Review de la Polygon Xquarone(subtitles) – El sistema de suspensión de Darrell Voss!

Review de la Polygon Xquarone(subtitles) – El sistema de suspensión de Darrell Voss!

After 6 months riding this bike Today i´m going to give you my honest opinion about another enduro bike that claims to climb like an cross country bike and go down like a downhill bike. Finally we are going to talk about the Xquarone Let me make a clarification about one of the few things in which most cyclists agree about an enduro bike If it descends very well, it doesn´t climb as well And if it descends bad, boy it climbs well! We are going to keep talking about this in a while. For now let me get out of the subject shortly Someone saw the movie Iron man? The man of steel?! Iron man, in a little while, built a f*cking futuristic suit in a cave Darrell Voss isn`t Iron man And it took him 20 years to develope this bike But, unlike Iron man, Darrell Voss exists! Uncle Darrel is is not worried about saving the world He is worried about.. Said in his words; putting more butts on bikes. He said that, i didn´t! The way uncle Darrell is going to achieve this is by making full suspension bikes that work well To do this he is not focused on rear shocks Probably you know the huge variety of shocks that we have And the endless discussions on social media about “coil vs air” What he wanted was to make a better suspension system A better mechanical system Something like “let´s go back to the basics”.. And make this sh*t better To make this happend this guy inserted.. This guy inserted a stanchion.. with the diameter of a dirtbike fork.. inside the swingarm.. to make a rail! Then he added a few links and science that only a guy that has been developing the desing for 20 years would understand Really nice rail, but what about the shock? Nowadays cyclist invest thousands of dollars to change their shocks going back to the past putting springs and tune and tune to keep tuning.. On the other hand uncle Voss called the shock manufacturer and told them.. “Lower the shocks tune.. and remove the lever that makes the suspension system lock” Please! If after 20 years developing a design.. Uncle Voss calls me and tells me that he wants a shock with no tuning and no lock lever.. I will say “You got it!” Let´s stop beating around the bushes and let´s answer the question that someone might have Does this sh*t work? I was planning to campare this bike with the last bikes i had My trek slash with a “split pivot” system My banshee rune with “vpp” Or my ns snabb with “fsr” In the mean time i had the opportunity to test a few other bikes and i´m going to stand for what i´m about to say.. I´m putting most suspension desings in one category and leaving the xquarone in an other I consider that there is not too much difference between the current full suspension systems Instead i thing that there are rear shocks that are better tuned than the others but i do consider that there is a marked difference with this bike because it doesn´t ride like the others This might be strong and radical to hear for some sensitive people But if you where searching information about this bike probably “strong and radical” was what you were going to get As a general rule, if a bike is sensitive and progressive (good at descending) it climbs bad I´m not going to mention brands, but these are the classic bikes that ride with the propedal activated so that the rider does not get his energy and blood sucked On the other hand, if it climbs well it probably does not have a very sensitive beginning of the stroke so it doesn´t descend as well so riders change or tune the shock for it to behave better I´m not saying that these bikes are bad, modern bikes are more capable than ever But there has always be a trade off in mountain biking´s history This bike has 180mm of travel front and rear it´s 20mm away from being a full downhill rig I have climbed in a downhill bike equipped with and enduro transmission And i sweated blood Don´t ask me how, because i don´t know but this bike climbs better than any other trail or enduro bike that i have ridden in terms of comfort and efficiency. It´s not about the shock locking out it´s a very minimal anti-pedal bob that kindly pushes you while you still have 180mm of fully active travel all the time to float over bumbs -feels so good -it almost doesn´t kick your feet You literally float, even Valentina said something about that in a video.. it´s like.. i don´t feel anything.. -Thats the same impression that i had Sometimes, when we climb the “Durazno”.. which is a bike park.. with lots of trails in the holes.. I started to realize, that they where all commenting on how bumpy the trail is.. And in this situation.. I have to keep my mouth shut.. because i´m a really emphatic person.. you know.. i share their pain.. i can´t tell them that i don´t feel a thing.. because i´m riding a couch! When you are at the top of the hill you don´t have to unlock (the shock) because you never locked, the bike has no lock, i just told you that uncle Darrell took it off! Drop your saddle, shift your gears, point the bike down and hold yourself on! (Bike technique video on Patreon) -this sh*t accelerates! -It accelerates a lot! The biggest differences that i felt when i started riding this bike where 2 the first is that i didn´t feel the need to lower my ankles as much because it doesn´t kick your feet as hard and the second one is that i didn´t care too much of what was happening under me So i was looking a little bit more ahead Meaning that i was anticipating myself even more Meaning that i was going faster Meaning that i was daring the laws of phisics.. and death! The swingarm of this bike doesn´t stop working It works when you climb It works when you descend It works so much and so hard that it should have it´s own paycheck! Saying that you feel nothing in your feet is an exaggeration But