Super Fast 45+ MPH & Affordable RC Car!! JLB Cheetah – FULL REVIEW

Super Fast 45+ MPH & Affordable RC Car!! JLB Cheetah – FULL REVIEW

Hey guys Ben here from Authentech,
today I’ll be giving you my full review of the jlb cheetah remote-controlled car
it’s a 1/10 scale off-roading buggy racing car that truly flies at crazy
fast speeds and is a ton of fun to drive it’s seriously one of the most fun toys
I’ve had in a long time oh and the price is only $265 which is
really good compared to the competition in the box includes everything you need
and best part it’s fully assembled simply drop a few double-a batteries
into the 2.4 gigahertz remote fully charged the four thousand milliamp hours
light bulb battery a full charge takes about 4 to 5 hours there’s a powerful
brushless waterproof motor inside cranking four-wheel drive
I found a fully charged battery usually lasted a long time between 20 to 30
minutes of drive time depending on how aggressive you’re flying around oh and
top speed holy smokes this little cheetah was accurately named this baby
hauls I strapped an old phone running a speedometer app to the top with some
duct tape made a few passes and the top speed was clocked in at 45 miles per
hour it is so fast you can literally see in here the tires are fully expanded as
it races across the ground the hydraulic shocks are amazing even flying across
sand and all sorts of terrain it handles like a beast there’s front headlights
which not only look cool but are really helpful for determining orientation at
far distances durability is impressive too I’ve been driving everywhere for
about a month now taking a ton of flips and tumbles and it still keeps driving
strong no broken parts at all the only minor issue I had was two different
times the two wheel nuts have spun off and the wheel came off thankfully I
found the nut full-time screwed it back on tight and haven’t had any more issues
now I really think RC cars are making a major comeback prices are coming down
while lipo batteries and brushless motors are making these cars crazy fast
and fun to drive anywhere big youtubers like dude perfect and Roman Atwood have
been driving around their tracks as RC cars and there’s just a ton of fun you
can have with them now huge thanks to gearbest for sending me this cheetah 2
review as I mentioned previously price is only
265 bucks and when you compare the speed and specs to other companies the price
is very good I’ll give you a link to it down in the description let me know what
you guys think of these RC racing cars in the comments and if you haven’t
already hit that thumbs up and subscribe button if you want to see more videos
like this until next time live authentech

100 thoughts on “Super Fast 45+ MPH & Affordable RC Car!! JLB Cheetah – FULL REVIEW

  1. I would not call it affordable, it’s not expensive in the RC world(it’s pretty expensive comparing to stuff in real life) but it’s also not cheap. It’s more “BUDGET!”

  2. Vortex 1/18 scale a979b truck and a959b car buggy have a 540 or 550 motpr and go 40mph up to 43 mph and cost 60 70.00 dollars

  3. can i modify it? like make it faster. the speed I want is around 80mph and this truck is perfect and ill.order 2 for my 2 nephews . but 45 mph is slow for me as I will be using it too but if i can add updated parts I'll buy this and the parts to uprate it from you tomorrow. can u send me a link to your site pleaae. thanks kasar

  4. I have had my cheetah 2 weeks and it’s not durable. First the servo arm stripped its self out, the. The pin came out the drive shaft, then the bearings ruined themselves, the the drive cup snapped. All this has happened and I haven’t done any jumps.

  5. This isn’t an entry level car for most people but there are sub $100 cars that aren’t as fast as this but they are durable and fun.

  6. I used to think it was strange how he said only $265, but I guess it’s cause most RCs are over $300.
    A Traxxas slash 2wd costs $260. This one is $270 and is 4wd. Ive been snooping around the RC market for a while. Hard to find a real brand for under $300.
    But I think he should find a cheaper RC. He’s not an RC channel, so his target audience is going to be a bit younger.

  7. How does it hold up in winter , snow conditions and drying it ? I feel at winter would be hella fun with all the trampolines you could build

  8. The closet car to this I could think of would a chinese clone feiyue fy03 desert eagle. They can be had for about 80$. All the parts can be replaced. All the suspension can be had it metal replacement.
    Has 2 modes " kids" and "adult"
    It's crazy fast.

  9. It’s now been over 3 years since this was released. I was in love with this thing right when I saw it but never got it. I watched the video over and over again. I finally started to count and I counted around 200 times. Still don’t have it but dreaming of the 120a

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