płakałem przy montażu KUBA

płakałem przy montażu KUBA

Is it recording? Yes One, two, three Four Five, six, seven Eight Nine, ten, eleven Twelve, I’m thirteen because it’s unlucky number And here’s the most important guest Of this episode, and your name is? Kuba I’ll ask you the same question what I’m asking all riders, those famous and not famous But slowly you becoming Or it’s your plan to be famous How long are you riding on motorcycles? From 4 years old I started on electric quad, then I changed it For electric cross bike and now I’ve got normal cross, 125ccm And in which club are you riding? In Enduro Czerwionka and Enduro Nowa Huta So 2 teams want you Yes, I started in Enduro Nowa Huta Are you good rider that 2 clubs want you? Magda has a friend who took me to the group I haven’t ride with them yet but they took me to club Magda is your sister right? Yes So I’ll talk with she okay? Hey Magda. Good Morning Does your brother ride a motorcycle for a long time? Yes, it’s quite a long time And what except riding? Does he watch videos or something? Tell us about it Go ahead, feel free Boldly Magda He watches a lot of videos and he’s fascinated by riding Two days ago was Super Enduro in Kraków And father was there with son right? I couldn’t enter But? But his sister was there And about his passion Probably I instilled his passion in him And as he said, firstly we were buying Electric toys in compare with his present bike And the best effect was when we came home with engine motorcycle Because my wife didn’t know about it And she was shocked She wanted to throw us out of the house with it But slowly, slowly, she started going with us on tracks Where Kuba was riding, where she saw everything Kuba got the bug And all his free time, he wanted to spend on bike Whenever possible he took me Of course depending on my time capabilities It’s still his passion, but now unfortunately he has break Okay, so I’ll ask somebody other, Kuba mother of course Mrs. Agnieszka Of course Low voice, what happened? What happened with Kuba? June 12th we noticed nodule at home On the right side We went to the hospital And it turned out that it is Metastatic lymphoblastic lymphoma Ania, when you found out about it Because you did something with it You helped already, you called to me, I won’t say about your help Tell us I found it on Facebook, on Enduro Nowa Huta Magda, sister, she founded a collection So I read it Photo of boy in helmet on bike interested me Then I talked with Magda, and I decided that I’ll help that boy Not because he rides a motorcycle He just captivated me, he’s age of my daughter I just wanted to support him And two weeks ago Yes, 2 weeks ago, with huge help of boys From Tor Enduro Rząska we organized picnic For Kuba, where, despite
the rain, we gathered nice amount We gathered 4600PLN right? Do you remember amount? Oskar Kaczmarczyk helped me, Krzysiu Nędzka of course They were training kids Taddy Błażusiak gave jersey for auction and we sold it in nice money also Rafał Sonik I think that we did it cool I promised Kuba that we’ll be together till the end Till he sit on bike So till the beginning. No, till the end of illness He’ll be healthy, he sit on bike and ride on Super Enduro in Kraków He promised it to Taddy right? Yes Today’s monday, we wanted record this movie before Xmas To catch your hearts more Your, I mean people who’re watching it. Look at that camera man But we don’t want make acting and artificial game And we’re doing this material Like it looks now 2 days ago we were On Super Enduro, you were there too, did you enjoy it? Yes, it was very nice It was your first time on Super Enduro in Kraków? No, second, I was there twice And we’re recording it today because Kuba got a pass for few days And then you back and heal yourself Exactly But the most important is head as everybody say And you’re rider so you’ve got strong head Smile is on your face so we’re happy We want to show you By the way Xmas Give you some Symbolic awards And maybe we’ll talk about it My voice is breaking guys Remek and Wojtek What we did with this bike and what’s that bike It’s PITbike MRF 140 What we did. We dismantled it for primary parts Except the engine because it’s running nice We assembled it from basic, new plastics, sticker Everything cleaned I’ll interrupt you Remek, and I’ll say that That we get this bike, and thanks very much In our name and Kuba From Filip Borowiecki He was here and he was showing his Pitbikes He founded this bike And Lamba company and Hubert Who’s owner of this business From Rzeszów, equipped us in all parts So we can say that we didn’t have lot of work But there was some right Wojtek? Yes, there was some work, we need to clean everything As my brother said Disassemble, assemble, new sticker, we changed bearings in wheels Steering head bearing So what, sit and ride? Exactly And sticker is made by Moto Stickerz I’m talking about that persons or companies because Because they didn’t do it for advertisement, and I’m talking to Show that hearts are Big and open And in Kraków I was able to get Jersey for you From the best of amateurs. And there’s Kacper Baklarz Other persons who I won’t tell now Jędrzejczak, Szymon Kus And those jerseys will go on auction right? I think that your sister will carry about it Can you promise? Yes And we’ve got symbolic gifts for you, Wercia can you hand on? Let’s change that Puma cap For other cap Kuba Because you’re going to How it’s called, to hospital And you’re bored there Here’re books for you Youth I would say So don’t spend too much time on youtube Because youtube is nice but not always What’s more here, our friend Who has that helmet, or maybe you’ll hand on it From Kuba to Kuba From Kuba to Kuba, it’s your size So we count that after read all of that books At spring Or at next summer You’ll sit on that your bike You’ll come to us, we’ll show you Where we riding, how we riding What’s more Kacper promised me before you come here, that he can drive to you To Kraków and bring you here and then drive back So your dad doesn’t bother with it Promised Kacper right? Promised I’ll make sure of it So that’s everything Everything? Everything, there are some more gifts for you But we won’t show it As I said we’re making this movie because We count On your support, of persons who’re watching it And we need to say it, share that movie Because every 1PLN, every 5PLN counts Illness costs a lot of money in Poland But there’re other expensive alternatives and your need that help You’re nice guy Smiling and cheerful and I like it very much Did I say everything? Or to short? I don’t know If all of you can go near Kuba Go there, go, boldly, Wercia you too That camera can catch you Thank you very much for coming here, it wasn’t easy We wish you a healthy and happy holidays Can we wish already? Of course Thumbs up Thumbs, Kuba thumbs Take care, HEY! But stay there Stay there I’ll make a photo of you You must go closer, Kuba and Remek You won’t be seen Kacper, show your face Come on ahead Where’re thumbs up Karlik show yourself CHECK LINK IN DESCRIPTION