we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.. It´s a bike that accelerates over rockgardens Turns pretty good And has good bottom out resistance Hallelujah It´s the first bike that i have had in years with which i haven´t had the need to choke the shock with tokens! And after these 6 months I can say that it has endured everything I threw over it For now i´ve been talking really good things about the bike.. And some of you must be thinking that i´ve been bought Slow down boy! I´m not for sale and this bike is not perfect So now we are going to talk about the bad.. the hidden.. the things that nobody has said anywhere else (setting) Yes, in my opinion the suspension system works really well but everything has a counterpart Do you remember that little detail about the tuning? Apart from detuning the shock Darrell Voss himself recommends you to fully open low and high speed compression and fully open low and high speed rebound Basically he says open everything, set sag to 25% and go for a ride I did that and i was scared to ride a bike like that.. Testing it in the parking lot is just a little different than getting on a trampoline And riding slow over bumbs i could behave more like a catapult Logic says that lack of rebound and compression damping means lack of control but that curiously happens only at low or very low speeds If you have a shameful “catapultazo” It means that you are riding under the minimal speed of this craft Rigidity A lot has been said about the rigidity of this bike In my opinion this frame flexes, not excessively but if you want to feel it you are going to feel it and maybe someone noticed that on my fist ride i already felt it I´m a fan of stiff frames but with this bike we get along at least One of my biggest fears with this bike was to land really hard a big jump But at the end of the day the bike was still in one piece and i had forgotten about my fears I would love to see an improvement in this point and i think that this is achievable by making a stronger link that´s my humble opinion lol Geometry My god the geometry.. This bike is size extra large and it´s shorter than my last large bike It´s in fact shorter than any other large polygon As i told you this bike has been developing for 20 years And apparently when they started producing them they kept the geometry of bikes that where 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 10 years old? Uncle Darrell or polygon.. if by any chance you are watching this video.. Please update the geometry! Adaptation Something that might was only in my head but i had to adapt to was the fact of being riding a bike with a fully open catapult shock Oddly enough the bike felt stable on the ground and in the air despite having a fully open shock Until this date the bike has not played a trick on me When i meet people on the trails, there was a question that came up more than once For the sensitive people They ask me “Germán, do you miss the ns snabb?” I´m not a person that is attached to material things because i think that is insane So rephrasing the question a little it will be “Germán, do you feel like riding a “normal” bike again?” And that´s a really good question I am a guy who hallucinates with innovation and new technologies Every time i design and create something (homemade camper) when it´s ready, i already know what i could have improved or which procedures i could have changed to make it more efficient I like things to work, and to work well, and to be simple and to last a long time This bike is a piece of technology that in my opinion does what it claims it does The riding of this bike stand out of the bike standards that we have today and that´s why i putted it in another category I think that they solved in the simplest way the hardest aspects of the design referring to the rail And after 6 months riding a lot the bike took everything with no maintenance at all I´m happy i was the guinea pig for this model I´m a fan of the bike´s suspension system because i believe that it makes a more efficient bike So the andswer is no, i don´t miss my old bike that does not take away the desire to try other bikes, but i want to ride this one the most Is this a bike for everyone? In my experience not everybody is open to leave their comfort zone and try new things But i think that this is a bike that will make you smile more than once if you are willing to try it From a basic riding level to whatever you want to do with it But don´t take my word, at this point i´m not the only one who has ride one of this things in Chile This bike is something else bro it´s really good seriously, it´s like a couch, very soft and.. It actually climbs very easy What the F this thing? Where is the rear wheel?! it´s impressive that you don´t feel the rear end The suspension “sucks itself” and it accelerates down as fast as F The rear end feels good, it´s something like, as Germán says.. this sh*t is no myth, the sh*t is glued to the ground Really soft, like a cradle, you feel nothing Besides the bike, i consider that Darrel Voss is a genius and a dreamer that made the best bike he possibly could A guy that stands behind his ideas so bad that i rode somewhere That he was risking his job to proof his point in the develop of a technology that is now a standard on almost every bike we ride From my point of view is admirable and i´m not saying this because he is almost 6.5 feet tall and i want to look good to him i´m saying this because there are not too many people that follow their dreams as this guy If you made it to the end of this pretty long video.. i would give you a like! If you have a friend that would like to know more about this bike, share this with him! And subscribe to the channel to keep waching this kind of videos. See you on the trails! Stop stop stop! Can we agree that the polygon is better than the ***?! Eh! eh! eh!

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