Rockshox Pike, Lyrik, Yari…What’s the Difference???

Rockshox Pike, Lyrik, Yari…What’s the Difference???

What’s up, guys? Jeff here from Worldwide
Cyclery, and today we’re going to go over what the difference is between a Rockshox
Yari, Lyrik and Pike. Let’s get into it. This
one actually sounds better than those Hey guys, Jeff from Worldwide Cyclery here. You may have wondered what the difference
is between Rockshox Pike, Yari and Lyric forks. They all look pretty similar, as you can tell
they have some subtle differences to them and we’re gonna get into that today. So
I kind of want to break this up a little. The Pike itself. You can kind of consider that
one as different from the other two. The Pike is probably one of the most versatile forks
you’ll ever see out there. So you see these things on cross country bikes, you know carbon
hardtails with 100-120 mil of travel all the way to a 29er with 150 mil of travel. That’s
kind of more like an enduro bike, so a Pike is a pretty versatile fork, they put them
on a lot of different bikes. They all have 15 mil through axles; 2018 they’ve got two
charger to two damper, 27.5″ or 29″ wheels So a Pike is kind of like a do-it-all
— you see it all over the place like I said, from a carbon hardtail all the way to an enduro bike, 27.5″ or 29″, so a pretty versatile fork. It’s lightweight and amazing — my
favorite Rockshox track fork by all means. Like I LOVE the things! I think they’re
probably the best Rockshox has got out right now in terms of a do-it-all sort of fork.
The Lyrik and the Yari are for a little bit of a different crowd, so these forks come
in longer travel ranges so they go from 160 all the way to 180, the Lyrik just being the
more expensive one. So Lyrik and Yari, you can look at these as maybe enduro, free-ride,
park forks because they’re only long travel like I said 150 to 180, so longer travel single
crown forks. The Lyrik, since it’s the nicer one, has the charger to damper; the Yari has
got the motion-controlled damper so that’s kind of where a lot of the price comes into
play. A little bit different materials on the Yari so it’s gonna be a little bit
heavier than the Lyrik, but these two forks they’re for the longer travel bike — all-around
aggressive stuff — so they both do a 15 mil axle just like the Pike.
There was a lot of controversy over that when these two forks came out. There were a million
comments on Pink Bike and the other forums about why on earth Rockshox didn’t put a
20 mil axle on these forks. I think they should have as well; I kind of agree with the crowd
on that one. So because they’re a longer travel fork like this, they tend to go on
bikes when people want stiffness. One of the main differences between these
two forks and the Pike is that they’re a little bit heavier — not just because they
have more travel. Even if you look in the same travel range of a 160 Pike vs. a 160
Lyrik — what’s the difference, right? There’s a lot more meat to the actual cab magnesium
lowers, and the reason they did that is to stiffen up the fork. So forks flex a lot whether
they’re flexing backwards or flexing sideways. They do have flex to them while you’re riding,
especially if you’re riding it hard, hitting rock gardens, jumping it and drops. Don’t
that sort of stuff is where you’re gonna see more flex in forks, and the Lyrik and
Yari have a lot more meat to the lowers to stiffen things up.
So the next step in making it even more stiff would be to do a 20 mil axle. So again, I
don’t know why Rockshox chose to stick these things with 15 mil axles — or at least chose
not to give us the option — but they did. It’s still gonna be a stiffer fork than
a Pike. Whether your going to notice that? Probably not. Depends on how big you are. I’m a smaller
guy at 150 pounds and I can’t even tell the difference; they’re a little bit heavier
to me, I mean I can’t get these things to flex. They both feel rock-solid to me. It’s
a 35 mil stanchion all across these three so I don’t notice that. However we have
plenty of customers who DO, you know some guys that are racing enduro at a really high
level who are heavier guys who cause more fork flex than your typical rider. Those guys
love the Lyrik because of how stiff it is. So that stiffness is what’s adding to the
weight, and that’s part of what draws certain people to the Lyrik. If you’re looking at
the same travel range that a Pike comes in, you know another reason if you’re looking
at 180 mil travel, you obviously kind of have to go with the Lyrik or Yark because the Pike
doesn’t come in that, so that stiffness adds a little bit of weight. It’s just more
meat to the lowers on this thing. Those are kind of the key differences there.
So Pike is your do-it-all, almost-can-do-everything on tons of bikes you’ll see Pikes on.
You know they go from like 100 all the way to 160 as far as travel, whereas the Yaris
and the Lyriks go from 150 to 180. And again, the stiffness is the main thing. The Yari
is just the cheaper version of a Lyrik, it’s pretty simple. They’re very similar in design
and look, and the amper is gonna be the main difference between the Lyrik and
the Yari. And with that, price is a major factor.
We’re gonna drop a link to our blog post with all of this information,
and you can look at all these aspects side by side as far as pricing, weights of the
different sizes, 27.5-29, all different travel ranges — all that sort of information. That’s
important stuff to look at; price is a big thing. The Lyriks are more expensive, the
Yari is a cheaper version of the Lyrik, and the Pike tends to fall right in the middle.
So that’s kind of the differences between these three forks; which one is right for
you depends on the bike you’re building. Pike is a pretty go-to fork for almost any
bike. If you really want something for longer travel you’re gonna need a Lyrik or Yari.
When I say longer travel I mean like 160, 170, 180 — that’s when you’re gonna
need a Lyrik or Yari. Or if you’re a bigger guy and you really want stiffness, if your
bike’s got a 150 travel fork on it and you’re thinking about upgrading, you could go with
a Pike or Lyrik. Lyrik can have a stiffer chassis to it. So those are the main differences
there, and that’s about it for these forks. Forgot something! If you guys liked the video, subscribe/like/comment/share it/whatever!