38 thoughts on “płakałem przy montażu KUBA

  1. Mój NASZ dobry kolega, pasjonat enduro również walczył z chłoniakiem i wygrał. Dzisiaj jest w pełni formy. Kuba, Ty też dasz radę i już niebawem będziesz w siodle. Trzymaj się. Piona 👊😊

  2. Świetna akcja. Popieram. Brawo Buli. Ludzie piszą że poszło. Z tym że ja obejrzałem 2x film i nie wiem gdzie ewentualnie zrobić przelew.

  3. Kuba dużo zdrówka.Zobaczysz pokonasz chorobę i jeszcze zrobisz karierę na motorze!!! Powodzenia. Trzymamy mocno kciuki

  4. Buli materiał taki sredniawy.. jestem pewien że ten który nakrecisz jak juz Kuba przyjedzie do Was w pełni sił na wiosnę będzie o niebo lepsze!!! Czekam z ogromną niecierpliwością😊

  5. Ale bym się wkurwiał jak ktoś by tak blisko przedemną z kamerą stał, weź sobie kup jakiś obiektyw i nagrywaj jak człowiek. Bo ludzie widać że nie czują się swobodnie. Pozdrawiam

  6. Trzymaj się Kuba z pewnością wyzdrowiejesz – trzymam kciuki. Datek poleciał.
    A teraz prośba do komentujących filmik – panowie i panie liczy się szczere przesłanie i chęć pomocy a nie jak kto nagrał film czy bardziej uszczypliwe komentarze. Kazdy ma prawo się wzruszyć czy ……. Zresztą ci co rozumieją przeslanie filmu i chcą pomagać to nie piszą niepotrzebnych komentarzy .Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  7. Kuba Walcz!!!!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 dzięki Buli za aktywność i reakcje

  8. Uśmiech Kuby najcenniejszy a Ty buli to płakałes przy nagrywaniu emocje wskazane i na miejscu 👊🏻👊🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻✋🏼

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