She’s in Love!

She’s in Love!

how’s it going guys
today is gonna be an exciting day gonna finish up another one of my projects
this time around it is the 2001 XR 80 this back here is my girlfriend’s bike
we’ve been working on it over the past couple months – it’s a powder coat
cerakote work just going through rebuilding everything so she has a nice
bike to ride not gonna lie this thing is pretty rad I wish I had a pit like this
nice but today I’ve got some cool parts the bolt up on it to finish it up and
then when Haley gets home from school I’m gonna surprise her with it
should be pretty cool let’s jump into it alright alright here’s what we got set
of tusk aluminum handlebars the stock ones were steel and a little bit tweaked
so we’ll be nice to replace those we have a tusk aluminum gas cap cnc
anodized a tusk shifter tusk clutch lever some IMS foot pegs these will be
super nice when I decided to go and take a burn on that bike and a new front
brake cable the one on there was pretty crusty by the way all these parts were
from Rocky Mountain and I’ll make it easy on you guys and link everything
down below in the description let’s get to work now I’m comparing the new
handlebars to the old set the new ones are a little bit wider Haley’s a pretty
small girl so I don’t want anything too wide on there so I’m gonna have to trim
the new handlebars down to match the old ones once you’re done trimming you want to
take a file and clean up the burrs on the end of the handlebar by the way the
bend on these handlebars is the ATV sport Bend it’s the only thing I could
find that was close to the stock XR Bend but these were about four inches wider
so got them all trimmed down let’s see how they look on the bike got the bars all centered up and
tightened down but man that is looking good with those black bars black triple
clamp and the bronze port cap really liking that next step is going to be to
get these controls mounted up on to the handlebars see works so much better with the new
cable so I’ve got the cable adjusted to where you can barely hear the shoes
start to hit the drum and that’s where you have the brakes the most responsive
and then whenever I replace the cable I like to throw lube in it this is the
cable lube or I’m using as well as the cable loop I’m excited to see how the
clutch pull is with this tusk lever I think it should smooth it out quite a
bit give it a try ooh it’s a little bit smoother not quite
as smooth as I would have hoped so I think I’m going to try the lever off my
125 so the lever off to 125 didn’t really make too big of a difference so I
dug into it and found a couple things that made a pretty big difference so now
it’s pretty smooth you can one-finger it pretty happy with that so what I ended
up doing was lubing the cable even though it’s a brand-new cable and then I
made sure is routed nice and straight and then down here at the clutch arm I
adjusted the cable up here so that way it puts this arm at a better angle and
then I ended up taking the clutch cover off and greasing up right here where the
arm goes into the clutch cover and then I pulled two other clutch Springs off
and trim two coil off of them so all that combined made quite a big
difference couple setup tips with the clutch when
you pull the lever you don’t want it sticking out past the bar I need to move
this one in a little bit the reason behind that is when you tip over and
your lever hits the ground first that is the first thing that’ll break and then
something I did with this lever Haley has pretty small hands so I ended up
bending the lever in a little bit so it’s easier for her to pull it in and
then you don’t want to tighten these bolts all the way notice there’s a
little plastic sleeve in there that prevents the ports from breaking so when
you crash the perch is gonna pivot on the bar like this I need to tighten that
up a little bit more and then for clutch cable slack you want to have about the
width of a quarter in between the lever and the perch
so right there is about good and one more thing the further you go in with a
perch on the handlebars the easier the lever will be to pull because you have
more leverage now all that’s left for this side the handlebars is the kill
switch the grip and there’s a little boot that goes on the lever check out what we got next these are
going to be a huge improvement over the stock shifter and pegs check out the
difference between old crusty rusty here and the new IMS peg that’s a big upgrade
I know Hayley will be excited because she said it felt like she was standing
on toothpicks with these stock pegs now we are ready for the gas tank and this
thing looks brand-new thanks to that seracote trim code I used
on it stuff works magic all right now for the fun part let’s get