95 thoughts on “Rockshox Pike, Lyrik, Yari…What’s the Difference???

  1. Great stuff….. I would've loved to see the new Revelation in the mix too. Is that a 2018 Transition Smuggler behind you?

  2. I have a 150 yari on my Trail bike and i love it ! Easy to Service and rock solid ;D
    Came from an old 32mm Revelation that was flexing like hell 😀
    Nice vid keep it up 😀

  3. I have an older Lyrik because of the 20mm axle, wrong move for Rockshox's. I think fox really did it better when they give you an option of 15 and 20mm axle on their 36's.

  4. Im actually trying to get an airfork for my hardtail, at least a 150mm travel one. Its ok? Can anyone hook me with a fork ;D?

  5. That was fucking pathetic- the differences that you mentioned is the travel and price, any idiot could point that out. There are quite a few technical differences you fucking bonce.

  6. This stuff is as expensive as premium Ohlins motorcycle suspension that's on factory team supercross race bikes… Yet it's not anywhere close to as beefy or as technologically advanced…

    Adult bicyclists are a special breed! 🤔🙄😂

  7. Well it comes to the price aswell I've got lyrics on my whyte G 160 RS and yea thought about there flagship pikes and settled for the lyrics and maaaaaan I'm soooooo happy with them,,, beautiful and saved yea loads,,,,

  8. Torque caps provide more stiffness than a 20mm axle. So rockshox opted to standardise the option of torque as opposed to 20mm axle 👌🏽

  9. Knowing the differences was easy in the 90s. There was mainly Quadra and Judy. Judy was better than Quadra for reasons that were easily explainable. Now such a big line up with just slight differences between some models.

  10. Sorry for nitpicking, but one day bike mechanics may talk to a machinist and get messed up. A "mil" is not a millimetre. It is a thousandth of an inch, so if you buy a "15 mil" axle, you are purchasing one that is 0.381mm thick. That would not be much fun.

  11. Guy just repeats himself a lot –
    Missed opportunity to explain difference between Motion control and Charge dampener???

  12. This was super super informative, would it be possible to have you go over the differences between the Manitou forks? thank you very much!!!!

  13. I need some advice. I have an Orbea MX40. I want to change the fork for something lighter and a fork that is not coil suspension. My problem is the head is 1 1/8" non tapered. I've been looking at forks online but I find it slightly confusing also most of them are for tapered headed frames. I don't have a lot of money and the fork that is on the bicycle is 100MM so I want something that is 100MM or 120MM no less than 100MM.

  14. So what’s the difference in ride performance? How do they differ in adjustability?
    If I have a Yari as standard on my bike is there any point changing to a Lyrik or Pike?

  15. Hi there! I already have a pike but it's being performing quite bad perhaps it got a hit that closed a bit the angle and now it doesn't move smoothly. The thing is I wanted to buy a yari and change the cartridge for the rtc3 of my pike. Do you know if that might be possible?

  16. What's the difference between a yari with a charger 2 upgrade vs a lyric? Also new oem Yari forks and revelation 35s can come with a new charger rc damper similar to the grip damper from fox with a spring backed ifp

  17. Thanks for the comparison. I have 150mm Yari. I'm wondering whether having a lockout will help on climbs. I've had some climbs where I could use help. If so I'm thinking about replacing my Yari with a Pike.

  18. If you were only after 160 mm travel , how much difference between the pike and the lyric ? Are there any other performance issues besides stiffness ?

  19. I have a pike on my stump jumper, but it has a blackout decal look and I can't find it anywhere else. I was told it was debonair and it has 12 positions of COMPRESSION dampening. Do you know anything about this fork?

  20. You can tell the Yari is cheap, 2018 170mm Yari came with my TR Patrol and I personally don't like it. It's harsh and "dumb" when things get rough. The 160 Pike on my hardtail is great though! You get what you pay for.

  21. Could one change out the boxxers lowers to the Lyrik or the Yari to make use of the 20 mill axel? They are all 35mm stanchion sizes.

  22. Love the Pike. Just put a set on my NukeProof Scout XL…transformed it into a BEAST!
    I was so impressed with my first ride ever on the pike rtc3 140mm that I immediately bought a second set for my Ragley!
    Great info, as always. Much appreciated!

  23. Bulls Copperhead 3 rs. Magura Mt7. Lyrik RCT DPA – 29 inch- 180 mm – tapered – 15QR x 110 – 2018 – remote

  24. I bought a marin san Quentin with a revelation debonair 130mm on it. To me it feels a bit clunky and after riding a mates bike with a fox 36 150mm was keen to change to one aswell. But before i do can my shock be upgraded to 150mm and as plush as the fox? Cheers

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