The Secret to Turn Your Car into a New Car

The Secret to Turn Your Car into a New Car

rev up your engines I’m gonna show you
how to get around of really horrible smells in your cars that you just can’t
get rid of now getting rid of smells in your car can be a tricky business
because the odor can permeate everything especially the air ducts system that
blows heat and air conditioning in your face it’s not that easy to get inside
there with any kind of sprays or cleaners and if you’re sensitive read
some of these cleaners use gloves do not inhale dust keep away from children
harmful if swallowed not exactly stuff you want floating
around in your car and then stick into stuff even stuff like Lysol read the
back of the can it says things like known to cause cancer in California this
stop can be dangerous for people that are trying to get rid of a smell you
don’t want to just replace it with another smell so if you have some
serious smell in your car you can’t get rid of whether you bought a used car in
a previous person smoke and the smoke smell is gone and everywhere and
permeated the whole car or in the case of my celica you forgot left you window open the neighbors can’t came inside and peed all
over the place well here is a serious cleaner that you can use to get rid of
smells now I say serious look at the sign use an unoccupied space only you
don’t want to put it where anything that you want to remain alive to stay that
way this isn’t one of those toy ozone generators that oh I’ll get this ozone
generator and I’ll stick in my car to freshen the air while I Drive you don’t want
to do that anyways cuz here’s what can happen years ago house my wife and I
mistakenly thought one of those air purifiers with an ozone generator was a
good thing so we’d run it at night so we’re
breathing in pure air what did you spend like what a 1/3 of your life sleeping so ha
good idea breathe clean air but now with an old zone generator mysteriously my
wife found out she kept getting headaches when she woke up in the
morning well it was a stupid ozone generators they’re not as strong as this
one but they’re still creating ozone and she ended up getting a headache from it
so when we unplugged it and threw them away guess what her headaches went away you only is one of these serious ozone generators
to clean up an area where there’s no living creatures that you want to
continue to live living inside there in the case of a car I’m gonna show you how it works you have the windows rolled up it’s all just sealed inside and what the
ozone generator does creates ozone using electricity ozone is oh three the oxygen
in our atmosphere is relatively stable the ozone o3 it’s not and what it does
is it finds us all kinds of things so it can get rid of odors it’ll bind with it
it’ll get rid of it this way you don’t want the cat inside the car when you’re
doing this because the ozone is made from the oxygen inside your car and
there won’t be any oxygen left it makes a whole bunch of ozone now
strangely enough this also has one positive aspect to your car let’s say
you got spiders or cockroaches or ants in your car it will kill them they won’t
have any oxygen to breathe so there is the benefit that it will get rid of bugs
in your car now I mean if your car’s full of food new bugs will come in later
to eat the food but if somehow you have insects in your car it will get rid of
them I did that years ago my wife’s old toyota cressida for some reason a lot of
seats had cracked and they a giant fishes and I’m like miniature Grand
Canyon’s and I put sheep skin covers over somehow ants got in the car and my
wife said something’s weird in my car and I take off the chicken covered in
all these giant cracks there was an ant colony they had eggs and everything I
mean there were thousands of these things all I had to do was stick this
baby in turn on for about 40 minutes when I was done the ants were all dead
this got rid of them and the real advantage of that is we all know
pesticides aren’t good for people either you spray bug spray inside your car kill
bugs it’ll kill the bugs but over time it’ll probably help kill you too it’s no
good breathing that stuff in there not like a bug spray or a disinfectant spray
like lice are the chemicals linger all it does is create the ozone and then
later when you shut the Machine off open the windows and regular air just comes
in and there’s no residues of anything and since those on as a gas guess what
as long as it’s circulating it around you’ll get everywhere and get rid of all
the smell and bugs don’t matter what correct
they’re hiding in air gets in there it’ll get to them and here’s how easy it is to use just open your door go inside start up your car then you want to make
sure that your car is not on fresh air but it’s on recirculate here turn the
fan on make sure all the windows are rolled the whole way up because then
when you close the door the air is just being recirculated throughout the car
all the ozone will be sucked inside the car go through all the ducts and it will
