Tokyo countryside summer day trip to Lake Motosu | Japan Outdoors Guide

Tokyo countryside summer day trip to Lake Motosu | Japan Outdoors Guide

54 thoughts on “Tokyo countryside summer day trip to Lake Motosu | Japan Outdoors Guide

  1. Mavic Air makes some great video! That cloud formation on Fujisan is interesting. The lakes look awesome – we did not get there when we were out that way.

  2. Awesome video ! So lovely place…and Mount Fuji 🗻 is stunning…WOW! 👀
    Hélène and Serge 💑

  3. How do you find the hero 7 Rocky? I was thinking of buying but I was looking at all the negative reviews on Amazon. A lot of people complaining about overheating, freezing, short battery life etc. It put me off but you have to take a lot of those reviews with a pinch of salt. Nice video too 🙂

  4. Nice intro and loved the lake. Never used my GoPro under water but the effect was real good. Sunburn sucks and despite smothering my shaven head in Factor 50, I always wear my bandana in the sun, yes, even in the UK heat. Great drone footage, really shows off the lake and the surrounding area. Cheers Alan

  5. Japan baby! Oh yes Rocky-san! Gotta love that drone footage Mr Rock! Awesome views of Mt Fuji, never seen clouds like that! Super cool soundtrack, super chilled footage. Have a great week my friend 👍👍👍

  6. You've done a lot of excellent videos over the years but this is one of the best. Really enjoyed all of it. "Japan Baby!"

  7. Wow bro you honestly pushed it up the next few levels on this video! I felt like I was watching one of those Million plus subscribers big YouTube channels with the cool music, awesome drone shots and the sick editing. 1st time I seen you use a drone in a video and you actually look like you know what the hell you're doing which is awesome! Dipping the camera in and all the water that effect was super dope also! I'm really really proud of you because this totally looked amazing! Exceptional work Rockie! Keep it up my friend!

  8. Great video as always the scenery was beautiful. You must have excellent balance to stand up and paddle your board. What a great cloud and take care of the sun burn. Suzy 😀

  9. Awesome, brother! That lake looks like a real nice place to be. I love big lakes that are surrounded by mountains. Enjoy the summer vibes while you still can, Fall and Winter are just around the corner now. Mount Fuji looked spectacular. Great music too, fit the video perfectly.

  10. I have been considering an SUP for a while. Look like a fun way to chill. Man this video made me want to go get on the water bro!

  11. I really enjoyed the vid Rockie especially with all those awesome drone shots. The scenery is stunningly beautiful and a couple shots looked just like a lake here in northeastern Vermont with all the hills and greenery. Yeah, the Summer is coming to an end and the trees have already started turning here. It's ultimate camping season here with 4 wheeling and hiking for me before the snow hits in late October. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work my friend. Cheers Rockie!!

  12. It ’s a nice lake! It's 'motosuko' in Japanese!
    I'm longing for Mt. Fuji and I can see this place
    I am very happy! Thank you!
    You seem to have enjoyed summer in Japan!

  13. Oh yeah! What a place! Reminds me of lake Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia!
    Way to soak in the tail end of summer Rocky!
    Killer views again brother!
    Japan baby!! 🇯🇵🔥🌲🥃

  14. amazing drone footage! u make that stand up board look easy! 🙂 wow look at mt fuji! very nice video – nice to see you again!

  15. Hello, my friends, I like your videos
    See you on my channel again

  16. Great drone flight, the view is fantastic. Great job my friend. Excellent video and great music . Full Watch and enjoyed my friend . Keep up

    the great work and keep in touch .Thanks for the share and have a great day.

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