New Gameplay Today – Knights And Bikes

New Gameplay Today – Knights And Bikes

hey and welcome to another episode of loot gameplay today in real stuff cork joined today by the elevator hey man George Shuba hey man and rock music this is nice and bikes Knights and bike all right this is the very beginning of the game uh-huh her at least the beginning of this demo that we're playing right it seems like a good way to start a game I would be surprised if the final version did not start with this there you go that's all you need to know thanks for watching just joking so yeah from developer foam sword and publishing by Double Fine mm-hm and it's got a very cute art style let's go up and coop you can play it solo but it's for co-op and also I think Ben Hansen did an interview with Rex one of the designers in that episode of Game Informer show a couple months ago nice so even more insight like what you see here yeah which I know you probably will I've played it it's just interesting funny funny game yeah I played through this as much as you can play off this build with a friend and I had a very good time see I'm curious about your take on that Leo because when I played it I just did it solo because I have no friends Oh what was it like I guess we're gonna get a taste of it now Leo and I are on the Styx playing live friendship live friendship on-air you can play with any of your friends or Leo's that's right but did you like the the co-op approach I did I both the characters have very different abilities like completely different abilities for different situations so that made it fun to coordinate with your friend I'm like oh you need to come over here and do this yeah whereas in single-player you're just kind of manually swapping between them when you need to do different things a much more solemn experience this dialogue either of us can tab through initially I thought it was just only the corresponding character could advance their dialogue which I could be fun ah okay well then it will keep going fast yeah right I figure maybe we should say our characters lines no no aah what voice hurts the most to do is I want you to do that job Wow here's my characters no I'm not hurt us all right who's she just standing there nope I'm not doing it so I'm Melora luck and I'm on the right side of the screen I'm Demelza and I've got general honker or whatever his name is there I got a goose and you can pet the goose wherever you want yeah yeah someone tell that popular Twitter account can you pet the goose one tweet yep still waiting to hear back from untitled goose game I'm looking forward to that this is the year of the goose yeah nights and bikes that's please don't make us go on the list goes on probably even with two I think we're a you know a higher concentration of geese and games than then we normally get in here yeah yeah beggars can't be choosers at this point this story I've been putting fish jail yeah Demelza really wants a Fred yeah so Nessun Demelza personality-wise like Demelza has like a very I don't know like what's the way to say it like childish naive naive maybe a little abrasive I don't know message seems a little more mysterious right a little more reserved so you are one but you want to be like the other one is that right Joe this is turning your jojoba rose I want to be I want to be the goose okay fair enough you know what you are is that pile of garbage that's true all right I found shelter yeah your dad sounds like pots and pans mhm so the game is set on the what fictional British island called Penn firs II mm-hmm and there's some sort of lore or background about Knights the Knights of pen furs II okay of the game night of the name Knights and bikes okay that's what that refers to you we see you see a little bit of the backstory in these opening opening sections where you going played through something that's kind of like a I don't know if we're gonna get there kind of like a mini golf course yeah where it has a bunch of like almost like theater sets and animate will not quite animatronics but like wax dummy kind of like just cardboard cut-out style stuff like telling a story about an you know an old legend and some treasure buried on the island and that kind of thing so it seems pretty clear that that's going to play a larger role in the game as it goes on but these early bits are mainly focused on just kind of familiarizing you with these two characters and their personalities when you make you the arts tell Joe I love it it were it really works for me me too it's so cuz like that can be I don't know what it is like a stylized art direction can really be hit and miss sometimes like but this I think really goes really nails this sort of the like combination of like like storybook but like I know that it's also just very expressive I like that yeah I like how it all and it feels consistent okay yeah did you a Tara where I didn't play terribly I like tearaway mm-hmm I did yeah Jeff I did over here oh wait you have the floor it was cool like the paper craft stuff and I always intended to make it music is very minimal in this demo yeah well they used it all up in the opening seconds right I mean they I think part of what really what I really like about this in the and the combination of not just the not just the music but it's like the sound design the the fact that everyone's dialogue has that weird sort of has a unique sound to it like yeah the pots and pans of the dad and the different tones of the of the two girls like that element of it works and the art style like I said is expressive but like to me it just really nails the like it does a lot to convey personality even though you're just reading text and looking at you know some largely static images yeah you know yeah it's that's a very good tone to spend a lot of time on play with your weird toys I like that sound a lot what the text sound you're like a book woodblock kind of yeah it's great yeah this is one of those one of those games that you know this demo lat takes what maybe an hour they own 90 minutes or so yeah maybe 90 minutes to two hours we kind of got stuck on a part me and my friend so it took a little longer for us okay but it's one of those games that really like I was sold