Practical Cars You Can Modify | The Build Sheet

Practical Cars You Can Modify | The Build Sheet

– Gotta fix the E30 again. (beep) fuel all over. I don’t what? We love going through the comments section on our videos. Or I should say, either
JT or Eric loves to. But, whether it be a conversation
between Alex or Dakota, being a certain fatherly figure, or giving suggestions for our next videos, we love reading them. And it does help us out quite a bit. With that being said, today’s episode of The Build Sheet is brought to you by a viewers suggestion, and that is to go over some of the best practical modifiable cars that are out there today. (suspenseful music) (tools buzzing) Before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe and check out anything wheels, tires,
or suspension related over at And while you’re over there, check out our giveaway that we’ve got going on, just for a few more weeks. We are coming to the end of our full wheel, tire, and suspension giveaway. We’re giving away a whole
bunch of cool stuff. Like I said, Cosmis Racing wheels, Silver Suspension, and Michelin tires. All you have to do is pick up this hoodie right here. You can check it all out over at We got a whole, like,
page dedicated to it. You automatically get entered in to win. Sometimes, we just have to take some things into consideration. Especially, when it comes down to picking out our next cars. Unfortunately, the time may come where you need something other than, you know, a 240SX, or an FRS, or some other sort of what we call (beep) boxes. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be lame and boring. Oh no. You see there are plenty of cars out there on the market, that not only can be practical in the sense of having
more than two seats, gets a decent amount of gas mileage, and has a good amount of room for like, groceries, or kids,
or something like that. But can also look good and more importantly, can also be fun to drive. So we’ve gathered a list of a few cars that we think can be useful and fun at the same time. And first up on that list, we have none other than the Swedish cool kid of the Wagen world, which is the Volvo V60. First introduced in 2010, the V60 is now on it’s second generation. These cars come in a
variety of engine options, which include everything
from like, diesel hybrids, to the turbo slash super
charged four-cylinders. Of course, probably most known for the Polestar version, which pushes out a whopping 362
horsepower from the factory. You know, also sporting
some OEM suspension, Brembo brakes, and of course, available in Rebel Blue. Fantastic. The only downside being
that these cars are you know, pretty rare
and kind of expensive. With only a few hundred being brought into the United States and a price point of over 60 grand, you can be the judge of how justifiable that is. However, the all-wheel-drive,
five door estate makes a name for itself. However, the Polestar,
if you can’t you know, justify spending that
much, isn’t the only option that you have when it comes to the V60. And they make great
platform for someone whose looking for safety, great styling, and practicality out of a
vehicle that performs well, and looks damn good on some aftermarket wheels and suspension. Up next, we have the domestic rival of the beloved Subaru WRX. Which is the Ford Focus RS. Now, when the RS five became available in the United States, we really saw them take off as we’re more
than thrilled to have another hot hatch hit our market. Again, offering similarities to the WRX. You know, four doors, four
cylinder, turbo-charged, all-wheel-drive car. However, this time, hatchback
with 350 horsepower. And even 26 highway miles per gallon. The Focus RS takes all the practicality of the regular Ford Focus and just bumps it up a little bit to perform great, look great, and of course,
has a decent amount of aftermarket support. The all-wheel-drive again makes this car another great platform for those who deal with all four seasons, wherever they live. And the only downside to
the car outside of the whole you know, head gasket and rusting, is that it’s a bit pricey. However, their is always
an option of like, the Focus ST, for example. Which offers similar performance, minus the all-wheel-drive
and the same amount of practicality. Number three on the list
is probably, you know, one of my favorite, and arguably the most adult cars on the list. And that is the Honda Accord. But more specifically,
the newer turbocharged two-liter Honda Accord. Recently, Honda has
released their two-liter turbocharged variant of the Accord. And it has truly hit
the market with force. Their new sport package
that is available in either, the 1.5 liter turbo or the two liter turbo starts off brand new, around 27 grand. But the two liter pushing
around 252 horsepower and available in either, a
10 speed automatic or yes, even a six speed manual. This sedan can get up
to zero to 60 in roughly 5.7 seconds from stop. And we’ve seen these cars start to litter our fitment gallery as
more and more people are picking them up. The long body and sleek
styling of the Accord pairs well with wheels such
as Rotiform’s, Lawson’s, or even Ferrada’s. And then sitting on
either, BC Racing coils, or even better, an air suspension. It just looks so good. And it’s a great all-around car. To be honest, that looks great with some exterior modifications, could
sound actually pretty decent with a good exhaust. Maybe, like a Thermal R&D,
or something like that. And it can get up to 32 miles per gallon. Similar to why the Acura TL has been such a popular platform
throughout the years as well. The Honda, there are parts galore. They last forever. They get a decent amount
of miles per gallon. And they’re just fun to wrench on. I truly believe that
we’re going see the Accord start to be one of the
platforms that a lot of people are gonna go with. And we’re gonna see them start popping up more and more. Which brings us to our fourth
and final car for today. And that has to be none other than the Volkswagen Golf, or GTI. Again, another little hot hatch. This time from the
other side of the world. These cars can be picked up for relatively pretty cheap. And whether you wanna
go with the TDI or the good-old-fashioned two liter turbo, you can’t really go wrong. And for the most part, the newer models are pretty dang reliable. We all know the running joke, okay. Like, Volkswagen’s and
the check-engine lights and how they can be reliable. Well, the older ones, yeah. Maybe, just don’t. We won’t get into it. However, like I said, the
newer GTI’s do pretty well. And there are really no
complaints about them. But if you really want that reliability, you can go ahead and
get yourself one of them TDI’s, you know, these little brothers. Air suspension, Rortiforms,
exhaust, tunes, good to go. But really all jokes aside,
the GTI is a great platform for someone who wants more
of a sport, or its a car, but can’t get away with
something, you know, like a two-door coupe. Like, maybe like a Genesis,
or like a FRS, or something like that. They get pretty decent gas mileage like, pretty great actually. Around 32 miles per gallon, available in a manual transmission still,
which is always a plus. And they just like, every
good turbo Volkswagen, they have a decent amount
of aftermarket support. Which just makes them so sought after in the car enthusiast, automotive,
aftermarket, world thing. Right, it’s early, I haven’t
like, fully woken up yet. So there you have it. If you’re looking for a new
car to get yourself into that needs to have the you
know, just a little bit of practicality, and a sense
of having room or more than one other person,
is like, pretty reliable, can still deliver a smile here and there. And the last four examples
are what we think, are a great place to start looking. However, there are cars that you think that should of made the
list that we didn’t include, feel free to comment them down below on what you think they would be. I know half of you have
probably written it already. And are just like, “How dare you, forget insert car name here. How dare you?” But we hope you guys enjoyed, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you’re looking for
some new wheels, tires, or suspension for your
car, don’t forget to hit up I’m Giles from Fitmentindustries. We will see you later. Peace. (Relaxing music)

