The Best VR Games Of E3 2019 (PCVR, Quest & PSVR)

The Best VR Games Of E3 2019 (PCVR, Quest & PSVR)

welcome to the Oasis my name is Mike and today I'm going to be giving you a roundup of the best VR games that were announced during e3 2019 or that are coming soon that are well worth keeping an eye on so just like last year's e3 we still have no news from Microsoft about having VR support for their upcoming new console named project scarlet which is a real shame and Sony this year were just completely absent from the show altogether despite that though I still have some awesome PS VR games on this list to look forward to so make sure you stay tuned for that now a lot of the games on this list are launching on multiple platforms and I'll make sure I list all the platforms under each game in this video I've included games that are coming for PC VR oculus quest and psvr and I've put timestamps to everything in the description down below as always I hope you guys and girls enjoy this compilation of upcoming VR games and without further ado let's dive in the first game out of the gates is bone works and this is one of my most anticipated VR titles coming soon it takes full advantage of the new valve index controllers with individual finger tracking and even if we don't get an official half-life VR game from valve Boehm works looks like it's shaping up to be the next best thing pistol-whip is a music rhythm first-person shooter where you can go full John wick mode on a bunch of bad guys to a thumping soundtrack this looks like super hot and beat saver had a beautiful neon bullet hell baby and I can't wait to check this one out after the fall is the latest upcoming game from zombie shooter masters vertigo games it's set in a frozen post-apocalyptic la where you can team up with three other players to take out an undead evil known as the snow breed this upcoming game is giving me serious left4dead vibes so definitely a title to keep your eye on Stormlands has been in the works for some time now and having played it recently at PAX East it shows the extra development time is paying off you can upgrade your Android body climb and saw as you explore the Stormlands solo or co-op with friends to take on the tempest together hopefully we get a release date for this awesome looking title very soon curious tale of the stolen pets is a charming looking game from the developers of apex construct fast travel games it reminds me of the oculus dream deck demo overlooking a miniature world with elements of captain toad treasure tracker from the Nintendo switch this will be available on PC VR oculus quest and psvr loan echo – continues the story of Jack and Captain Rhodes with incredible facial animation and voice acting this is a thrilling single-player space adventure that you don't want to miss if you haven't played the original lone echo now is the perfect time while we wait for the sequel which is coming sometime in 2020 until you fall is a magic infused VR sword fighting game from the makers of I expect you to die players will be able to learn and become the Masters of their martial style in this vivid brawler as the title suggests the game will push you to your limits and death will be inevitable but each playthrough will push you closer to your ultimate goal defector is another oculus Studios collaboration that has been in development for some time but one I'm definitely looking forward to you'll get to become the start of your own action spy thriller where you can take on missions with impossible odds using fun spy equipment and weapons at your disposal hopefully you will get more information about this title soon budget cuts to mission insolvency is the sequel to the original VR sneaked him up budget cuts with its unique teleportation locomotion system this time round neat cooperation are teaming up with fast travel games to add more action based combat utilizing a bow and arrow mechanic with these new tools at your disposal is your goal to stop the evil trans Corp from optimizing humanity out of existence as God's wrath is an action-adventure RPG with a visceral melee combat system touting over 30 hours of gameplay I had the opportunity to play this at PAX East and it's definitely a challenge but in a good way you'll have to learn how to fight effectively with melee weapons and shields to parry attacks and time your strikes accordingly which result in a satisfying and brutal enemy dismemberment this is an oculus exclusive coming in fall 2019 destiny waits for no one not even a god answer the call last guardian onward is one of the premier vr first-person shooters and it's coming soon to the oculus quest is a tactical military shooter where you can play solo or squat up in 5v5 online multiplayer I've previously tested the oculus quest with a gun stock from pro tube which seemed to work fine so I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces in onward when it launches on the quest keep your eyes peeled for more information coming from downpour interactive very soon Echo Arena is an oculus fan-favorite competitive sports game in zero-gravity team up in frantic 5v5 matches where you must glide boost and punch your way to victory being completely untethered with the oculus quest players will be able to spin and move freely to take their game play it to another level no word on release day or echo combat coming to the quest just yet but hopefully we'll get some more information from ready at dawn very soon aspire 1 is an awesome looking stealth game coming to all major VR platforms in 2019 you take the role of a drone operator of the future controlling a VR stealth death machine in secret assignments across the globe you'll use your tactical cunning to eliminate the enemy and you can even use your own voice to tell guards to freeze which sounds like an awesome and fun feature this is definitely shaping up to be the golden eye meets Metal Gear Solid of VR in Phantom you play an elite and deadly operative using a tactical kayak to infiltrate and take down key targets in a single night to prevent an all-out war having played a demo of this recently on the oculus quest I can say the gameplay is refreshing and fun with an arsenal of weaponry within your arm's reach you can choose to go quiet or full John Rambo mode to complete the objective a cron attack of the squirrels is a fun family party game from resolution games one player uses the oculus quest to take the role of a towering tree to protect their acorns whilst the other players play on iOS and Android devices to take the roles of rebel squirrels working together to steal the acorns it's an interesting concept using cross play with VR and mobile platforms population 1 is a VR battle royale game from the developers of Smashbox Arena you can build climb glide and shoot your way across an expansive one square kilometer world with cross play with PC VR and and oculus quest players you won't be sure of online competition I look forward to seeing if a dedicated community of players get behind this title Iron Man VR is a game that I feel like I've been waiting for since VR was reborn you can finally become the legendary Tony Stark and control the Ironman suit in this original Marvel adventure using the psvr Move controllers you can fire up the repulsor Jets and blast into the skies with an arsenal of Iron Man weapons at your fingertips in this psvr exclusive coming soon ever since no man Skye launched in 2016 I always thought it would make an incredible VR game this March hello games announced no man sky will be getting VR support on PC and psvr this summer in a free update called beyond you'll finally be able to live out your childhood dreams are freely being able to explore a galaxy at your own pace on your own or with friends in my opinion this has the potential to be a killer app in VR as the possibilities are just endless in battle wake from Servius you take to the seven seas as a mighty pirate Lord in a rip-roaring high seas avec Euler combat adventure with a twenty mission story campaign mode along with co-op and PvP deathmatch modes there's plenty of content to live out your inner Jack Sparrow fantasies battle Wake is coming to PC VL psvr and possibly oculus quest in 2019 do you have everyone accounted it'd be timed to sexy Sniper Elite VR is the first time the team at rebellion have brought the series into virtual reality sets in Italy during World War two you step into the shoes of an elite sniper tasked with holding off the incoming enemy forces you'll also be able to use the series iconic x-ray killcam where you can follow the trajectory of a bullet as it leaves your rifle towards its intended target there's not many sniper games in VR so I'm definitely looking forward to this one is our slow motion bullet can where you can track a bullet through the air to its target you completely rebuilt the bullet cam from the ground up designed to work comfortably with the VR experience that's something I'm very proud of that we've managed to pull off because that was something that we saw as being a difficulty in the development and it's paint brilliantly it's a whole new level of intensity that you won't have experienced before The Walking Dead onslaught is an official Walking Dead game from AMC and Savio's where you must take on the role of one of the show's favorite survivors to take on the relentless walk a threat in an all new story with visceral melee combat and gunplay this looks like an interesting title for fans of the series and is coming to pc VR and p sv l this fall okay so there we have it guys and girls that's the games that I think are the most interesting which are coming soon or have been announced during e3 2019 but I'd love to know what you guys and girls think in the comments down below which of these games are you personally most excited about and also is there any games that you feel that I've missed that should have been on this list put your suggestions in the comments down below now personally I'm still super excited for storm land but pistol-whip bomb works and after they fall all look incredible too so lots of great VR content coming soon to look forward to leave a like if you liked this video make sure you subscribe for all my future content and as always I'll see you on the next one Cheers [Applause]

