The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide and Seek with Game Master Spy to Trick Hacker! (E3 Laptop)

The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide and Seek with Game Master Spy to Trick Hacker! (E3 Laptop)

– We've got the first of five laptops, we need to get the next one over here. – Yeah, we're meeting Daniel. The second laptop should be over here. – [Rebecca] Look! There's Daniel. – [Matt] He's right there. – Daniel! Daniel! Hey⁠-what? – [Matt] What? What? – Red Hood in quadrant. Stay down. – [Matt] I can't hear them, though. – Matt, you have that listening device. – I'll take the camera. – [Matt] I can't hear
anything that they're saying. – Daniel, is this the location right here? – [Daniel] Yeah, this is it. – Daniel, this is PartyWith. I filmed an Instagram video
here with other YouTubers. Like Caleb, the Merrell Twins- Why are they here? – [Daniel] Oh, wow, I don't know. – Let me transmit this
into the camera right here. – Oh, okay.
– Okay? Here you go. – [Daniel] What's in that pink bag? Oh, they're going inside,
they're going inside. – Okay, we need to get inside right now. – [Daniel] They went in
there! They went in there! – Okay, so they are inside right now but we need to figure this out because it's gonna be
a hide and seek chase and we cannot get caught and we need to get the laptop. – On top of that, they have one of the black boxes it looks like and then now a key to get
the other laptop in the back. – [Daniel] Second laptop? – Yeah, so we might need to split up. – [Daniel] Okay. – Plus, I almost forgot, you guys in the Zamfam
helped us get the password for this, Daniel, because
we lost connection with you. We couldn't hear you say the clue. – Daniel, we're gonna get this point, you go ahead and try to figure out how to hack into this door. – [Daniel] All right, here you go. – Thanks to you guys, we think we found the code in the upside down room Daniel had heard chatter from the network. You guys said that the time in the upside down room was 8:51 so smash that Thumbs Up button because we need this to work. 8-5-1. It worked. I'm in. Hold on. – [Matt] Daniel! Look, look, Daniel's in. – Okay! Hold on, look! It looks like I can just deactivate. – Deactivate? – Yeah, so it looks like we just need to deactivate each laptop. – Okay. This is one of five? – [Matt] One of five. We need four more. – Yeah. – Done. Done!
– Shut down! – We shut it down you
guys, thank you so much! If you guys helped let me know. You held that three-digit code, now let's- – [Matt] Let's go get
the key, that black box, and that other laptop. – Time for a little hide and seek. So before we open this, we're gonna be shouting you guys in the Game Master Network out. Even though the site is hacked, we still know what the
correct quiz answers are so stayed tuned 'til later in the video. Also, new merch is out!
Link in description. Let's do this hide and seek thing. – Whoa!
– Shh! Shh! One went in the blue. Okay, what should we do?
– We might have to split up. Looks like they split up. One has the key, one has the box. What do we do? – We're gonna have to all split up. – Yeah, we need to get both. We need to get the key and we need to get the black box because we don't know what's inside. It could be something for E3. – All right, it looks like we're gonna be playing
hide and seek again. Give this video a thumbs up if you think this is a good idea. – I really hope this does
not turn into a chase like at FUNBOX.
– Me neither. – [Matt] Close the door. – We're splitting up. We all need cameras so
that we can document. – I'll take this one. – I have this one here too.
– Oh, great! – Okay, so where do we meet
up after we get everything? How do we know? – I guess we meet up in the back right by the pier. – [Daniel] Right in the front, right in the front. We need a like a call, like when we both have the two items. We need to know, like. Something? Cuckoo? Maybe? – [Daniel] You have the one? – Like that pitch. – If you hear it's not, okay? Everybody got that? – Oh, no. I- – Okay, okay. – All right, so Daniel and I
are going to look for the key while Matt tries to get the black box. Look you guys, this room is so pretty! – [Daniel] Whoa. Oh, oh. – [Rebecca] There's the key. – [Daniel] Oh, they have the key. They went left. – They went left you guys. How are we gonna get
the key off their hand? – [Daniel] I don't know, we're gonna have to trick them somehow. – If you have any ideas, let
us know in the comment section. Let's go. – [Daniel] Rebecca, watch out! Oh! – Daniel! – [Daniel] It's just your shadow. – This is the thing, look! – [Daniel] Oh, that's really cool! – I guess you don't watch my Instagram because I did a video. – [Daniel] Oh, sometimes I'm
too busy hacking I guess. – I'm going after the Red Hood right now, I think she's right around the corner. This is kinda wet. She's in there. Okay, that was really, really close. We need to find that black box. – So hopefully Matt found the Red Hood. We need to find the Quadrant. Go! – [Daniel] Where? Where? Where? Where? Rebecca. Oh! – [Rebecca] We need to distract him. I'm gonna throw this ball. Hopefully Daniel's okay.
I'm gonna do it again. – [Daniel] Oh! Oh! – We need to help Daniel. All right, so it looks like
we're split up right now. We need to get that while
Matt gets the black box. Comment below where you think
the Quadrant is right now. – [Daniel] Whoa! Okay. Okay. Lost him. Lost the Quadrant, but I
need to go check on Rebecca. Rebecca! Rebecca! Rebecca! Hey- Red Hood! Red Hood! Oh man. Red Hood. Red Hood's right there. – Do you hear that? Is that the Red Hood or Quadrant? The Red Hood! Oh no. – It looks like the Red Hood is just right around the corner here. I think they might have walked away. – That was so close. Matt! – Daniel! – [Daniel] Red Hood's right there! – I was just following her. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. I don't know where Rebecca's at. – Okay, we gotta find the
