The Coolest Bikes At Eurobike 2019 Part 2 | Jon’s Unmissable Highlights

The Coolest Bikes At Eurobike 2019 Part 2 | Jon’s Unmissable Highlights

– Now I’m really spoiled for choice here when it comes to my favorite bikes because people always come
up to me and say to me, what’s the best bit you’ve seen so far? So here’s some of them,
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time we put a video live. (digitized booming) Every year that a bike with Shimano on it wins a grand tour, they
have one of those bikes here on their stand and this year
is no exception of course ’cause this is the bike of Egan Bernal, this year’s Tour de France winner, this is his Pinarello Dogma F12. Now, the bike is pretty
much standard really, it’s got nothing on it, totally out of, well unusual, let’s face it because all the parts on there you can buy ’cause that’s what you
have to do, of course, to be able to race in a UCI event. But we’ve got yellow
color coded components and it does look the part. No, but this bike, I’m
pretty sure it’s not actually the one he used during the Tour de France. The reason being, there
is no power meter on it. Yeah, I have looked all over it and there is not one on there. It’s still a great looking bike. Now when it comes to going
fast, it’s all well and good to have some big old quads to
unleash the wattage bazooka, but a fast looking bike also helps too. And an aerodynamic bike helps even more. Of course, a time trial bike, you are normally going
to go quite a bit faster than on a standard road bike
because you’re in such position that you decrease your frontal area, meaning you can get through that wind just a little bit easier. But this bike from FSA combined with the handy work of Vision too, we’ve got something of a
beast of a time trial bike and in a good way. So, we’ve got a disc brake group set here and it is the FSA WE TT version. Now that is actually
a semi-wireless setup, so you do have wires
going from the shifters into a control unit, which
then sends the signals down to the front derailleur there
and also the rear derailleur, which are wired up to
a battery, internally. But the tech doesn’t stop there, oh no. We’ve got a tri spoke on the front there, the Vision Metron 35, which is an absolute
beautiful looking bit of kit. Combined with this Vision time
trial chain set there too. So, of course the chain rings
are mounted from the inside and the sleek appearance of that, I’m just such a big fan of. I wish that more and more people did that ’cause it just looks so cool. Then of course, we got the
Vision Metron disc wheel on the back there and this
bike, I’ve got to say, black bikes always look
a little bit faster. What’d you reckon, hot or not? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Now, I’ve just been
pointed in the direction of this very cool disc brake
road bike from Lightweight Now it weighs just six kilos. I don’t have my scales with me but I do trust the gentleman who told me. The bike itself has a very interesting bit of paintwork on here. Now this paint is said to cost
about 1,000 pounds per liter. Now that is a fair amount, isn’t it? And lets face it, it does
look absolutely great. It’s quite understated but
when the light catches it, it looks brilliant. We got lightweight stem on there and some Schmolke handle bars, saddle, and also the seat post on there. You can look at it, that’s
so minimalistic, super light, of course we’ve got lightweight
wheels on there, what else? We got a SRAM Red group set and some THM Claviculas
M3 cranks on there. Now you can save a little bit more weight because there are some
other cranks out there, a little bit lighter, and
also those chain rings too. You get some Carbon-Ti on there, I reckon you’d save a
little bit more weight and probably play around
with the tires too, but I love this bike because
it looks so basic almost, but in a really cool way. Check this one out. This, I reckon, is so far
my favorite bike here. I’ve probably already said
that so far in this video but genuinely this one is. 20 years ago this one, this
bike here was actually used during Paris-Roubaix by Fabio Baldato. The guy was a pretty handy
bike rider lets face it, I’m going to run through a
few of the basic tech on it because these days riders tend
to use almost standard bikes whereas this one is got
cantilever brakes for a start, so its almost like a cyclo-cross bike. We’ve got a really cool
hanger here which we can put on to the back of the
seat tube for that cantibrake. And this frame set I’m lead to believe, I’m having this really hazy memory, it was automatically welded,
so there’s a welding machine and it just turned the
tubes automatically, meanwhile a guy just simply stood close by and watched it all happen. We’ve got para-suspension
