43 thoughts on “Road rage: Suv vs. motorcycle

  1. I hope i remember to keep my cool when something like this happens to me. All I'll say is shit like "yeah you're a pretty boy yeah, yeah ima kiss you till it hurts baby yeah. Ima love you so much" just to see what would happen.

  2. Well in all honesty I would have turned the bike off, gotten off and confronted him . If he touched me I would go for him . It's all on video and it would be classed as self defense .

  3. He ain't fucking shit that guy on the car has to do anything with u fucking answer he's asking the same damn question over and over he's fucking nothing dumb go

  4. I would have been like dude I got a helmet also had to hand combat you will not win so either you must got a gun or knife so what you want to do

  5. I love how these bikers (or in this case: Mopeders) think that every move somebody makes on the street is to deliberately piss them off. This dickhead was passing every car like they were standing still and people in front of him are supposed to know his every move? They guy in the van was changing lanes until he saw this moron barreling down on his ass so he thought he was getting out of the way by going back to the center lane. So the tough guy on the moped starts with the hands in the air and the attitude. One of these days somebody will have a gun. Just drive normal and mind or own fucking business. Nobody's out to get you.

  6. i ride with a glock so that window won't stop shit act like you're trying to intimidate me you make me in fear for my safety and im not asking not questions im making sure i go home

  7. simply, you use the impact triggered explosives you just happen to have on you, and you blow him and your self up.

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