Scootering at GIANT Woodward Camp Skatepark!

Scootering at GIANT Woodward Camp Skatepark!

Bigger bars off Makuta gah get the bars off. I figured you had the biggest bag so you can put yours in there first Okay, sound like gonna throw up. Oh, okay. These one is a huge one Yes, sir. Jerry’s brother Why do we have all this stuff in the car today? Well today RG and I are cruising up to Woodward west We’re gonna be spending the weekend over there for the Woodward winter camp now This has all sports in its mountain bike BMAC skateboard scooter all of them Yeah, all of them the only bad thing about what were it is it is not close We got a three three and a half hour drive ahead of us. So Let’s get to it We had to make a pit stop because we’re not used to this look at those freaking snow in Hesperia You know, you’re in California when you’re wearing a muscle shirt in the snow Oh snowball fight Oh that thing is cool. I like that Damn it. Well, we just seriously worked so hard to get here Hungry Howie’s our subway That one snow spicy mine is not nearly as exciting as Ryan’s is – pepper eggplant bone bacon Brian’s looks like you got onion jalapeno and some bell pepper. Click the card who does pizza better and sorry My lens is really dirty, but we made it to hatchapee. We still have to get over to Wofford right now So we’re gonna eat this really fast get some fuel and then straight over to where we go. Yay Ryan glued the lens we made it out here We were here at the gorgeous Woodward west garage the mini ramp right now right now trying to get warmed up There are a lot of people here right now. It’s all like bikes skateboards scoots mountain bike There’s all kinds of different sports here right now. I believe they said there’s like 300 ish people here We’ve got a few scoots in here on the mini ramp. So let’s get a sesh You turn down and the front scoop Whoa Always crossing the street without looking a lot of you guys aren’t over. I have some crazy seed injuries He hasn’t done one in a while. So he’s gonna one-up this threes right now. We’re here get the side Adults are talking but All right Are you okay? Rolled it out. Get it look like yeah my left heel still bruised – so then feel that great. Hey, let’s go preach the clip That looks so neat soon as you got in store, come on yeah, boy when you can’t be coming in here with a flavor chain acting like you ain’t got some in there, you know, they Got the fees. Oh the bar. Oh I get that Lynch for me. I’m gonna do my very best to get your back TV’s got that Lynch right now second go The bar is okay. He’s getting cocky now That was a little nerve-wracking, but I’m glad you’re okay. Thanks my man That’s fire. How much other guys back on that Lane shit’s not gonna work mom I tried but I don’t have like the swag that he does but I think I have to do a line into it because I’m diggin way too much about the actual trick. So let’s try that Alright, so let’s try quad feeble glare and then Lane We will Blair and in Lane Wow Ron I’m right there with your lady flat No No, that’s not goin are the first one was embarrassing how you see me pay no attention to the knee patch You’ve got that style. That’s just like oh so easily done sticking of someone today round two. Hi, baby What’s that we should steal this I might need a little bit more description That thing – I go sit down yeah, I’m sick and tired already Oh, you gotta get him five now Oh my god, you’re not just lying on that Hi well after that line we’re moving spots, okay, it’s cold outside, right? So we go get sick, but we have these We’re gonna teach you guys how to make yourself some emergency art Jesus that’s actually pretty cool Hey know that challenge where people do like the kick thing No, it’s just so we’re clear it goes yeah, so I have to go We got it, give me a kick just do a quick test run I Know I tried to do it the first try Boys Okay back to serious this year, yeah, all right back to raise vitamin C school so you’re gonna get your packet This is a cheap version of emergency because I don’t wanna buy that all ones because I am NOT down. Oh, it’s already open oops First you pour the emergency in a dry cup You can put it in the cup with the water in there If I do it this way because it mixes it a little bit better put the emergency in the cup or vitamin C Are you gonna call do not put a full glass of water in there? Here is why because You’re not supposed to you put a little bit cuz this stuff doesn’t necessarily taste so good So if you fill your whole cup, you got all kinds of nastiness You have to drink maybe just put a little bit in there. It’s like a shot. It’s no problem. Ah That’s actually pretty good about your cup will bubble. Oh God, chill out. Not that much. You gotta let this stuff bubble You got bubble. Let it bubble until it’s done bubbling and then when it’s done bubbling is done bubbling trust me. It makes sense Don’t that would have streaking done it so this is that YouTube thing I ever did you? Jesus Even you’re the nasty one. You feel it. Now. Look at now lookee here Let me explain exactly why I only put a little bit of juice in mind. Not a lot of juice Look at Ryan’s got a lot to drink. I only got that much mine’s quick It’s like a band-aid like a scab the Ryan’s is gonna bubble a little bit more. Mine’s pretty much done Those you guys that don’t know what emergency is is basically just like a packet of vitamin C and it keeps you from getting sick And right now it’s six season. We don’t want that put sugar in You mind zoos in a circle. Thursday comes gonna do old fashioned way. Oh I’m spilling why is it sticky everywhere? Jesus good, sir. Cheese may choose night Yeah, I’ve got say the same thing that’s not bad no go quick quick quick None do better All right, so Ryan, and I actually just got back to the hotel room We were actually out for like two hours riding and we filmed such a fire in to edit with this here camera right here Which I will explain what this is to all you guys within the next couple of days do not worry I won’t give too much information away, but make sure you guys watch out for that instead It will be up, you know tomorrow the next day also So watch out for those I’ll be plugging them for sure first date. Where was a definite success Hopefully you guys enjoyed today’s video and do not forget to tune in tomorrow for what we’re day. Number two But until then I’m out here

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  5. How come in Illinois it’s 60 degrees yet in California There’s actually snow? At this point I think it’s global wacky weather

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