on the bit that I played and just want to know like I just want to know more about it you know because it's built on sort of the prospect of a mystery coming up mm-hmm you're a big mystery guy I do like mysteries yeah I do but like it's it's also got that that sort of magic of kind of like detective fiction to where you're on an isolated island and there's some sort of you know some sort of thing to figure out yeah I have to wake Joe up here or else I can't play yeah I really couldn't does it let us run yet I really like the sound effect when you run video games not at this point you came to visit okay well we'll try it'll say yes oh wow it wouldn't let me do it maybe because I was just single-player Oh sad I want to do this it's going in Joe you're really doing it oh wait I keep doing yeah wait yeah take some of that Zack Zack nope nope nope I think some of that Oh countered got your ass Oh guess we saw was the superior game work to Noah yeah wouldn't let me play the game when in single-player you have to be do player to do it I guess I don't think it did for us either they might have updated it well is so that's got to be a British thing right yeah there we go they also called campers caravans not the wheeled flats kept those puddles yeah come here come here hey I want to kill a prank no no but just you stand like right here okay and then let's see what happens oh you didn't see that coming gonna kill you as soon as I get my ability which I assume was a gun oh man I ran a very geese go down the slide who's that up there yep oh he set a trap oh good into it I want to run why can't I run this is a cool slide yes see like man the combination of like the visuals and the sound right there is really cells of that moment and there you go I've been very Gore I've got a team up on this one merry-go-round right oh there we go we'll get that later your Arsenal's videos of people put in the rear tire of a motorcycle on the edge of those and making kids go real fast no a lot of broken arms and life emerges because the forces yes I meant to be that so whoa don't do that don't give up Wow we can do it we've done it could you do that single-player assume the other person just joins you automatically I don't remember Oh little worm all right let's find that honker we're coming on career C so quiet like wandering my friend were playing it I thought something was wrong oh yeah oh yeah the space between you and your friend maybe you're all right yeah must be you're right you're supposed to be filling it with you know singing songs with your friend yeah oh yeah now we can run no special moves for you though leo not yet if you like that sound effect of the your lip flopping i flopping is not the right word i don't know what to say yeah yeah I kind of growl and Demelza pretends she's a motorcycle yeah just one get some coop keys feeding this is twice as fast as when Joe played it by himself even I don't know you're holding me back I think I did it faster myself oh that would have been the old to make comeuppance okay it does not let you kick geese that's good you're supposed to feed the world of the goose no it's probably another oh yeah there's probably gonna go in the geese house he's hot hey goose hide it's been a while at this point stuff like this yeah I see him here I oh there's an angry goose up there jealous of these ones my kid I'm out hmm I thought I was better at that I also really love when you get the bikes later it's really fun just biking around the city the biking controls are surprisingly fun yeah I don't yeah just yeah it captures a sense of you know childishness I guess yeah it's fun definitely captured that vibe of just having nothing but free time yeah and you can oh man so there's a bunch of like bike customization that you can do in the game too like that's a big a big part of it oh yeah yeah not very good brakes oh yeah and for this early part of the game you only get one bike all right so then you kind of fight over the gold in Dragoon what was it like fighting yourself for it Joe ah you know not that fun someone always ends up with hurt feelings true can you ring a little bell on the bike push one of the sticks in Little Joe right no nope oh hell yeah okay let's see what happens hmm don't blow it Leo really count annoying everybody easy asshole hit it right at the buzzer like Mario Kart yeah cruisin cruisin oh I really don't see how I could have won that I just could not oh no here we go cuz they didn't upgrade my bike yeah and my feet were fully upgraded so it was a story-based loss which is I'm just saying I was I was really hammering on that dumb a button that's B Joe what no one it mm-hmm I get it so can you play mini golf it's what they call it golf but it's really not like there's Disney ride or something yeah it's dubiously golf really red is that coming right up we get to see it yes I think so yeah it's more a leo subscription is good it's like a Disney ride except it's not a ride you're just kind of walking around Oh an action knocking stuff over Oh also is it out of business or is it just the offseason I think it's the offseason because it doesn't your dad run it sure maybe I don't claim to read every line of dialogue that comes my way like the little pins you're collecting okay that's a blueberry no trinkets okay Mikey see everybody remembers accidentally breaking stuff in their childhood I broke multiple glass windows really as a kid yeah pushing my friends into them and stuff never I broke multiple Gameboys how by getting very angry you were like a big nerd rage get smashing them against my knee yeah you wanted to be just like the angry video game nerd which totally existed and 1989 it's the biggest thing on the PBS or whatever yeah ma'am yeah just the way they do like the dotted line trick there is really I don't yeah silently stylistically this really all clicks for me I really like it club there we go my abilities here's Leo's gun your friend can also kick your disk to make it go further mm-hmm we're able to do that by yourself Joe probably I'm pretty good so the idea is that we're chasing that treasure around through the through the quote Golf Course escorting it where's your club I didn't get one that's right get kicking I