Prueba KTM Duke 200 | Review en español

Prueba KTM Duke 200 | Review en español

Test KTM 200 DUKE | Test Ride with Blitz Rider
The younger sister of ktm duke 390 and greater than the Duke 125 but in the same way with the same chassis and brakes Bybre this is the predecessor of the new acutalizacion the Duke 200 and 390 2017 will come with all the below year with a very similar to the design Superduke1290
Test KTM Duke 200 | Review in Spanish
The KTM 200 Duke is a standard motorcycle or “naked” made by KTM and sold in most markets worldwide. iene engine single-cylinder, four-stroke, spark ignition and liquid cooled. Gearbox is six-speed gear ratios and operated multi-disc clutch cable. The bike has an underbelly exhaust and silencer with three chambers situated near its center of gravity.
Test KTM Duke 200 | Review in Spanish
The Duke 200 is manufactured in Bajaj Auto Chakan plant in Colombia India.En is being mounted by the company Auteco SA in Argentina, it is being mounted by the company Simpa SA since March 2014.
Test KTM Duke 200 | Review in Spanish
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2017 Hello such friends youtube welcome another new video as You can see today we are here Duch by testing 200 2003 How is this in this pearl you see those 88 Vinceti or beam that it tea is very good friends that deprived him have is an engine of 200 meters inti and six-speed cubic but we have a very special motor because it is a fact or see double tree of any cams will realize that no small displacement bike has a dual overhead camshafts or if any are Very counted the only bike I remember currently have dual overhead cam is the CBR 250 and that are already He gambled a little larger but something that makes this bike so special about 26 to 8,000 horses and 19 Newton Metre 10,000 although one 200 cm of the most efficient engines I remember so far if not that the most efficient of 200 centimeters cubic of course talking about a 4 times a street bike is electronic injection and cooled by liquid which gives us a very good efficiency we could say that is up engine competition racing remember that ktm 100 enduro engines is strong and good obviously have a very good very strong and very powerful engine As for the front suspension we have a very good suspension 43 mm I think he has resisted and 41 Imagine what good suspension has good brand w for those who do not know the brand that mark suspensions for motorcycles ktm enduro It is obviously very good for this If we do not have any parameters that we can properly regulated fixing changing liquids suspension and is good to start invested in a motorcycle of this engine has invested extension the rear suspension also have a double blow but realize is a huge spring very unusual and here we see also here We have the catalyst and the exhaust very centered a steel chassis multitubular which it is lightened and something characterizes KTM and many also have a rim 17 inches front and rear but we have a forward rim 110 the only detail that the meeting or it really is very relative cmr they are finding a faith that already had them I do not like that much but hey that leaves us open to We can get a very good good quality but the measure is terry alex excellent and you can get the higher-end tire we can find and we will see good side brakes on the front Tamen temos a 300 mm it which it is very big a caliper radial anchoring also very good with lines by bre steel because I’m already competition gentlemen in that part I want to see This tilting is aluminum is cast aluminum super strong because we can see the structure of that It is also a detail that makes it look well apart from that it is very light in the rear have a tire das 17 inch 150 mm width which is too wide to be 200 230 mm disc which is very very big almost all sports They bring only 601,000 since 9220 because this bike imagine another line 230 people because it is a bike a there is little more that for the city where we can abuse more brake rear obviously the best swings calipers brakes for small displacement bikes and a detail that no one had account is that it has patch cords steely or more lines steel can abuse them over this case the hose is not going to expand then that tells us is a motorcycle say a little more a new aspect of slogan ktm remember that it is a motorcycle of these stick it to a low competition displacement believe me that is not engine and you You can do a lot and has a lot technology already has a good engine and the components are very good and quality is very difficult to improve both therefore also it justified all price is worth and what they give is good that if you bring a sports bike I would choose one of these on and day that for the city This time right now costs 60 000 weights some will seem expensive but if They realize all the technology We have the quality of the components so the bike that really worth this bike weighs about 129 kilos it which it is very little apart from the seat is 800 millimeters although he It is a bit wide of this part and not I get so easy to say the floor however to be very light as there It imported because we can move very very easy and ponds of about 11 liter so because we are going to see How are you good friends are here on the proof let me tell you it feels good ‘When moving feels very light at the same time to doing as with inertias It is like that It is so balanced how do you feel you have to like that work a little more to