Nuda reacts to being called an “Electric” bike

Nuda reacts to being called an “Electric” bike

Silence simple superb and supremely British reaction to almost almost killing someone Talk about sensationalism, of course, how can they get people to read their newspapers? Blah blah blah blah The biker is weaving through traffic. Weaving?! It’s called filtering The biker and bus driver don’t need words to express their mutual respect. That I agree on. In a split second the biker comes to a stop. And she’s a pedestrian obscured by the bus seconds before Hmmkay The biker was riding This electric mortorcycle. Oh my god! She’s gonna be pissed Hey Nuda, you know you were in the news? So? Look at this! Yeah, it’s me, again. So? Yeah I know just read the caption under the picture. The biker was riding this electric motorcycle What? They called me electric? I’ve got petrol running through my veins and known as the best sounding bike, EVER Electric? And to think that people trust them reporting the news…

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  1. I for one, lost complete trust in the media ages ago, do you trust them? take part in the poll and let's see how they score 🙂

  2. OK, but you were riding an electric motorbike in that video. The journo just didn't know the name of it and assumed it was this "Nuda".

    What's really off is the "nearly killing someone" bullshit headline. RJ had already slowed right down as another pedestrian had just crossed in front of him. Even without the bus driver (who only gave him an extra metre to stop), he'd have been able to stop very easily. In fact, even if he'd ploughed right through the gap, the pedestrian would have stopped. There was no near miss here, just careful filtering.

  3. RJ your video is viral! Here in Argentina is shared via many facebooks, in many cases under the title "british maners" (something like that in spanish, sory my bad english). I love your videos, your attitud on the bikes (and the recent reviews). Cheers from Neuquén, Argentina!

  4. Nuda is female! Is every bike belonging to a man female? Is every bike belonging to a woman male? Is it because we love our bikes? Mmm

  5. Metro is trash. Whenever I’m on the train I collect the leftovers and take them home to use in my fireplace as a fire starter.

    Not even very good at that. Can’t even burn evenly.

  6. I was talking about something similar with a friend of mine the other day. He works as an aircraft mechanic so he knows his stuff.
    The media had made a report on something about a plane having mechanical issues. They mentioned parts of a plane that did not even exist, and showed pictures of planes that were no longer in use by the company, even showing planes from other companies.

  7. Woohoo you are on a Nuda again. Haven't watched for a while. Is this your original or did you buy another?

  8. God I love the sound of this bike so I decided when I'm older I want to get it, then looked online and found out its quite rare 😩

  9. I do enjoy the channel. But still got a little bit of cringe chills when RJ started to 'have a conversation' with his bike.

  10. I was wondering how you were going to react to those headlines when I saw them on Facebook 😂😅🤣

  11. So funny RJ as it made my local ABC radio news in Wollongong Australia. They did not report who it was. I new it was RJ. LOL

  12. One of my biggest gripes with electric bikes is the total lack of noise. I am pleased to see that Nuda has clearly found a solution to the problem.

  13. Journalists level 1000 … Damn retards .. Remember wen reporters had to get out of the office Nowadays they copy paste everything from YouTube

  14. Damn how it can be like that, talking to you (the bike)😂 i’ve seen someone have nuda 900R but cant talk with the owner

  15. Im new here so please don't judge me if I say something wrong, but where or how did you get that bike? It sounds so crips I've just fallen in love with it

  16. Damn! The sound in this video is amazing! Which exhaust have you fitted here? The custom titanium headers and a Leo Vince? Or is it the Akrapoviç?

  17. hey Nuda, sue them, probably pay for that arse lift you wanted… well at least get a retraction printed.

  18. If that didn't prove to you the horrendously ridiculous state of popular media these days, then I don'know what will, holy Jesus and his ballsack…

  19. Gotta say, that electric bike of yours is quite loud! I'd probably sent it to the mechanics, I don't think an electric bike should sound like that!

  20. You guys heard about the Alexa motorcycle ? Never gets lost and always understands what you say to her…

  21. I gave up on the news years ago, not because of fake news, but more that it was depressing, my life is much better now for it,

  22. I’ve been watching through your old videos and saw that the Nuda was stolen, did you replace it or retrieve it? I thought it was stolen and you said you weren’t going to replace it? Such a nice bike and nice to see you on one again, I know I’m late but could someone reply please? Thanks

  23. Thought nuda was about to wheel spin off in an absolute rage! Start doing doughnuts and burn outs, ripping up the car park while RJ running after her trying to calm her down 🤣🤣

  24. Media being idiot, since when electric vehicle make a sound. The media is having some issue and this is one perfect example of nutshell of it XD

  25. The world is obsessed with electricity,I am sad for the petrol heads ,the world will never be the same, instead scientists should come up with ways to reduce pollution,not ways to take over the streets with foolish electric vehicles.:(

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