box, we gotta find the key. – [Daniel] Oh, she's right there! – Okay, Matt! – [Matt] Did you find the key? – No, we haven't got it yet. We tried to trick her but it didn't work. – [Daniel] Yeah, she saw
me and I had to run away. Turned into a chase. – She went over this way, do you think? – [Daniel] She went
that way. I don't know. And the Red Hood went around that way. I don't know where they're at. – Okay, I'm gonna go this way right here. Why don't you guys go
the other way over there. – We'll take that one,
and then we'll meet up. – We gotta find the key and the box. – [Daniel] Okay, good luck. You're going that way?
Matt's gonna go follow. Let's go this way. – Yeah. We're gonna go
back into the flower room. They might be in there. – [Daniel] Okay, I'll go
a little bit further past, see what I can find. I could go over here. That's a really bright room, I don't know if I wanna do that. – [Matt] Okay, that looks like the box. That's the box! Where's the Red Hood? Comment down below if you
think I should take the box. I think I should take the box. This seems too easy. 3-2-1. – Is that Matt? – [Matt] Oh! No, no, no, no! I got it, I got it, I got it.
– Matt? – [Matt] I got it! – [Rebecca] No! Matt! – Did you guys hear that? – I got the box! – I think the Red Hood is chasing him! – [Daniel] What was that? I don't know. Look at that room. That is really cool. I think I'm gonna take a
quick selfie in this room. I know we're in a chase, but I think I wanna take a selfie in here. Look how cool this room is, guys. I know we're in a chase right now, but I really want to take
a photo in here. Look. 3-2-Cheese! What? Oh! Red Hood! Rebecca! Rebecca! – Oh my gosh, what did she say? – [Daniel] She said that she
needs to get the black box. I think Matt might've got the black box. – Oh my gosh, so now
all we need is the key. What else did-? I only heard a little bit. – [Daniel] I think she called
the Quadrant over here. – We need to hide. They're gonna be here. This is our opportunity to trap them. – [Daniel] How are we gonna do that? – There's two sides of the rainbow room. If they go inside, one
of us can go on one side, distract them while the other
gets the key off their wrist. – [Daniel] Oh yeah there's
mirrors on both sides! They'll be confused. Great idea. – Let's just see. We have to stay hidden. Which way are they coming in? Okay, so now's our chance. Daniel, do you want to distract them? – [Daniel] Yeah, I'll distract and then you've got to sneak around. Make the Quadrant kinda twist around. – Okay, you're gonna have to do that. I'm gonna have to just grab it. – [Daniel] Okay, sounds good. Go that way. 3-2-1. Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here, over here, over here! You've got it, you've got it. Go! – Meet me in the flower room! – [Daniel] The flower room? Okay! – Okay! – [Daniel] Flower room,
flower room, flower room. – You guys, we have the key. We just have to get- No! No! No! Matt! Daniel! – [Daniel] I got it! I got it! I got it! – [Rebecca] Run Daniel! – [Daniel] I got the key. I got the key. Gotta hide. Rebecca, I got it! – Oh my gosh, okay. Where's Matt? – [Daniel] I don't know where Matt's at. – Matt, you have it! – I've been hiding in here for a while. – [Daniel] Oh man. Okay,
so we have the key. – So we have the key,
we have the lock box, we don't know what the code is. Did you hear the Red Hood say anything specific for the code? – I didn't hear anything. We know where the laptop's at, right? – [Daniel] Yeah, now that we have the key. You said in the back room? – So we don't get trapped? I think I need to go up front and create, like, a distraction. I'll make a lot of noise. You guys go try to get
the laptop in the back. Okay? We cannot get trapped. – It's the most important thing. This is the second laptop of five. If we get all five, we
can save our website the Game Master Network! – Let's do this, guys! – Here, the key. We're looking for a place with a key. He said the back room. – [Daniel] The bathroom? – Maybe that's the only
place that had a key. They had to hide it there. It doesn't fit into this one. – [Daniel] Try the far one. – It worked. Look, look! Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, right here. – It's hacked! Okay, so we need to get on the screen. You're good at hacking. – This is a really strong
encryption right here. – Yeah, last time it had a password. – This one's giving a hint.
– A hint! Okay, what's the hint? – What time to I wake up at? That's a clue, and it's from the Red Hood. You guys remember what
time she wakes up at? Maybe 8:00 a.m.? Try that. – Well if I put in the
wrong one, I don't know, I don't want to enter stuff and it get, like, completely lock it down. Wait! – Yes! I know what you're thinking. – What?
– Clue, right? – In the escape room that
was one of the clues. – We need you guys to go to that video and remember the time. There was a time in the escape room and it said when she wakes up. That might be this password! – They're trying to find
the laptop right now. Let's figure out exactly
where Red Hood is at. We need to create a distraction. Hey, do you guys want the lock box? C'mon, this way! – That's Matt. I'm gonna take the laptop. – We need to go. Maybe they trapped him,
we need to get out! – I got the laptop. Let's go! – Make sure you guys find that password! C'mon! – Here we go, here we go. Hurry guys! We better hurry! They're right here, they're right here! – Hold the door! Shout out to you guys in
the Game Master Network that scored 100% on the quiz. If you want to get a shout
out on the next video go and do it even though
you know it's hacked. We know the right answers and- – [Matt] Are they coming in? – Turn notifications on and check out the video right here. – We gotta get out of
here. We gotta escape. 3-2-1. Go!

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