43 thoughts on “The Best VR Games Of E3 2019 (PCVR, Quest & PSVR)

  1. 2nd video I've watched of yours, great content, cant wait to buy a quest and then eventually a rift. My pc should be able to handle it no problem already but I've seen so many people say that tetherless is a game changer so I'll go with the quest first

  2. It's really cool that VR is moving into a real platform. My first set is the Quest and it has been an awesome experience so far

  3. The games where it says rift is it all oculus vrs? Like the quest or only for the rift, I'm lost pls help

  4. Thank you for this. I've been looking for a video that was more than text overlaid over video. Serious G4TV vibes here! Thanks man


  6. i am starting to see why Palmer Lucky walked away from Oculus. it makes no sense to me why they put so much money and effort into all these rift exclusives and then replace the rift with the rift s, whose stupid software ipd adjust will alienate a LOT of potential customers. the rift s was a day 1 buy for me had it kept physical ipd adjustment.

  7. PSVR the biggest vr platform… Half the games not there. You reckon its sonys fauly, ps4 not being strong enough or lack of thumbsticks on moves?

  8. None of the games I was looking forward to playing got a page on Steam for me to add to my wishlist (except one or two I had already heard about before and are already on my wishlist) 🙁

  9. Downpour just needs to fix the fucking game before moving to other platforms. It runs badly and is broken in so many ways.

  10. We need a Yu GI Ho game just like in The show with the tournament as a game starter, imagine laying down a card and it becomes 3d in tha hologram arena

  11. I look forward to any new content for my Rift, but I'm getting the feeling of FPS overload when it comes to VR. I want to see more innovation for VR games, I don't know what, but something other than straight forward shooting at stuff.

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