The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

– Day two at Eurobike and
today’s all about the bikes. We got everything from
120mm travel up to 160, and up to those big Talon
bikes at 200mm travel. But it’s not just about the
travel, it’s about the motors. We’ve got everything
from the German brands, across the Far East,
we got Japanese motors, we got bikes with different componentry, different price points. So let’s start off with
a KTM Macina Prowler. (lighting strike) (ambient music) The KTM Macina Prowler is full on. 180mm travel Lyrik up front, and a 170mm with a coil on the rear. Comfort triangle alloy
swinging arm on this bike. 27.5 in the rear, 29 on the front. Minion DHF tires. It really has got a big
hit in components to it. Plus, of course, for 9,999 euros you would expect to have electronic shifting and
an electronic seat post. It’s got the Kiox Bosch up front there. So no surprise, it’s got
the Gen 4 Bosch motor with a 650 watt internal, sorry, 650 watt-hour internal battery. And I think this is definitely one of the sleekest-looking Bosch internal motor bikes on the market. So, there you go, The Macina Prowler. Now, Bafang is a massive manufacturer of motors and batteries from China. Now when you come into Eurobike, the first thing you see
is the American Eagle bike with the Bafang motor in it. Now, on my side here is
a bike which is fresh from the World’s Championships, the UCI World E-bike
Championships in Quebec, Canada. Now, this was ridden by… Well it was actually meant to be ridden by Leonard Van Houwelingen,
but he got injured. This bike is a 250 watt, 95 millimeters with a
450 watt-hour battery. 150mm travel and a full carbon chassis. Now, we’re really
looking forward to seeing what Bafang comes out with
in the next 12 months. So very clean looking, high-tilt, from Zephyr bikes in Taiwan. Comes with a hub drive,
some nice components on it. It’s got 110mm central fork in there, really nice integrated
battery up to 500 watt-hours. I think that’s a really
clean, affordable looking bike for about 1,500 euros. Do these bikes belong
in a mountain bike show? Let us know in the comments down below. Now, I don’t know if you
saw in yesterday’s video, but we previewed the new
Sachs motor from Germany. Pretty big news actually, and one of the few brands
to feature that motor, is actually Bulls. This is the E-Rush EVO AM2,
weighs in at 5,000 euros. They’ve also got an AM1 which is four and half thousand euros. 150mm travel front and rear. 29 inch wheels. But look how slim that down tube is. It houses a 650 watt-hour battery. Super compact motor. But guess how many millimeters? 112 millimeters, which
puts it up there with some of the big hitters such as
the TQ motor on the Haibike and rocky mountain bikes. It’d be really interesting
to ride this bike and I think all in all,
pretty good value for four and half thousand euros. We’re in the cargo part of euro bike. It’s just cargo cargo cargo down here. I think Etility is a far
more approachable term for bikes which may be
a little bit more urban. You’re wondering why there’s a
helicopter in the background. That is from Air Zermatt mountain rescue. This is an Air Zermatt E-bike. As you can see, it is fully kitted out. We got two batteries,
we got studded tires, we got all the safety equipment on there. Got the snow shoes. The reason this bike is
like it is, is because if you think about it, there’s no actual vehicular
access to the Zermatt areas, which is why this bike is so critical. Check out some of the other bikes, I think they’re really, really cool. There’s a spotty shirt
there, which is very nice. Come around, look at this
down here, look at this. That’s just so cool, isn’t it? Dotty would love this. I got to get Dotty over here. Good army bike. Got a shovel, this is probably
a good trail-building bike. Wonder if that hat fits me? Maybe not. There you go, Banner
bikes, beautiful range of E-mountain bikes for everybody. Now I cannot believe that
my colleague Brandon’s not picked me up on geometry. I have not talked about geometry and math on this video so far. So here is the Kona Remote
160 and as the title suggests, it’s got 160mm travel on the rear, 160mm travel on the front. Geometry of that 64-degree head angle size large, comes in a 475
millimeter reach features A nice slim one for
someone around six foot. The key thing on this
bike’s got a 435 millimeter chain state, which means
it’s going to be pretty sharp handling in those corners. But again, it all comes down
to what the bike looks like. I think it’s a particularly
nice looking bike. 500-watt hour battery. Shimano, E 8000 motor. Ben-e bikes from Germany
do a whole range of bikes, ranging from 26, 27.5, with different size motors and batteries. Check out this dinky little number. It’s a 20-inch bike. Comes in at about 10 kilos. Now that is really, really important. Lightest kids bikes
I’ve actually picked up. It’s got some neat touches. Got super dinky kid sized
pedals, got disc brakes, got soft grips, got good seat. 250-watt motor and 170-watt hour battery. Not bad for someone who’s 20 kilos is going to use this battery. Looks like steel frame and
comes in at 1,800 euros. Ben-E-Bikes from Germany. Can’t beat the good
smell of mulch can you? I don’t know about you, but
one of the deciding factors when it comes to buying an E-mountain bike is what it looks like. This is Mustache Samedi Trails 74. Comes in this beautiful blue color. Look at that. New Bosch gen 4 motor. Loads of neat touches on this bike. Sorry, need some food. Simplon is brand from Austria and they’ve got a bike
called the Rapcon Pmax. Comes in either 170 front, 160 rear or 150 front, 150 rear as well. Wheel size 29, 29 or
29, 27.5 as is the trend with a lot of E-mountain bikes. Comes with 4th generation Bosch motor, 625 internal battery and
some really good geometry numbers on this bike. Size large comes in a 461 millimeters, it’s got a 458 millimeter chain, which is about average for 160 mil bike. And a 65-degree head angle. In general, I think it’s a
really, really nice looking bike. Plus one thing I forgot to say was, the external battery,
which can bolt on there, to give this bike a huge range. I don’t know if you remember, we covered the Merida
E160 a few months ago. It also comes in a 140mm travel option with that Shimano motor and
of course, that really neat integrated battery. Here’s the range of them. They range from 4,999 euros up to 7,199 with some amazing spec on these bikes. So check out the Merida E140. Always looking for some flying
machines here at the festival and how about this, the Rotwild RC 750 and as you guessed, there is a 750 watt hour battery, which puts it at one of
the biggest range batteries in the show. Load of neat touches including
Rotwild’s own bar and stem. Neat display and of course
that eight pin dropper post, which is integral into the frame. It’s a full-carbon chassis,
got a Brose S Mag motor in it. A top spec as you should
imagine for 9,000 euros. The TQ motor bikes from M1 Sportechnik, the spitting 160mm travel, you also got the Sterzing,
which is a hard tail with 34 fork. If you watched our video
from a couple of days ago, you would’ve seen the new Bobby Root bike, which has got more travel
and really nice spec to it. It’s got 170mm up
front, got coil shocks, got a foxdrop there, full comm chassis, with some really nice graphics on it. Check out the video we
did a couple of days ago. There you go, some incredible
bikes from Day 2 at Eurobike. Bikes such as the G6.1,
G6.2, and G6.3 from Greyp with 700-watt hour batteries. And should I say it, but I
think that E-mountain bikes have overpowered… Definitely more E-mountain
bikes here than there are traditional bikes. And of course bikes such as
the 14,000 euro G6.x from Greyp with electronic transmission,
electronic seat post, carbon wheels, 160mm travel,
60-watt degree head angle, all those big hitting bikes. There’s been loads of big
hitting bikes here as well as the short travel bikes. If you want to see what
else is from the show, check out the video which we
did yesterday, was done here. Meantime subscribe to EMBN
for more E-mountain bikes specific reviews. Plus hit the bell for
notifications on our next videos coming from Euro bikes 2019.

