Rebuilding My Dirt Bike Track

Rebuilding My Dirt Bike Track

Hey guys, it is springtime here in the northwest And you know what that means time to tune up the dirt bike tracks got the pit bike track back there Big bike track is behind me over there So pretty excited to move some dirt around got the handy bandit shovel out here called the skid steer And that’s what we’re gonna be playing with today Just frickin knock my head on the top of this thing good start Alright so basically what we’re gonna be doing out here on pit bike track is Just freshening it up from winter time and then we’ve got a few sections that I want to change here I’ll take out that kind of single there Change this dragons back section and do like a step-up rebuild the tabletop Make that tabletop a little bit bigger. Just I don’t know a bunch of changes. It’s crazy I built this track probably four years ago, and it’s still in really good shape. Nothing’s really to write it out I mean granted it’s a pit bike track a little bit of ruts over here and whatnot But yeah, it’s crazy how little maintenance a pit bike track takes So we’re kind of running out of sunlight here Ended up finishing up this little table top, but I underestimated how soft it is out here still pretty muddy Should have waited another a couple weeks before I dug into this stuff and then over here pretty much got the single out of here and the Dragons back turning this into Kind of a step up. So the takeoffs gonna be right about here and Gonna reuse the landing here. Just smooth it out All right So it’s the next day and we’re dealing with a little bit of rain today on top of the muddy soil We already have here gonna be a little bit tough a little update for you guys finished up the take off to the step up Smooth out this little straight section here Freshened up the bolt turn hard to beat the look of that man. This rain is a relentless today. It just will not go away So I finished up the landing to the step-up. It’s a little bit short. I may have to move it back a little bit and Then got the bolt turn done Freshened up this little jump. This berm is all ready to go. And I think what I’m gonna do over here is Everyone always goes to the inside on this corner doesn’t really use the burn much So I’m gonna make the inside a little bit off camber kind of like this right here So that way it kind of evens out inside versus outside We got a little bit of camber going on in this corner, but this dirt is not cooperating with me today Oh you like it We’re definitely making some progress now Got the face of the tabletop widened and shaped Landings all finished up that bull corner is all prepped now all I have left Is this roller section the little rhythm section here? I’m going to freshen up the berm and then there’s a far kind of rhythm section over here I don’t know what I’m going to do with it quite yet So I thought I’d jump on here and show you guys how exactly I’m getting this roller section or like this whoop section smooth out So I’m gonna start at the very end and go backwards This button here is the float button So basically that floats the over everything and you can do pretty much or you can do quite a bit with this boat but here so I’m going to go with the Fucking basic down not completely vertical a little bit of tilt to it That poor button Reverse and I’m a drag dirt until I got to Start rolling the bucket back to pack that there try and pick it up a little bit Smooth it over Back over the ruler I’m gonna tilt the bucket – like I would say 3/4 of the way Vertical to drag the valley Load it down in the pocket Over the roller Back gotta go pretty slow the machine for this so that way to catch up and doesn’t drop the dirt in the pocket Looking good This is probably one of the harder things to do is build a nice consistent set a rule or a whoop section At the pockets the top Like the basic concept of making a ruler section obviously starting from scratch takes a little longer rebuilding on Really isn’t too hard once you get the role in hello Figure it out now if you didn’t want to Pick up the roller. What you could do is turn the bucket to like three-quarter vertical Just blowing it all the way through and i’ma pull dirt from the valley and the cooler and I’ll smooth everything out And the more vertical you go with the bucket like this the border is going to pull So I like to go about 3/4 vertical We’re not pulling Jewish dirt out of the valleys, all right now for smooth me on a bull turn I like to start at the center of it I’m gonna go up to it drag it and then work one way like this and then the other way this one’s going to need a little bit of Help on the exit it keeps pushing out. So I’m going to drag it back in and The entrance looks pretty good. I’m going to try to shape it or Less than the angle on it, then it’s angle is pretty sharp right now Other than that, it’s a lot about using the float as well gonna be using the float on this and this back dragging it down So this berm started to push up or kind of blow it out at the top and a lot of the dirt came down So I’m gonna scrape that dirt back up pile it up and then shape it and drag it back down And I always like to go over the back side of the berm get the bucket over the back side to float it and Then roll it over the top to try to pack it in. That way. Does it get blowing out quite as easily? If you pack the top of it in the backside of a little bit That helps maintain the integrity of the berm So now I’m gonna work this way I’m gonna finish this side of it and then I’ll do the entrance of it That’s a lot of dirt on this one if I get behind float it roll it over Down and I want to get to the bottom. I like to tilt the bucket or roll the bucket like this So to make a nice slope down so basically, what I like to do is get the drift piled up and Kind of in the shape that I want and then I’ll go through and fine-tune it like make sure it’s all Uniform after I get all the dirty in place. I don’t miss really Picky about How everything looks we had like an Mart, you know building a a track is basically a heart to me So this entrance is a little bit Too far out. Someone try to bring it in a little bit that way it actually winds up with the table here. So I think I’m gonna want some more dirt to Film the bottom here that way it doesn’t roll the water doesn’t sit right there and then also to bring this verb out To go scrape a little bit from the field Seems like we’re gonna have a little bit of hockey here or so Might have to add a little bit of dirt in this corner that way it’s not smooth and then like a pocket right here You want it? So it’s consistent all the way around You generally want your entrance and exit a little bit more sloped or less looped I should say because you don’t need as much much of a Bank Compared to like in the center you wanted more slope that way you can carry more speed and on the exit or entrance It doesn’t matter as much because you’re not you really using that Bank quite as much How we get less slope is by tilting the bucket or on the bucket forward like this well it And that gives us a little less slope Any other half of this burn really quick Shouldn’t really take much Sun too bad shape. It’s usually we exits that get blowing out So now that I got the majority of the corner Built on the noose of fine-tuning looks like the middle that needs a little bit of work and The inches looks good the exit it’s kind of a sharp cutoff So I’m gonna drag that down a little bit and ease the transition into the tabletop Pretty frickin sloppy out here right now Thankfully, it’s just this one corner Rest of the tracks in pretty good shape. So we’ve made quite a bit of progress out here got Pretty much all the sections done So we’re gonna be building a big single here. It’s gonna come down into a little double. I Just want to switch up the section a little bit. It’s been the same section for you a couple years now, but Yeah, I just wanted to add some elevation out here Getting a little crazy out here got a hail storm This is insane now the dirt come along pretty good All righty guys, it’s a couple days later finished up the track build It’s pretty good for the most part didn’t get it quite as perfect as I would have hoped You can see a lot of this mud. I already dried up So I can go ahead and touch this thing up a little bit later on But yeah pretty pumped how it turned out. It should be a lot of fun later on so as soon as I heal up from this little surgery, I had the other day just had surgery on my Chest and neck here this little spot here. You’ll see me out here ripping The 110 on the track should be a lot of fun and I think we’re gonna put together a video for that too And if you want to see more track build videos definitely let me know down in the comments section I’m gonna get a dozer out here and work on the big track back here. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun Hope you guys enjoyed this one. I’ll see you guys soon