88 thoughts on “Practical Cars You Can Modify | The Build Sheet

  1. I went to Art In Motion's website, I think they went out of business
    Alex from fitment industries over here ending shitty careers

  2. What would you add to our list? Drop a comment below! Don't forget to add your ride to our online fitment gallery!

  3. I love the fact that you mentioned the accord, but only the 10th gen, I wish you could've gone a little deep lol, just because I love my 6-6 9th gen. doing a short film about it tough

  4. The golf tdi actually isn’t a bad option, my 2013 has the borg-warner cr170 turbo out of a Passat, stage 3 tune making 235hp 372ft-lbs @36psi-2100rpm. Full emissions delete (yes she rolls coal XD) on solowerks coilovers and 17×8 et45 gunmetal Konig hypergrams.
    I average 52mpg on my daily commute of 130 miles commonly seeing over 600 miles a tank and she hasn’t so much as hiccuped over the course of the last 20k miles. Everyone has their own style and here in Texas this girly stands her own at the car meets and rolls coal with all the trucks too. Love you guys’s content keep it up 🙂

  5. I would love if you guys define what rice means.

    I've got a bunch of young folks here melting my comments section that aren't old enough to know when it was a racially derogative term for All imports… Thems foreiiiegn cars

    Everybody jumps on the race inspired cosmetic enhancements bandwagon like that's what it always meant.

  6. Fiesta ST, WRX, Veloster Turbo and N, Civic Si is hands down one of the best street cars of all time, and I don’t like Hyundai but their outgoing Elantra turbo whatever turbo 4 to compete with the Si was fire too. Those things fully loaded with leather interior, sunroof and best in class infotainment could be had out the door for like $21,000.

    CLA45 AMG on the CPO market are pretty banging for the buck. BMW M240i coupe manuals coming back from their lease duration too..