overcome Tire inertia own because in chia chassis it is very very light then really temptation limit will have very very good good feedback but let’s look to be a zincs and it feels good few times we forget is not as light I want to reset their voice against Powers is how reaches the imitator first he came to 60 according to 83 but would account was very fast so for 200 key that has very good engine and see what brakes tell them that on the curve and I like the feeling is not like my favorite since it is a bike that would taste a little sportier on the curve however this bike is so comfortable that You can be in it I think the whole day although success if you feel a little harder than normal little hardier and position handling the feel good we go with fully grades stretched very relaxed although the leg position and feel a little more just if we go with the legs a little shrunken that It has to see how you feel after a few hours and much of which is a very balanced bike is very light then that allows us to accelerate their bitch but they saw a while also something interesting is that although the engine is a single cylinder us sounds like conventional bikes a single cylinder and gives you a sound It is totally different as that Special sound of It does not sound like a re 15 or something any other bike of a cylinder but that if you listen totally different which also means is that the I read lighting is I mean the directional and rear both board and controls but the front the external front focus is the e3 is a bit average I feel good it is not so powerful to see high not high feel they are very high because I do not feel so light up as well I would put some led normally it is not required so much strength to a rear tire normal, but in this bike and we have a very wide rim if we require a pin a little this suspension largest tam tam now apart from not only be resurrection is that you have fun much better cushioning and that we can be more sudden braking if we had a region a little more you thin as I say it is 43 mm only the high-powered motorcycles have their pensions I mean width of the suspension front then imagine we have a good good engine components reveries brakes have a bike very light then great that this bike I It qualifies as a motorcycle prize and prize because not only for the price but by the quality of the components we are giving this bike was created in conjunction fences and ktm well I mean the engine remember ktm go owns 45% I it seems if I put the data Here many say is not that I do not like because it is not 100% created by good ktm if not 100% believe that ATB is not made at the headquarters of ktm but believe me we will ktm disappointed sacrificed for nothing ktm quality but still requires has that quality in mirrors They are very similar to those of the press 200 but they are like lighter and little more sharp also very ktm is characteristic of this handle that maybe much say it has special and handlebar good is a tail tapered handlebar center is a little wider and sides is thinner this so we a handlebar a little stronger than ktm normal then good friends without certainly something worth I He would bring no doubt because it will stop to see something they last he wanted to teach I buenanueva want them to see how they strike although it is night we can see indications clearly permitentes exact lights low horn in this ignition and hand we march though the key is in ignition position give me the name board in that case we have to give here so you can turn the board luis project good here we set the range revolutions to reach 13,000 surely is 12,000 as the imitator in running speed geared kilometers driven 4,291 discard when this side we have the bike is so hot and on this side we have the same symbol but gasoline and here the same time It tells us which is under separators It is something that few bikes to 100 kilos of the minutes since I was cents and average speed We can also give you more options we travel one and two uncles subway and finally is grounds indicates how many kilometers lacks to require service what they see as listening a very particular sound that few bikes who me I think this is although only one of KTM motorcycle Follow the key in the little off automatically it is one of the functions has duk kwan do friends something that also wanted them say besides worthwhile is that ktm as being as it is an expensive motorbike Canan parts then as first bike I have to recommend maybe it because it’s worth every point technology that has this bike if you’re starting I do not recommend it so much why because it is a motorcycle is a motorcycle expected all premium brand is usually when we are rookies usually drop us your You have to go on this bike as not nothing comes cheap that would be like the single point bad that you see this bike and that’s not Downside is very relative success is a economic motobomba because this is not the option why why this bike is already a work of art components but only by the price of parts believe that the I recommend it but as first bike if a case would have to be very special I recommend more for someone who already either someone experienced someone that hardly it is going to fall or someone who has a lot of money plane to give me big factions like I love playing very well cost the end of the video I want to send a greeting persimmon friend is he is the owner of the LDUQ what It has cost them and not that feel video bay