this old crusty cap off of here and see how the red tusk cap looks fits good and
I think it looks pretty good too I’m diggin that on there I think it adds a
lot so now we are pretty much just missing plastics now normally I would
replace all the plastics on the bike but with this bike being a 2001 plastics are
getting a little bit hard to find now and besides that these plastics are
decent shape they’re not all cracked up or anything just got scratches and
whatnot so I’ll be covering all that up with graphics anyways but before I do
that I’m gonna knock off some of the tops and the scratches with 600 grit
sandpaper that way they don’t show through the graphics
I love VBR but we got to make room for the new graphics sometimes all the glue
doesn’t like to come off with graphics so we all do us take the old graphic dab
it on top that glue and I’ll peel it right off after a bit of sanding we are
now ready for graphics and I’ve always found it easier to apply the graphics
with the plastics on the bike looking pretty fresh but this thing is
way too plain so I’m gonna start with the front end first the number plate
graphic as well as the front fender we wiping everything down with isopropyl
alcohol before applying the graphics for an end is looking pretty sweet
everything lined up great on there good thing they didn’t put Halley’s a last
name on there you know what I mean so now it is on to the shroud
I like to rip off a little piece of the backing to handle the graphic with that
way I’m not touching the graphic directly with my skin everything lined up great with the
shroud love how that’s looking on there and now it is on to the funnest graphic
of all the right side plate this thing is tough because it’s got so many curves
in it but the heat gun will be our friend on this one so I’ll start by
lining up the hole first make sure it’s gonna line up up top here this one’s
gonna fit crispy so we’re the highest point on the side plate is I’ll check
that down right there just kind of split the side plate in half all the way up
I’m gonna give this thing some heat dear those turned out so sweet
laid down really nicely either I’m getting better at graphics or these ones
are just super easy to install to finish up this side we’ve just got the swingarm
graphic along with the rear fender all righty let’s finish her up we’re all wrapped up with graphics and I
couldn’t be happier with how these things laid out and how they look on the
bike I know hey leaves me pretty excited about them too so these were done by
attack graphics and this company right here I will link them down below in the
description now the very last thing we have to bolt on the bike is this
beautiful seat get this thing up on there and I really love the hole in the
cover there I think it completes the look of this bike so what do you guys
think now I’m just messing I got a new cover for it let’s get that thing all
set up on there got an all black seat cover also from attack I’m gonna get
this old BB our cover off of here and get stapling just notice that whoever
did this cover use like really narrow staples and they all pull through the
cover so this thing was pretty much just hanging on there with a few staples so
you want to use something wider like these ones here ah man this foam is in pretty rough
shape not something I want to use but Haley was hoping to ride the bike this
weekend so I’m just gonna have to make it work for now the sink turned out quite a bit better
than I expected considering how crappy that foam was when we started can’t
really even tell that the phone was that deformed so yeah it looks pretty good
let’s get it on the bike and get everything all finished up really love
and how that black seat looks on there it goes good with the graphic theme and
just the overall appearance of the bike but didn’t really fit the best up here
due to the foam I’m gonna fix that later down the road but overall yeah the bike
looks awesome love how it turned out definitely the coolest XR 80 you’ve ever
seen I grew up riding these bikes so it was pretty awesome to bring back the
memories with a build like this I think Haley would be equally excited about it
so let’s go grab her and see what she thinks babe come here for a second I know isn’t
that crazy you want to go rip it tomorrow and get it dirty alright let’s
hit it okay it’s safe to say role really excited
with how the XR turned out and I would recommend you guys stay tuned for the
next video you see on the channel we’ve got something really really special
coming with the XR so that pretty much wraps up the 80 project we had a ton of
fun with it Haley’s pretty pumped with it she’s got
something nice to ride now and now we’re on to the next project which you guys
will see in the coming weeks so till then keep it Prime you

100 thoughts on “She’s in Love!