  7. It's a new vw of course it's not going to have a check engine light I would wait longer to see if it won't just be a repeat of every other vw just saying …..let the world burn 🤣

  8. VOLVO V70n R (mk2/p2)
    Volvo V70 I R (mk1/p80
    Volvo 850 T5 and T5R/R (in my opinion the mk0 V70/p80
    Volvo S80 II V8 (mk2/Y2/P3)
    Volvo S80n T6 bi-turbo (okay it has a shity 4 speed Automatic slouch box but still special) (mk1/p2)
    Volvo V50 T5 AWD
    Volvo V50 D5

    Saab 9-5 kombi aero Hirsch
    Saab 9-3 Turbo X
    Saab 9-3 aero

  9. Not just the v60, volvo have other awesome platforms just like the v40 and s60. The s80 is a but hefty but the older ones have big engines actually and are built like brick houses, the audi a5 is also an awesome car, especially with the quattro awd system which it can make it and awesome daily in the winter without worrying that you might crash it into a pole. The slk or slc mercedeses, yes they are two seaters but come with v6s and v8s in the amg range and are killer looking. I will put the peugeot 308 and 508 in this bunch, especially the 508 that has a gt variant with a 1.6 turbo that gets awesime millage and looks infuckingsane, pretty sporty looking, the new and the previous renault meganes. The skoda octavia 3rd gen looks damn awesome and if i'm not mistaken i think it comes with an awd system variant. If we move over to Great Wall (if you are into SUVs), they are a mitsubishi at heart but for less money and have amazing powertrains and engines and are actually very very practical and will look fkin amazing on a set of vossens, might not have some aftermarket support but there is always something out there for you to put on your cars. Next up i would put the new alfas(even the stelvio) i think they are pretty awesome as well, italian styling as always and a bit more reliable nowadays. The seat leon fr and cupra models are also sexy beasts and all the parts for the golf gti and r models are the same for the leons. That's all from me

  10. Honorable mentions
    – Mini Clubman JCW if you can afford the maintenance
    – Subaru Crosstrek, looks great lifted or on air
    – Ford fusion sport, AWD and like 350hp
    – Dodge charger, many many many configurations that wont break the bank including AWD if you need it

  11. CTS-V! They're full size family haulers with the supercharged corvette motor so definitely a big aftermarket there. Manual was an option and you could get it as a wagon. Nobody did that though so a CTS-V manual wagon is more a unicorn than a…car =(

  12. Can you do a video on practical lichtweight and cheapish cars? As in a large part of Europe the tax on a car is determined by weight.

    Like me for example, I've got my main hobby car and now need a daily that's a bit roomy, as a beetle isn't that🤷‍♂️😂

  13. Yo, legacy my guy. Had a BROWN FOUR DOOR SEDAN that blew the doors off a kia stinger, mustang GT 5.0, S4, S5, and STIs. Looked stock from the outside, but built motor, big turbo, full exhaust, intake etc. 410awhp/26xxLbs for 25k ALL IN mods included.
    Did I mention that it was cheap on insurance too? and was a proper four door sedan?

  14. You read the comments? Didn’t notice, I’ve been saying “so you want a 2g eclipse” for over a year now. No hate, even tho this is kind of a hate comment hahaha

  15. Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima. Some crossovers are really good modified like Mitsubishi RVR/ Outlander Sport, Toyota CH-R, Honda HRV, Ford Ecosport, Nissan Qashqai. I bet there is a lot more options, but from experience stay away from Hyundai’s because they don’t last over 100,000 miles and at their dealers they have a stockpile of engines to just swap into their cars when a problem arises. And for those who don’t believe me I used too work for Hyundai

  16. In my opinion i’d buy a 2019 Corolla Hatchback one it’s pretty cheap, two four door and three it has a decent amount of aftermarket

  17. Good one would have been an f32 BMW 435i or F30 335i. MHD stage 2+ with inter cooler and downpipe gets you roughly 430hp. All wheel drive M4 or M3 for half price?

  18. Weird one that you didn’t mention that I like personally is the 2012 9c1/9c3 Chevy caprice or the Pontiac g8 gt (or gxp if you have the money). 6.0 ls powered, 4 doors, the g8s came in manuals or auto and the caprice came in auto only each with about 350 hp at the crank. Throw Coilovers, exhaust, intak, tune and wheels and you can have a car that can make around 400 hp to the crank that you could daily for decades.

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