love rules you know don't we all know you push the golf but we start it right Golf I think I like golf from you actually hmm if golf of this I would do it more yeah no I have to longer-range it yeah if it don't do it do it nice thank you so much like yeah I don't know how like where's the where's the hole where's the green are you supposed to hit the golf ball up but he goes floating yes the golf eNOS of this is uncertain maybe that's one of the mysteries of the game you're talking about what happened everybody here or maybe it's like how flashlights are torches and elevators or lifts in yeah in England golf golf Realty golf means all-purpose attraction use your dumb thing I'm getting these trinkets I'll do it them can you look into like an album to see the trinkets what's the purpose of let's find out thank you exit nope I want to deactivate Nessa none of the buttons do it yeah I don't think there's a point a demo where you spend anything right uh-huh any of the currency you're collecting or the I guess it's no I'm not sure if it's points or damaged numbers you're doing to these targets I gotta get them all mom I see how could you bother to this golf style you'd be stuck on this hole for our tea in front this would be a very fun mini-golf course though this one here until you miss your shot and you get murdered by a cardboard target right those are real maces oh there are no consequences proper handsome I'll just wait here for bad guys yeah about to take off into the sky oh nice perfectly in sync look at us coordinated rolling where their bass line well let's start do the kick thing yeah I want to kick my desk okay take my desk yeah I mean it's right up here I'm supposed to hit Y for right no eh it's your normal kick okay try again there it goes take some real coordination I did this a lot better when it was myself that's cool give me the treasure leave the treasure alone what that's a good question move over Borderlands three with your guns with feet try things you shoot with guns with feet I am probably more likely to enjoy this game than Borderlands 3 that's interesting once that told it like I enjoyed Borderlands 2 but like are you excited to play it again with Borderlands 3 that's kind of I mean it's kind of the I guess that's kind of my point is like that seems like it's very much a known quantity whereas this that seems there's more surprising stuff right we did a fun segment on the this week's episode of Game Informer show or a recent episode of Game four show where we were kind of placing our bids on games we wanted to play for the rest of the year yeah and that was one where it's like I will play it and I will have fun but it's an easy one to not play and not have my life affected very much yeah look at that that part was a lot easier with you people that was my effort –less can't believe you splashed me just so you could get another target while I was drying off decidedly not fan unhandsome improper if I would just be so baffled if I were here with a golf club like what what are you supposed to be doing pay for yeah like what what what can you even ricochet off of is this mini golf or antibiotic I get it now you can be healing oh that's so cute oh so I get told you and Earl thing yeah every cog game needs it told you I'm an Earl Grey is that what you just said yeah what's weird you know I do turn your mic off before you said that that wasn't fine I understand it yeah I guess understood please let me it's not safe nice all the glories mine army of two style baby mm-hmm what if this is a prequel army of two remember when in the original version of army into army of two were originally the healing items were tampons I remember that I think they changed that for the final version yeah why was that because people they wanted to be realistic in a pair that's something those operators used in the field and then people were like oh yeah gross and they're like I mean I think that is what happened is that like they act like it was realistic and then people are like I don't want my my bro bros doing yeah I don't fully understand it but I think it's gay said just thank you guys like those games that are silly fun yes good oh nice man it's a it's such a I don't know I feel like me and my friend will don't talk so much we played it okay this game you know yeah it's just kind of the vibe I've enjoyed it a lot but we were just you know taking it in together yeah beside the times where you have to coordinate so I apologize to you viewers who are trying to take it in and we're talking about Hermia – okay how much more do you want to show off gel I think that we've seen what we've seen is pretty representative right yeah like there's more there's more to it there's a more bike stuff oh yeah I mean both characters get a bike they there gets to be a you get to a town that you try to explore you get a sense of what the larger mystery is eventually going to be but yeah I think if the go if the goal is just to get a good sense of sort of holidaying it they get a good sense of like how the game looks and feels team we really did it this time here okay okay so now Leo go stand by that half target yeah this is an example of a puzzle and when this guy gets over to it right throw your dumb thing that would be fun puzzle for a mini golf course to have very complicated I'm stuck on a hole 14 can someone please provide some tips well i prima guide at home you have to be steep in order to hit this we have to be standing in a very specific spot so that from one angle it looks like this target lines up imagine somebody's looking at you from a third-person perspective it's golf that's right alright well thanks everybody yeah by that I mean you've Leo and you Jo and you viewers oh very nice gentlemen wow that episode was just ok what you gonna do subscribe there Game Informer on YouTube for new episodes of new gameplay today every week covering brand new releases and previews of upcoming games do you have my promise that at least one of them will be good

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  1. I'm so excited for this game. I remember the first time I saw the e3 trailer I nearly cried. And that music <3

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