Presenting: Bosch eBike Innovations 2018

Presenting: Bosch eBike Innovations 2018

New Products 2018 Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems Hello everybody, today I would like to present to you
our new features and products for the next model year. We have developed two totally new Drive Units:
The new Active Line and the new Active Line Plus. The new Drive Units are lighter, smaller and almost noiseless. The Active Line comes with
40 Nm and 2.9 kg. The Active Line is perfect for
riding in the inner city or for tours in flat terrain. The Active Line Plus comes with 50 Nm
and is perfectly suited for longer eBike tours or eBike trips in hilly terrain. When you ride these new Drive Units
without motor support, they almost ride like a normal bicycle
with no pedal resistance at all. So for model year 18 we have
an exciting product also for batteries: The new PowerTube which is fully integrated
into the bicycle frame and this allows totally new bicycle frame designs. If you want to charge the PowerTube
you have two possibilities; either charge on bike or you take the battery out of the bike
and you charge it like a conventional power pack. So you can combine the PowerTube
and the PowerPack with our dual battery technology. And this provides up to 1000 Wh capacity. So for the eMountain bikers, we have something special. For model year 18 we will introduce with
Performance CX the new eMTB mode which will replace the todays known Sport mode. So if you ride uphill on a technical trail
and you need more support, than typically you push harder on your pedal,
and then we give you the support of the Turbo mode, and if you cruise on a flat trail, then we give you
the support of Tour or in between Sport and continuously we can vary the support system
from the electrical motor depending on your power to the pedal. So traction control is enhanced. The launch control if you start on a trail
or if you come out of a turn and you push the pedal,
then it’s very smooth support, that’s really cool. So the new eMTB mode comes with Performance CX
for model year 18 with all new mountain bikes and for model year 16 and 17 you can have it as a software update at the dealer. So now we have something very special for you. The first production ready eBike ABS from Bosch. For example if you’re right on a slippery surface
and you apply your front brakes hard, then you might lose control
of your front wheel and that can lead to an accident. And the ABS can control that and bring you
into a stable and safe riding position. The ABS system controls the brake pressure
and with that the brake torque and controls that the front wheel
will not lock or the wheel will not come off. So no ABS system
can overcome the laws of physics. So please continue to ride with care. The Bosch ABS will come to the market
this year with rental fleets and it will be available at dealers in fall 2018. So these were the news of
Bosch eBike systems for the new season. And please enjoy riding your eBike.

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  1. 1:30 finally someone that states you can charge a Powertube in your house away from the bike.
    It was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard to find this information.

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