forks on the front, there’s also a brake booster on there too, some of you will remember that but look at what I can only say is a
monstrosity of a break hanger; but on the top if it,
that’s definitely homemade ’cause it’s so rough around the edges. Got a pair of Michelin Axial tires, these are 25 mm wide, 25, all right. Paris-Roubaix riders of today take note, 25 mm you guys riding 30s
and probably 32s even. We’ve got tied and soldered spokes as well on the Shimano Dura-Ace hubs. I do like a nice tied and
soldered spoke it has to be said. Rear cassette, look at that, that’s 1121, pretty sure it’s not a 23 on there. This bike has not ever been
cleaned after the race too. Moving forward the chain set, we’ve got a Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 that’s the model of that
particular group set. It’s nine speed remember? And we’ve got an inner ring
which is not from Shimano, instead, it’s from TA and its is a 46 because in Paris-Roubaix
generally they tend to have quite a close ratio
between the two chain rings so if it was to get
dislodged on the cobblestones the rider is not going to have to suddenly increase their cadence
dramatically to try and keep up. Elite QSE bottle cages, they’re
were an absolute classic back in the day too weren’t they? With their little gel inserts in there to try and keep the bottles in place. This bike is bringing back
all sorts of memories for me, love it, yes! Brompton, a name which is
synonymous with folding bikes and this year at Eurobike
there is more folding bikes than I’ve ever seen here before. This one though I thought
I’d give a shout out. Now, its not brand new. It was launched back in 2017
but they’ve just launched them into Europe and this special blue color is going to be launched in October too. Now this bike does come in
either a two speed version or a six speed version and
has a range of up to 70 km, and now if you want to
know about the battery, it fits into this little
bag here on the front, and it’s a pretty small and
neat looking bit of kit too, just look at that, nice. Now when I think De Rosa, I
think history and heritage and I was quite surprised I
must say, actually at first, when they launched an ebike. Incidentally the name is
literally just De Rosa Ebike, there’s no corum, pininfarina, or protus, anything like that. Maybe they’ll add a name
in later date, who knows? But here’s a few stats about the bike. Well, we’ve got a Bafang
250 watt motor down there and that’s providing about 80 km of riding and the controller is up
there on the handle bar, it’s really neatly done actually, and we’ve got little head unit as well so you’ve got all the battery life stats and also ride details too. All the cables, fully integrated,
you can only just about see them popping out and entering the stem through quite a nice little
unit there on the head tube. The color, oh it’s beautiful isn’t it? Don’t think I can carry
it off, but either way, something you can carry
quite easily is the bike. It weighs just 12 kilos
which is ultra impressive for a road bike like this,
because check out the size of that down tube and the bar tape, well they start at the
top and finish at the end. There’ll be people out there
cursing and they’ll be others saying, “that’s the correct way to do it”. I’ve got to say it does look quite nice when there’s no electrical
tape finishing it off but I always start at the bottom anyway. Now if someone was to say to me, “John would you like a unisex
fold up stainless steel bike “complete with a Campagnolo
Super Record 12 speed “groupset on it,” I
would bite their arm off. And well, I may well
end up doing just that because check this out,
from Moulton Bicycles. Now Moulton Bicycles are
so deep and rich in history one day I do hope to go to a factory tour or something cause they
are pretty local to us in Bath but well I just
thought I’d share with you this absolute feat of engineering. All of the tube work on it is incredible and I love also these cables
how you have to twist them so you basically decouple them if you like in order to fold that bike up. This is such a beautiful
bike and do you know what? That little chamber
right there on the back, you can even put a little bit
more air in there if you like, because this is a full
suspension bike remember? It even comes with a gold chain. I want to spend hours and
hours looking at this, but, well I reckon they’re going
to kick me out any time soon. Some absolute beauties
in there, wasn’t there ? Which one was your stand out bike though? Let me know down there in
comment section below and also remember to like and share
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88 thoughts on “The Coolest Bikes At Eurobike 2019 Part 2 | Jon’s Unmissable Highlights

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