Private BMX Pump Track | Bringing Americans Together

Private BMX Pump Track | Bringing Americans Together

[inaudible] Well, the thing that inspired me to make
the track was my son and my daughter. Uh, my son especially was
very interested in cycling. I’ve always written a bike my entire
life and race bicycles and it’s a just really good form of exercise and enjoyment
for us and my whole family loves it and my friends. Being in the construction business and
owning the appropriate equipment and having the knowledge because we grade
for a living of how to do this type of work definitely helped build the track. I saw pump tracks on YouTube and a pump
tracks are a reasonably new phenomenon. I believe they started in Australia
by a downhill pro in the 90s. Uh, then they came to America. The first track was in Colorado
probably in the late nineties, early two thousands. Uh, this track here started
right around five years ago. I’d never written a pump track and
really never seen it in person. And what I built at first for my
kids was absolutely horrible. And um, I went to a pump track just
outside of Charlotte at Rock Hill, North Carolina at the BMX track. And at that point in time I knew it was
completely wrong what I started with and we started rebuilding and then
traveling to bunch of pump tracks. And now I’ve probably been to 50
of them. Oh yeah. I’ve had, uh, five collarbone surgeries. My shoulders
are pretty much made, made out of metal. Uh, yeah, that’s bad. It’s
safer than a motorcycle. Oh, so many motorcycle crashes. Know some
of the collarbones was because of that. Yeah. Well, you know, the
pump tracks are pretty safe. It’s the jump line here that’s safer
than low speed. You know, it’s, it’s big doubles and step ups. There’s not giant gaps and
just a little bit safer. You know, a word spreads quick
in Savannah. Uh, we’re a big, small town and I have a
lot of friends, you know, that work and owned bicycle
shops and uh, you know, people talk and I’ve got a lot
of friends and word just got out. I actually started it for my kids
and like most things in my life, it got out of hand and now we have what
is here today. But everybody uses it. My kids use it. Kids, friends,
me, my friends, total strangers. It’s a great thing. It’s been crazy. We’ve had probably about 150 people
here last year actually riding and, uh, it’s, it’s good times. And
a pump tracks are gray. If you’re going to pick something
for your community, right. I’m on track over skate park or
anything else, that’s for sure.

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  1. Man how awesome is that. Outdoors, riding with your kids. No phone, pads or pods. Thatโ€™s a did that loves his kids!!!
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