The Chainsmokers – Hope ft. Winona Oak (Lyric Video)

The Chainsmokers – Hope ft. Winona Oak (Lyric Video)

Hope The Chainsmokers FT. Winona Oak I would have walked through fire To kiss your lips Do you still think about it Of what you did? Still see your old aparment Like a bad trip Wish i could forget all the places we’ve been hard and heavy whiskey goodbeys Boy you know how to make a girl cry Was sleeping in a bed full of lies And Now that I’m older I can see why Made me feel high ’cause you had me so low, low low low you owe me some time ’cause you stunted my growth growth growth I only wanted you cause I couldn’t have u Now that I know That wasn’t love That wasn’t love That was just hope (Drop) That wasn’t love That wasn’t love That was just hope Always another bender I lose control I thought I get it back When you came back home to me darling But I never had it, did I Your heart’s a trick And all the magic we felt Was just a hit Hard and heavy whiskey goodbyes Boy you know how to make a girl cry Was sleeping in a bed full of lies And Now that I’m older I can see why Made me feel high cause you had me so low, low low low You own me some time cause you stunted my growth growth growth I only wanted you cause I couldn’t have u Now that I know That wasn’t love That wasn’t love That was just hope (Drop) Cause you had me so low (Drop) Now that I know That wasn’t love That wasn’t love That was just hope Cause you had me so low, low, low You owe me some time Cause you stunted my growth, growth, growth I only wanted you cause I couldn’t have you Now that I know That wasn’t love That wasn’t love That was just hope THAT ONE BLOND KID

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  1. that lyric are really true and amazing , really based on my life , i love my ex so much i was ready to do anything for him i was younger then him , he really know how to make me cry ,first he make to feel so happy like i'm the only girl in the world , he show me his fake love that was so real make any thing to make me fall in love with him and trust him like anything but after that my fairytale ends later he cheated me use me and leave me broken 🙁 , and start dating new girl with the one he cheated , but still i didnt give up on us because i loved him , he came back to me darling and i thought this time manybe he realise that he love me like i love him my fairytale starts again for 8 months but he did samethings again ,know again he is with the same girl , thhe girl with he cheated me before , and girl also cheated his boyfriend for him and her boyfriend was my ex's best friend , god ! i still can't get over it , he left so broken , but i know that was'nt a love that was a hope , that me me feel so speical

  2. Lyrics in mv are written ‘You owe me some time cause you stunted my growth’ but lyrics in description are written ‘ You only seem tall cause you stunted my growth. 🤔❓

  3. I am only hearing Marina and the diamonds

  4. well im absolutley fucked off these song writers have stolen the concept i had in my youtube dance vids before i removed them too bring my subscribers summit diffent and guess what they have fucking copied!!! my special lighting and special effects into their music vids im not gonna let this drop im gonna seek legal action because i use too work so hard on my music vids and them simply stealing my idea is ''actually palguerisim'' this vid of hers will be removed soon. just because i had an amazing fuckingidea of creating illusions and special effects into my dance vids doesnt mean other music artisits have too literally copy my idea wanna see how this goes down in the courts im gonna sue im gonna make my dance vids copyright and my visual art that i put into my dance vids illegal for them too copy me i think the courts will agree, mean while guys im watching this vid in pure amazemant of them copying me sad twats

  5. Now imagine being in their place.

    Trying to hold in your laugh while people pull you by your legs every few moments or so, and having your eyes blinded by those flashing lights.

    It aint easy makin these
    *sips tea *

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  7. i still love this song so much
    i made a cover of it, would love for you to give it a listen and tell me what you think!

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