100 thoughts on “Rebuilding My Dirt Bike Track

  1. So sick! Keep up the awesome work !🤙🏻

    Imagine if u made ur tracks public and charged 20 bucks for open practice I’d drive from Texas to rip up there

  2. Yes more track builds please. Planning to start my own track down this month down in tri cities wa. Heal up buddy thanks for the content!

  3. Bro, I write from Russia, with the help of a translator ))) I go for the 250, thanks to your channel completely through. Thank you very much, you did a great job!

  4. Been watching you a long time the track builds are great ! I’ve been working on a couple of tracks myself so really digging your videos

  5. Was the surgery to have you lines removed. I had the external ones and my mates called them my PlayStation leads as there was three and colour coded

  6. Yet another great vid from u love your content keep up the hard work and glad all the stuff that happened in the past is over and ur new track looks mint and to top it of you’re just an all round guy 👌🤙 and stay strong don’t let anyone tell u u can’t do anything chase you’re dreams and never give up 👍

  7. Absolutely bro I love building a track it's so much fun and the end results are always the best part

  8. Discovered your channel while working on my 400 EXC a few weeks ago, and I've been bingeing your videos ever since. You're obviously very skilled in several ways and I love your work ethic and determination. Hoping to swing down from BC up here sometime in the future – I'd love to buy you a beer, given the chance. Learned a lot from your videos, keep it up Cam!

  9. Wouldn't you know… two days after posting my comment there's a Tusk rim on the way to my house from Rocky Mountain ATV I love the power of social media !!!

  10. Love the track building videos. I'm pretty jealous of the land you have, even though i live in SoCal and have many tracks within a short drive. I'd love to have my own track to rip my Alta MXR on.

  11. 😊 good to see man! Motivates new to rent a machine and get my little track freshened up for the year

  12. @Cameron Niemela So i have a problem my dirtbike engine mount bolts are seized in the aluminium and i have tried nearly everything do you have any solution to it?

  13. Definitely hands down one of the best YouTubers ever. Your attitude to life is stella. Much love from the UK

  14. Awesome skills Cameron.
    It's like watching an artist painting a picture, but your "brush" is a frikkin' dozer.
    Stay Strong.
    Regards from S Africa

  15. Subtitle has swearing at 6:20 if you are bothered (it's mistranslated 'bucket' – only one letter different). I thought you'd want to know. PS. I wish my skid steer had a float option.

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