywhere even on the country
footways. Today qualitative solowheels are quite powerful
devices – the newest motors with the best batteries provide a very fast acceleration
and maximum speed is about 15 miles per hour and their range is about 20 miles. The complete charging takes about two hours,
but you can charge a device just for half a hour while having coffee and it will allow
you to go for 10 miles. The weight on average is about 10 kilos. It may seem that it is very tough and dangerous
to ride on a solowheel. But in fact it is much simpler that it may
seem. If you are able to ride on a bicycle you may
be sure that you can ride on solowheel after a little practice. – When someone sees a solowheel riding for
the first time he may think that it is very difficult like a circus performance. What can you say? How long will it take to get the hung of it? – On average it may take about a day of practice. Someone may learn it just for half an hour
and someone may need a week. But most people can ride very well just after
about a day of practice. And I recommend to wear a helmet and some
protective clothes especially if you are a newbie. – What about children? When can they start to ride? – Just when they can ride a bicycle about
at 7 years old. Well what is the secret of the device? Why riders can so easily balance on only one
wheel? The point is that this device is designed
on the base of gyroscope. It means that a computer tracks your position
on a device and equilibrate all your inclinations. For example when you are riding you are going
to fall forward or backwards but the computer simply won’t allow you to do that. It will move according to your inclinations
and will prevent you from falling. In this way all that you need its just to
balance yourself as if you rode on bicycle. -What is the maximum speed? – It is about 15 miles per hour. Well, it can go even faster, but it may be
dangerous. Mind that when you are riding 15 miles per
hour you can at any moment jump off and run on your foot. But if you go faster and jump off you will
fall. -Well we see that these devices perfectly
move on a flat road. What about some rough ground like snow and
sand? – First of all solowheels can be used in rainy
weather, they have waterproof protection IP65. We may ride among puddles and on snow without
any difficulties and any harm for the device. But mind that it is a bit harder to ride on
a rough ground. It quite differs from riding on a flat road,
so be careful when you are going off-road. Some qualitative solowheels are quite powerful
and effective even on offroad. Well of course it is hardly possible to go
through swamps. But on a regular country roads they may be
used without any problems. These devices are very maneuverable so its
easy to go around obstacles and they have enough power to climb rather high slopes. Moreover many people ride on their solowheels
even in winter. They just equip winter tire not to slide on
a frosty roads. Well Lets do some tests for the devices. For our tests we have American brand solowheel
and two cheap Chinese wheels Joyor and IPS. -American device costs three times more than
its Chinese analogs. And what is the practical difference between
them? -American wheel is much more powerful. Chinese wheels are about 800 watts and solowheel
is 2 kilowatts. -How can we see the difference of power in
practice? -Well I will show you it now. Firstly we tried the cheapest Chinese wheel
IPS. As you can see it doesn’t require much efforts
to make the device lean forward. And you should know that when you are riding
such touching the ground means your unavoidable falling. Then we tested Joyour and it was much more
difficult to touch the ground with this wheel. But finally we managed to do that. And as to Solowheel we didn’t manage to
lean it to the ground at all. Now lets see how the devices can handle a
24 degree slope. The first – IPS the cheapest model. The result is not impressive. Then Joyor. Much better – it almost managed to do the
slope. And solowheel gets on the top without much
efforts. Then we found out that IPS can’t go on a
rough ground, it switches off when you are trying to go even a little faster. Now lets see the maximum speed. IPS switched off at 14 km/h
Joyor showed us 18 km/h And the result of Solowheel is 24 km/h And there is another important thing when
we are talking about these devices. There are many reports in the Internet about
self-ignitions of the wheels. But almost all the reports tell us about cheap
noname Chinese devices. Lets try to find out what the ignitions were
caused by? -Now you see some stuff that every wheel contains
inside. At the left it is noname wheel. And at the right it’s a brand wheel. The point is that noname battery is not qualitative
and it may take fire while charging. And this is brand parts. Here we have a quality battery and as you
can see everything is covered with fire-prevention material. That is why we strongly not recommend to choose
noname devices. Well, lets sum up this video. I think such devices as monowheels have a
great future. Yes…today they are a bit weighty, and the
range leaves much to be desired. But even now they can impress you. They are very compact, fast and flexible,
and I think soon they will be considered as a completely regular thing…like umbrellas. Thanks for watching please subscribe the channel
it will be many more interesting materials, good bye!

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  1. Я бы такой купила но боюсь с него наебнуться(можно ли тащить сумки с продуктами на нем?)))

  2. Don't know anyone who rides except me, if only it were mainstream- no better way to go! If they were allowed on planes I'd book a world tour.

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