The world’s fastest bicycle – 133.78kph – Truthloader Investigates

The world’s fastest bicycle – 133.78kph – Truthloader Investigates

This is Dutch cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier, this
is his bike, designed by the Delft University of Technology and the VU University Amsterdam.
And the pair now form the fastest man-powered machine in the world. The 26-year-old cyclist took the high powered
recumbent bike to a staggering 133.78kph, that’s 83.12mph, over a 200 metre stretch
at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Nevada. Sebastiaan took an 8km run-up for the speed
test at Battle Mountain, which smashed the 2009 record set by Canada’s Sam Whittingham
by 0.6kph. According to the cyclist, with just a mile
and a half to go he was hovering at around 110kph, before deciding to go flat out and
sprint the remainder of the course, adding a blistering 23k to his existing speed. Which
makes for a pretty impressive feat both for his legs, and the team who designed
the bike.

65 thoughts on “The world’s fastest bicycle – 133.78kph – Truthloader Investigates

  1. Jelle van Merrienboer said he reached 135 km/h, not 133.78 km/h. That's what the guy with the braises whispers at 0:58. It's Dutch, it's what we speak in the Netherlands, for obvious reasons…

  2. Sure, just as impractical as a F1 car. But there are practical lookalikes called velomobiles with which one can reach about 80km/h with the power the rider of this vehicle has and they are roomy enough to take some luggage!

  3. Technically it is… but since it's motorized, it's a motorcycle.

    This is still a bicycle. It's got a human being inside powering it and it has two wheels. Unless you want to get into a meta-philosophical discussion about "What is a bicycle" because that could get very odd very fast.

  4. However, it is a disadvantage how the bike requires a push up. I believe in an ordinary bike covered by a protective, aerodynamic shell/cabin to increase speed and safety for the rider.

  5. I'd be more interested in seeing the fastest bike at a 3% incline. That's more practical information.  None of these bikes would be in that competition. All these bikes are useless for anything besides this competition.

  6. I'm surprised by the idiots complaining that it isn't practical!!??? No kidding, it's designed for this single purpose..

  7. A small streamlined narrow track commuter purpose vehicle could drive all day at 60 – 70 mph on a small electric motor for penny's worth of electricity,we need to explore building small commuter type vehicles.

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