The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

100 thoughts on “The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

  1. ..This is the Don Garlits,Tommy Ivo,Carroll Shelby of his generation.He should start racing them.Publicity is where it starts..

  2. This is amazing, and frankly a little crazy that people can't do what virtually everyone else does with regular ICE vehicles.

  3. Strong. I wish you could forget about Tesla and start your car company. You are passionate , you have vision , and knowledge about components. Send your videos to any Chinese financing opportunity, and they will give you debt to build what you want anywhere you want. Just continue to have a good kind spirit and try to do exciting new things. Not the things which have already been done. You can still inspire people, even more, with some things which are yours and your friends.

  4. Why doesn't Tesla just buy Rich a shop and go into business with him so he has his own Tesla supported shop? He obviously knows what he's doing and could run a place like that with the help of tesla $. I think it would be a positive thing for everyone!

  5. I am this person in real life.. Love your fight against deliberate consumerism and, Tesla should help you recycle their vehicles.

    Just one advice, SARAN WRAP. Buy yourself an industrial size Saran wrap and wrap all those materials that may Mold. Also helps with containing moisture. I make sure most of the old parts are not corroded. Good job.. DIYslfer.

  6. We just got 20 new Model 3 Tesla’s for our cab company here in Madison, Wisconsin.

    So nice to drive those instead of Prius’s now.

    I would say this guy should come be our mechanic for our cab company but I know the owners wouldn’t pay him what he’s worth. They can barely keep the employees they have and the rest of us cab drivers just drive to make money.

  7. I would love to work under this guy, just wish I had money to undertake projects like this and also support myself.
    Seems like a great thing to do

  8. So many movies about the future push the notion that people are capable of repairing just about anything, Rich is brilliant to say the least. We are so behind in tech, mainly because companies like GM, FORD, BMW have kept tech low grade so they sustain the status quo dependent on the OIL/Carmaker web, that killed our Mass transit.

  9. Your ethos is absolutely correct that once you own something you should have access to all the tools and spares to keep whatever item you own running rather than disposing of it, the UK here is just considering that repair law you stated and hopefully it'll be enforced in a couple of years.

  10. Love this, hey and y not?
    The fun way to keep older ordinary motors running now moving to the new 'sort'. Why oh why won't Tesla be helpful in recycling……… If they can send the things to Mars surely they oughta support their brand here on M E ?

  11. Beyond general fascination with Rich and the subject matter at hand–I'm very interested in purchasing a totaled Model 3 (or two if necessary) just to convert the batt pack into a substitute job sight "Generator Set" replacement. I only have a sketchy idea what's entailed however.

  12. Huge respect to this guy, its amazing how someone can do this on his own with zero support from the manufacturer,
    Tesla sadly seems to be the Apple of the automotive world with these shady practices.

  13. I thought one of the virtues of Tesla was that they engineered the end-of-life salvage of the cars and batteries for optimal environmental impact.

  14. You do have a remedy that Tesla will absolutely have to honor if you go about it a certain way.

  15. Uncle Rich, Take a look into Eguana technologies and their tech , "Bi-Direx" . The Mobility House Germany. 2nd life EV power plants. also EU regulations for the afterlife of new vehicles. It seems that you never own the EV battery of the car, instead its leased. EV batteries may not meet auto specs after years of efficiency loss, but can provide residential power benefits.

  16. Somewhere in China this is already happening with brand new cars and maybe you will hear there is a tesna or tesra 🤣🤣🤣

  17. This is amazing. I remember taking parts from bike to fix mine and my friends bikes it would would work most of the time but they’d think I was I was crazy looking for parts and making these “Frankenstein” (as I would call them because Frank was made of diff materials 😂)type bikes but this guy is on another level. I respect this guy work

  18. Thank you for sharing. The day we can't repair is the day we overthrow these bastards. You own it but you don't, sounds like BS to me.

  19. I think Tesla does its self a disservice by going against this guy. because of this video I would never by a Tesla. what fool would? Tesla needs to change its ways or it will take a lot longer for people to have any faith in there products and why by a Tesla is toyota is nipping at there sales.

  20. So when this guy dies in a terrible car accident while driving his rebuilt Tesla and Tesla just says "well we warned you it was dangerous to repair your own vehicle" we'll all know that a car company that can take control of any of thier vehicles definitely DIDN'T have anything to do with it right???

  21. Oh come on… In Ukraine we repair them after you for a long time!
    these guys, for example, can do anything with any tesla model

  22. This video opened my eyes to how Tesla is really anti-consumer, I now plan on keeping my R-design S60 until better electric options are available. I'm not buying anything from a company who thinks they own my property.

  23. They someday might say we see your car is unsafe and you need to pay us to repair it or for safety we will be forced to disable it, no thanks.

  24. I support you 100%, I can’t stand cars today the car manufacturers or making it harder and harder to work on your own car I hate that so keep it up I’m proud what your doing.

  25. Très très fort, il faut savoir que tout cela est normalement fais pas plusieurs équipes spécialisées, lui il le fait tout seul oklm

  26. Rich, I stumbled across one of your Youtube videos, watched it and did I ever learn a good lesson! I have been drooling over the possibility of owning a Tesla but did not want to just jump aboard until more trial and error issues could first be resolved. Never did I imagine the situation, after ownership, that a repair would become inevitable. Now I can see that I would find myself between a rock and a hard place! Being forced to accept ONLY manufacturer service is not my ideal of ownership in America. so I am going to hold off until pioneers like you have forged the unknown trail ahead. Thank you!

  27. Excuse me sir do you not recognize everything Nicholas tested stood for is the free energy communication devices now go to manufacture these cards a going against all principles that Nicholas tested stood for thank you

  28. Well, to fix your own Tesla, you need to be as sharp as Rich. I would take my Tesla to Rich, let him fix it.😊🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏻🇺🇸❤️🇩🇰

  29. video time …2:24……. is he really spraying water over the entire dash that is full of electrical components that were not ever meant to be submersed ? I'm no electrician but that doesn't seem to be a good thing to do.

  30. Rich is essentially a paramount of what it means to really care about something. We need to foster sustainability and a repair culture in society.

  31. Right to Repair is a hot topic in Congress right now. We could lose it all in a few years. You are working on the promise electric cars may be worth something 200k miles later. John Deere Tractor and Apple are doing the same thing.

  32. If Tesla's negative respond was really about safety and the fact that they won't be able to distinguish between the next hundreds of people like Rich and their enemies (competitors and oil diggers), they should've just say that to him. In the end, Tesla is just another Apple.

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