  1. 1:44 tip for ya Cam… I use a pipe cutting tool from the hardware store when trimming down bars / posts etc. cleanest, straightest cuts ever!

  2. Hey Cam. I have been working on my crf230f….I put an ebay exhaust and header on. The header has that lump in it – like a small expansion chamber or something. I think I could really use a heat shield of some sort. Can you recommend a generic one that will work with this kind of header pipe? I know I need it because I fall off a LOT and end up under the bike….and that pipe is damn hot!

  3. I can't believe how amazing it looks 😍
    Congratulations on your engagement bro!!! I'm truly happy for you and Haley, much love, my best wishes ❤

  4. U should make a video on building a powder coating oven big enough so you can do a frame!! That would be so sick cameron!

  5. I noticed on the peg upgrade that the wider Peg brought it closer to the shifter I don't know with the boot if that's going to be something that might require an extended shifter just throwing it out there. Bike looks good though bro as usual great job!

  6. Another great build… Might be worth looking out for old plastic in case of any breaks… As you said it's getting hard to find and that would give you some repair spares…
    Next wanting to see Haley ride out some trails with you..

  7. Congrats! Why don't you use water and soap for installing the graphics? It makes it a much easier job, especially for centering it on the plastics

  8. Epic build my brother keep them coming and can't wait till the next video how was the track maintenance coming along

  9. Turned out sick Cameron it is the best xr80 ive ever seen like your misis comment oi fancy love your videos mate carnt want untill she rides you should ride your cr250 at the same time hurry up want to see the vid now lol anyway love what u do excellent builds always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Congratulations guys…. you’ve been through a lot, the pair of you… you have some well deserved happiness coming your way. Enjoy

  11. maybe a vintage big bore for your next project. get some dirt and rust in your life.
    great content interested to see where channel goes next

  12. I totally picked up on all those queues my guy, the last name, the next video being huge with the xr80, the next project, she is the next project and it’s totally cuffing season and you’re dropping the question with the xr80 hahaha so freakin stoked for you!

  13. Looks nice .. Now all it needs is a Powroll 116 cc bore and stroke kit .. Ported head .. Hot cam .. and bigger carb..

  14. He cameron, great build man ,have bin folowing you for a long time now ,congrats on the wedding plans bro , you guys look great together ,greets from belgium , Eddy

  15. Hey Cameron,
    Off topic question for you. I bought this Orion RXB 250
    I bought a china KOSO 32 mm carb for it…do you have a suggestion of what jetting I should start with (pilot and Main jet) I don't want to burn it up. Thanks in advance and Congrats on your engagement !!

  16. Astounding Work, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

  17. Not gonna lie I got scared when he was putting on the ripped seat cover I’m like your joking right thank gosh you were mate

  18. Yet again excellent job Cameron, you have great talent and I learn so much from your videos 😀 you have inspired me to do my own projects and learn as much as possible about motorcycles 😀👍 I am planning on buying a KTM EXC-F 250 Enduro bike. I currently have a YZ250f but I want to get into Enduro more, keep up the vids and best wishes to You and Haley from England 🇬🇧

  19. Cameron I’ve always found it easier to use windex, squeegee and a heat gun to put on graphics. The windex helps it move around and the squeegee to get bubbles out.

  20. Remember 2019 my friend. The year you kicked cancers ass, finished a dream bike, and (I'm assuming) getting engaged!?! Keep on winning

  21. I e installed alot of graphics. Seemed like u were using too much heat while installing. Making the graphic too flimsy. Some graphics are installed using water to lay the graphic in place and all the water sheds out when later down. But bike looks great bro .glad ur in good health and congrats on the engagement man. !!! Way to be

  22. Looks great !!!!
    Put a 💍 on her finger and seal the deal.
    You guys make a GREAT Couple:)
    # 1 Fan From Pittsburgh
    Gene 😎

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