neutralize odors kill bugs to put on a seat and this case is pretty smelly
we’ll turn it on for an hour it’s now running well as you can see it plugs
into the house electrics but all cars got rubber moldings so you can just
stick at the bottom of the door and close it I’ll seal it perfectly fine and
now the ozone will be doing its thing for the next hour or so
the ozone will permeate everything it’ll go through and since the ozone o3 is a
non stable compound it binds with all these smells when you open the door
guess what the smell is all gonna go out just remember this is being done in a
closed enclosure when some people have really bad sewage problems our houses
were flooded up professionals will come and they can run ozone generators for
maybe 48 hours to get rid of the smells but you don’t want anything inside the
house that you don’t want to be not alive when it things done saw your pets
people babies even your mother-in-law you want to make sure that they’re not
inside the house three people and animals need oxygen mixed with nitrogen
in our air that we breathe in if we breathe in only ozone it doesn’t work
with our blood so you make sure that there’s nothing inside the car you just
let it sit sealed on recirculated so it keeps recirculating the ozone to get rid
of all the odors and of course if you have a really bad odor emanating from
bad things in your car your head remove the source of the odor
I’ll never forget when I was a young mechanic somebody brought their car and they said it smelled it was five minutes to 10:00 we closed at 10:00 o’clock at
night so I brought the woman’s car into the garage locked up the garage and went
home on my motorcycle and the next day my grandfather who
opened up at six o’clock in the morning when I came in at 9:00 he said what did
you do last night it stinks in here I still want that lady said something
smelled in her car let’s figure out what it is so we put it up and a little
couldn’t find anything and bottom looked under the seats couldn’t find anything
but then when we popped the trunk whoo out came a gigantic plume of flies had
forgotten when she went to the grocery store a bag that had frozen shrimp in
them now this was July so needless to say the shrimp wasn’t frozen anymore and even though you think your car sealed in your trunk is sealed it’s not a sealed
as you might think somehow flies got inside laid their eggs
and then we’re maggots all over the place and it stunk so of course we have
to remove that rot bag which of course it fell apart cuz in those days it was a paper bag once you got that on a lot of the smell went away but the car itself it still
smelled for even months later when she came back well today I would have just
emptied out that trip I would have put the ozone generator in for an hour or so
and then see what happens and if I had to repeat the process a few times no big
deal now back to the car were cleaning it’s been enough time the machine has
shut itself off so we just opened the doors and turn the car off
and of course open the other door now the ozone will dissipate by itself but
you can hasten at all by putting a fan in that way the old zonal all blow out
of the car the problem with the ozone heads of course we can’t breathe ozone
like I said earlier so you don’t do this and then jump in your car and drive away
yeah aranaut oh I guess what now it’s all gonna blow out great you know and to
even make that work better here’s another trick starting up the car again
and now put it on fresh air full blast and with it on fresh air the outside air
will be sucked in and blows through the ducts and blow any ozone that’s in the
ducts Oh which will then come out of the vents and this fan will blow it away if
you have a sensitivity to various cleaners like Lysol or evaporator spray cleaner or any kind of cleaner so you’re not gonna be bothered by this
ozone treatment because like I said there’s nothing lingering except the
ozone itself which is blown out it’s a gas like a solid Lysol spray where
there’s residues in there it’s just the gas that blows away with van and let’s
say you’re one of those sensitive people hey give it an hour with the fan blowing
and the blower sucking fresh air in and sending it out it will not be any
residual ozone to bother you 26 year old car that the neighbors cat peed in now
it’s fresh and there’s no more smells that’s ozone cleany isn’t masking the
smell with a perfume it’s using the o3 ozone to bond with the smells in the car
and then we’re moving them and also removing any bugs that might be in there now you gotta have to pick the bugs up they’ll be dead falling down somewhere get a
vacuum cleaner sometimes but remember heed the warning use only and on
occupied spaces don’t run this thing was to anybody around have it all sealed up
it’s like a fumigation unit only it’s a fumigation unit to get rid of unwanted
odors in your car, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I worked at a car dealership, over 200 used cars. Not sure why, but Volkswagens always smelled the weirdest (like cheap cologne)

