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– We have a special bike here. This is Steve Peat’s Santa
Cruz 5010 CC Pro Bike Check. Specifically built for
Sea Otter Dual Slalom. (upbeat techno music) So we’re going to start off
with the heart of the bike. It’s the frame, it’s a large. He’s a big guy, he normally
runs an extra large, but this time he wants
that extra manoeuvrability, flickability. He wants it to be quick, fast and nimble. So he’s gone for a large frame in this. Again, full carbon, carbon
front and rear triangle, it’s a Santa Cruz and I love this colour. It’s red, it’s gorgeous. Right, when it comes
down to the suspension, the sponginess of it. He’s running Fox front and rear. On the rear here we have travel-wise, he’s got a 130 mil of travel. And on the front he’s got 150. But the special thing about
this, is the orange forks. This only goes to the special pro riders. Right down to the oily, nitty
gritty part of this bike. And that is the drive chain. Super aggressive, not built for climbing, but built for speed. It’s Shimano Saint crank arms on the front at 170 mil to crank arm length, with a 34 tooth sprocket on the front. On the rear, very small cassette. This is a Shimano Ultegra. That is a road cycling cassette. A lot of downhill riders use this, because it’s small and compact, because you don’t need the
huge dish for climbing, it’s all about speed. He’s got a short cage derailleur here, Shimano Saint. Going on to the wheels,
these are very, very special. Full carbon, ENVE M70, deep dish rim. Built on a Chris King blue hub. Right, the cockpit of this bike, it’s super wide, it’s too wide for me. These bars are non-cut, they’re 800 mil, because he is a big man. But it’s minimalistic, front brake, rear brake,
shifter, no dropper, one setting on the seat, done. Right, we’ve got Steve Peat himself, with his bike. Yeah, they do build them
like steel in Sheffield, don’t they? Right, there she is. So, brand new, how old is this bike? – She’s about a day old, this one. – A day old. – Just rolled around the
street on her, that’s it. – Candy red, yeah. So you’ve built this bike
specifically for Sea Otter, for what event? – Yeah, Doug Hatfield built it for me at Santa Cruz last week, and brought it here for the slalom. – For the slalom Up there, up there.
– Just up there. Dual slalom, classic. – Okay, so you’re racing dual slalom? – Yep. – So people wanna know, what
pressure you’re gonna run in your suspension. – Um, don’t know yet, I
haven’t messed with that. It’s only a day old. – Yeah, right, okay. – I’ve just been rolling around,
but I’m gonna make it hard, probably put the rear on
lockout, so I can get through the trails.
– (laughing) Get through the trails. – And I’ll run the front pretty hard too, so I can just, so I don’t
really wallow in the turns. Run it hard, keep it set up. – Yeah, yeah. So you’ve gone for a super
aggressive tyre setup. – At the moment, yeah, but it’s dry. – It is, so you’re gonna run a– – It’s the sun, it’s drying it. – It’s not like England, hey? – I’ll run quite hard
pressures in the tyres too, because I push corners quite
hard, and usually roll a tyre, so 2.1 bar, maybe for this one. – Wow. And that in psi?. – Does anyone work in bars these days? – I don’t know, that
2 point, so that’s 40? – I go to a lot of bars. (both laughing) Yeah, 2.1 is probably 31, 32-ish. – I see these Crankbrother pedals here, they are super different. I haven’t seen these pedals before. – New ones. – They are the new ones, look at that. – Well spotted, mate. – Yeah, I’m a fan of Crankbrothers. – Yeah, these are new
mallets, just came out. Me and Greg had a bit of input into helping them design these. They’ve got nice little
rock-strike thing there, so you don’t bang the rocks as hard. – Oh, yeah, yeah yeah. – These plates, you can move these plates. Put different heights of plate in, so you customise it to any shoe. – I love the Chris King hubs, in blue. – They’re blue.
– Again. – They’re blue to match
the colour of that. – [Host] Match that and your spacers and your ThreadSet. – We don’t mess around this, you know. – No, you’re not. – It’s all gotta match and look cool. – Yeah, no, well. – Had to spend a bit of
time yesterday myself, the decals on the frame
were a minty colour, and the orange and the
mint clashed a little bit. – That’s a few too many colours. – So I took the Sharpie out and, well I put stickers on the
downtube, but I painted, painted over the 5010cc there. – That’s full custom, so
no one else has got this. – With a black Sharpie,
done by myself, done. I was shaking a bit, too,
so it’s not, don’t look too closely at that. – Okay, and then what are these things on your valve caps, man? – Oh these, these are pretty special too. – What are those? – They’re red, to
obviously match the frame. – To match the, yeah, but what? – Look how easily this comes off? – Ah! – It’s a push on. – It’s a Diva. – Dee-Dar. – Dee-Dar, oh yeah, Dee-Dar. – Nobody knows what a Dee-Dar is. Do you know what a Dee-Dar is? – No, what is a Dee-Dar? – You should ask the
viewers what a Dee-Dar is. – What is this guys? – Not everyone will know. – I don’t know what it is. Mr. Steve Peat, thank you
so much for showing off your bike, it’s super pro, man, I love it. And good luck in that race. Good luck.
– Cheers, mate. – Right, and if you want
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