71 thoughts on “The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

  1. I'm a motorcyclist and an ebiker but for me I just can't justify the price of some of these bikes when I know what I can buy motorcycle wise for the same money.
    You can even get an e-motorcycke cheaper lol.
    Do you reckon emtbs will come down in price soon or are they always going to be a luxury many can't justify buying?
    Atm I wouldn't pay more than £3000 for a MTB myself. I paid £2600 for mine and the guy at the shop had to wrench that out of my hand 😀

  2. I need info on the 2020 Turbo Kenovo… only have rumor and my personal hopes for that one… most of those brands never get boought into Australia, and I cannot ship them myself due to battery issues… We cannot even get the Husqvarna or KTM, or even Canyon e-bikes, so the boutique manufacturers never get seen here… Big bike brands – Specialized, Haibike, Merida, Giant, Trek etc are the ones I get to ask Santa for…

  3. Good to see some more of the show Steve but the prices of some of these bikes??? €14k 😆 what planet are they on… also finally OEM batteries getting over 700wh, I’ve had a 750wh made by Unit Pack Power, one of the big Chinese manufacturers, for three years now with my BBS02, totally reliable.

  4. Thanks, Steve, and I'd ask you to make the call–if it is more e-bike than e-motorcycle, sure, it belongs; if otherwise, well, better for a motorcycle show. And I'm all for motorcycle shows–all these shows, really, so much tech and so many innovations.

  5. Yippee! €9999. Europeans certainly have a lot of disposable income. Are all of the frames and wheels made in China? Bicycle components?

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  8. Yamaha seems to be very absent on all these bikes! Only bought by haibike a few weeks ago. After a lot of research the Yamaha motor just about beats the Bosch in most reviewers eyes. Yet it's not featured on any bikes other than mine lol

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    The hype has started, good that I bought my ebike few years back in normal price ~2500k (trek powerfly 7)
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