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  5. Everything causes cancer in CA… Legally speaking even humans need to be wearing those stupid cancer and reproductive harm stickers.

  6. I Have A 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor… I Don't Have A Fresh Air/Air Recirculation Button, What Do You Do In That Case 🤔

  7. Ozone will F you up, not in a good way. I got into a car to move out to the lot, and was unaware what had been done to the car prior to this, it made me very ill very fast. I've had carbon monoxide poisoning before, ozone was almost equal to that except I got to keep my fingernails that time. (In short, woke up in freezing rain, couldn't breathe , all my fingernails gone from clawing my way out of a building that had a flue pipe in the attic rust through with disastrous results. I don't remember anything but trying to breathe for several hours, a low life saw the situation and proceeded to rob me of my wallet, keys, phone and car. That was an awful day.)

  8. My Mom has that problem with rancid meat. It had been put into the correct trash receptacles but the bag had split and the trash can was partially open. Flies laid eggs and maggots were everywhere. It was like a scene from a 50’s sci-Fi horror film!

    It took several hours to get them all, they were everywhere!

    Next time she put old meat in two bags.

  9. My grandmother did the exact same thing with shrimp. Hers was lodged under the driver seat. Luckily, she didn’t get flies.

  10. Very interesting if I could dare to listen to the end of so much bla, bla bla bla.
    Btw, you need to take to car to a t least a tune up if not a whole overhaul of the engine…your neighbors for sure are no happy….lmao

  11. The half life of ozone is less than an hour, so I would set time for the time you want to run the generator just before bed the ozone will continue working until the ozone has broken down by morning not much ozone will be left. If you are sensitive to ozone then air out.

  12. I left a opened chocolate bar and a busted can of Budweiser in my ice chest and had maggots crawling everywhere. I feel your pain.

  13. Get rid of had smells!
    – NOT Lysol
    – smoke smell, pee smell, etc.
    – use special Ozone Generator – gets rid of odours, kills everything (including bugs)

  14. Some cars will not stay on recirculate air only for more than a few minutes. The "fresh air" comes back on while following some oil burner or diesel vehicle.

  15. I bought this yellow stuff from Chemical Guys with enzymes and probiotics etc. That stuff cleaned my carpets in my car better than when I bought it. It's absolutely fantastic. It took stains baked in for 10 years out completely and left nothing but a nice clean smell which disappeared once dry. It's really pleasant. Everything is so bright. It's beautiful. All grease and dirt is gone. I did buy a $75 spot rug cleaner from Hoover. Worked fantastic. I removed the front seats because I had stains and spills that ran under the seat. Sunroof leaks go to the lowest point which is right under the front seats. Now I'm afraid to get it in it for fear of making a stain. It's so beautiful. I'm looking for a dish type rubber floor protectors. Ozone eliminates odors but it won't clean the carpet like Chemical Guys. I'm still stunned after 3 weeks. It's unbelievable.

  16. Ozone is unstable oxygen. It wants to get rid of that third oxygen atom and it oxidises anything it can find, including your mucous membranes in your body or the surface of your eyes. Even some plastics, steel. Absolutely agreed, "you don't want to do that anyway!"

  17. Thanks Scotty. I've been looking for years for a safe alternative way to zap the spiders that get into our conservatory – even more so now it's cold outside. Wife's been spraying them with poison, but this will do a better job and never run out of Ozone! And I can use it in the car when I need to.

  18. At 5:48 Geez That sure is one Smokey Exhaust, Especially with it being a Toyota that's owned by a Mechanic….How the heck did it pass the Emissions Test.

  19. I have been using a small ozone generator similar to this for many years. It does work to remove odors in cars and I’ve wanted to make my own video just like this one; now I don’t have to… BUT I would like to share two additional tips… one: I like to hook the car up to a battery tender and turn the climate control to recirculate and run the fan in the car overnight if I can. No idling for the cars engine and this longer treatment seems to work better to remove the smell from the vents. Two: don’t go and buy a mega high output (hundreds of dollars) commercial ozone machine. You don’t need it, and if you go crazy with very high ozone levels you can oxidize fragile plastics and rubber on vintage cars. This is a great tool if you are a car lover, live anywhere it’s humid and have any older cars with any smell.

  20. Just think NASA could have ran an extension cord and fixed the hole in the ozone layer years ago. But ozone generators don't cost enough so forget that.

  21. Mother in law, wife and children should be locked in a room where a ozon machine is running ! Thats what I learned in this video !

  22. This works! Had it done to my car years ago. Original owner was a smoker. The Ozone Generator got rid of the smell!

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