100 thoughts on “Prueba KTM Duke 200 | Review en español

  1. Disculpa, cuanto mides? al parecer te costaba llegar al piso con los pies, quiero saber si podre montarla. Saludos buen video!

  2. todo lo que promete la buke 200 en papeles es muy bueno pero la Realidad es otra luego de ser rodada, es una moto que presenta fallas de diversos tipos si que a asesorarse bien antes de comprarla.

  3. Hola, muy bueno el video. Consulta podria adquirir una KTM DUKE 200 como primera moto????

  4. La Honda tornado 250 también tiene doble árbol de levas, sin embargo ya la descontinuaron en México y era una excelente moto, nos dejaron con basuras como la cb 190 que parece moto de los power rangers, además de lenta.

  5. Pues para ser primera moto me parece como mal decir que no sirve o que no es muy recomendable para alguien novato! Eso es relativo.
    Si e visto gente que en para una primera moto se montan de una en una de 600 o 1000cc hahahaha

  6. Blitz me quiero endrogar con una moto porque la mia ya esta valiendo, estoy entre una KTM RC 390 o una Yamaha R3 , quiero usarla para salidas ocasionales y cosas por el estilo me gustan las 2 cual crees que es mejor? en tecnologia componentes potencia etc.

  7. Amigo excelente video !!! Estoy enamorado de esta moto y este video me convenció aun mas de comprarla… Gracias por todos los detalles.. Saludos desde Chile!

  8. He estado considerando la opción de adquirir una RC 200, pero tengo la misma inquietud referente a las refacciones. ¿Qué tan caras son en realidad? Ya que como dijiste es algo relativo para cada quien.

  9. yo compre una hace 4 meses muy bien me ah salido el unico detalle las llantas me resvalan demasiado tanto que no puedo agarrar las curva con confianza xq me derrapa la moto

  10. hola muy buen video me quiero comprar una nueva moto, tengo una honda cbf 125 y estoy entre la bajaj rs 200 y la ktm rc 200 cual crees que es mejor en cuanto a calidad, tecnologia y relacion calidad-precio. realmente se nota el paso de una moto de 11cv a una de 24-25 cv?

  11. estimado, no entiendo porque no es una moto para novatos??? que es lo que tiene que te haga caer?

  12. hola amigo como estas, me gusto mucho este video , quisiera hacerte una pregunta y es que presión tiene en este 2017 la duke 200

  13. Hola, me gustaría saber la altura del que hace la review, para imaginar como llegaría yo al piso. Gracias!

  14. Como primera moto, pues claro, se puede si eres ricachón. He visto inexpertos con BMWs chidísimas. Si te caes o hacen falta refacciones papi te lo resuelve sin pedos. Esta Duke es una chulada y sí podría comprarla si ahorro, pero como dices, el mantenimiento o el costo de las refacciones me van acabar. Seguiré soñando con esta joya jeje

  15. Hola amigo Blitz Rider, tenia esta moto en mente comprar la duke 200 como mi primera moto, pero cual me recomendarias, estoy entre una pulsar y la duke, mi presupuesto es de $100 mil pesos mexicanos

  16. por que no haces toda una investigación de toda la cantidad de fallos y defectos que traen de fabrica las ktm que fabrica bajaj,todos ustedes hablan muy bien de ellas pero los que tienen una comentan todos esos problemas,iba por la Rc 390 pero viendo todo eso me quedo en las doble propósito!

  17. me interesa comprar una moto. y desde que vi KTM duke 200 y la KTM rc 390 en frente de mis ojos. quede encantado. y el review ni que hablar bro, informacion detallada y objetiva. soy de Perú, la KTM es cara. y despues de lo que habian dicho y confirmando despues de ver el video. que moto recomiendas para prinicipiantes? porque definitivamente quiero montar una moto. agradeceria la info! VIBRAS!

  18. Banda necesito ayuda …….estoy buscando el kit de piston para la duke 200 ….pero no logro encontrar los repuestos.
    Alguien sabe donde lo puedo conseguir mas rapido que en la agencia KTM (tardan 30 dias si es que los tienen aki en Mexico a travez de la agencia)…?

  19. ¿Cómo es que en primera llega a 60kph y en segunda a 83? Si en todos los "top speed" en primera no pasa de 40/47.

  20. Amigo estoy en una indecisión entre esta y la fz 25 normalmente manejo en ciudad y el tráfico es terrible estoy saliendo de una pulsar 200 de ya casi 9 años y quiero cambiar el tema que le quita mérito a la duke es el asiento trasero que la veo chiquita y aveces llevo a mi mujer porque yo mido 1.85 y peso 78kg me será buena opción? Saludos

  21. En 2012, Bajaj Auto realizó un convenio con KTM. Las dos compañías firmaron un acuerdo de cooperación, por el cual KTM provee su experiencia en el desarrollo de motores de 4 tiempos refrigerados por agua de 125 y 250 cc mientras que Bajaj se hará cargo de la distribución de los productos KTM en India y otros países del Sureste Asiático.

  22. que buena descripción, para la ciudad cual te parece mejor la ktm duke 200 o la XRE 300 de Honda. Saludos

  23. Que tal amigos! Que tanto cuesta mantener una rc200 en cuestión de servicios y mantenimiento? Saludos!!

  24. Quiero que agues un video de la rc390 sus partes
    Para conoserla Por q pienso en adquirir y no conozco nada de como funciona y el liquido refrigerante aque tiempo se canbia

  25. valdra la pena comprar una duke 200 en 2019? e visto una 2015 pero viene con 57mil km…… y todas las que e encontrado son con mucho kilometraje


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