New Avengers Game Footage Review, Details and More - Marvel Games Panel San Diego Comic Con 2019

New Avengers Game Footage Review, Details and More – Marvel Games Panel San Diego Comic Con 2019

hey guys it's Dennis here we also got your boy Dorian and we're here at San Diego comic-con 2019 we just came out of the Hall H panel for Marvel games that kind of went through a bunch of different games from different developers for different systems for different platforms all that stuff they start off with Marvel Ultimate Alliance three black order which is coming out tonight today yeah today so they did have a few things that they were revealing how'd you find that that part of the panel for me like it kind of just made me wonder cuz I've always been like been saying I need to get in the Tendo Street again Nintendo switch but seeing the the this extended DLC that they're gonna that they were billed and the characters that they're bringing on it kind of made me more incentivize like I was like alright I actually have to make this move right sooner rather than later because what we did get to see I actually really enjoyed and for the most part I think they're giving away some of the characters for free yeah that was cool is like said of me you don't have to like there will be some DLC that you have to pay for but hey they were like hey here's some extra content for you guys I know you've been wanting some so I'm excited about that but for the most part it just made me want to buy a Nintendo switch more because I have it I haven't got to play it yet yeah cuz it exclusive to that platform and then the one thing yeah you mentioned that they revealed a lot of stuff pretty late in the game cuz it's releasing tonight that people who have been following this game didn't even know which is Loki as a playable care they're gonna have like so later you mentioned DLCs that you have to pay for they're gonna have an x-men expansion but they're gonna give Colossus and Cyclops for free to start off with the game also of the Marvel Knights you have played Moon Knight Morpheus was it Morbius and and Punisher you know and so these are you know characters that people are gonna I mean there's a ton of characters to play in this game you know this is a beat'em up game style co-op I think up to what four players or yeah yeah so I think I think there's you know a lot of good news a lot of free stuff coming out you know there was a few other things we'll talk about Avengers last cuz Avengers is is the one that you know is the big one that people are waiting for but they actually had that at the very end of the panel so they had they talked about the the mobile game like contest of Champions yeah they're they're doing so I guess they're partnering I can't remember with who but they're doing like a nine nine week tournament so whoever wins like I think by the time like who the winner or the the top nine people will actually go battle it out in New York Comic Con and then whoever wins like it's an ultimate prize or something like that so I thought that was cool I'm not I don't play that game I'm not too familiar with contests for champions but they're putting it in the sense of Alf like hey you got nine weeks to Train battle do whatever you got to do and then whoever wins you get to a free trip to New York Comic Con so I think that's pretty cool yeah and something you are familiar with more so than anyone other than the the developers on stage was Iron Man VR yes we are you know a lot of people you know the one thing I notice about the you know them being here at Comic Con and Hall H and showing the stuff to the fans is yes there's a lot of crossover with the video game culture and the nerd geek culture here but it's still like a lot of stuff that the people in Hall H were seen never seeing for the first time they they didn't some of the probably never knew there was an Iron Man VR game all that stuff you played it they showed off a little bit of footage a little bit of details about it what would you think of that part I thought what they showed was pretty much what I got to see in San Francisco when I got to do the demonstration but what they showed I thought was really great and I think he touched on it he said like what you're seeing right now on the screen does not do it justice at all and of course it doesn't cut its virtual reality so for me personally speaking like because I've actually done done it I really enjoyed the game for the most part what I got to play so what they showed on the screen I thought it was an accurate representation of what you'll actually be doing from flying as Tony Stark to using your repulsor to fly it feels like you're Iron Man from just the flying from everything so I thought that I think this is gonna be one of my most anticipated games when it does get an official release date because I know we took they they've been trying to do some more original PS VR games to try to get cells up and stuff like that so I think this will be the actual game to make soap to push people to actually want to get a psvr for the first time and then fall back into go go do other VR games that they've had in the past well I think this is gonna be the main one to actually incentivize people to jump on it yeah my actually my favorite part of that whole the Ironman pious VR stuff was that the the guy that was the director of the game and I think he was the cone or a co-founder of the camouflage games the developer that was behind it mm-hmm their small company smell development company he told the story of how they got that because originally when they they they wanted them they weren't sure they're like I think we should go with a bigger company right and him telling the story of like well he asked them what they wanted they wanted an awesome pitch and a demo and all this stuff and he and his team basically did this demo spent two weeks worked really hard on it did a great pitch for it got the flying mechanics down and brought it down to to show them to sell them on him you remember you're doing those two weeks hardcore like work that's all like for free there no one's paying you to do it that's just the pitch and and they got it you know over some of the bigger bigger companies yeah that's dope so like if if Marvel was picking you out of all these companies to do something and they obviously have it they obviously see something special in you and III saw that when I was playing you like I said for the first time like it there were no bugs or anything I don't think the games even finished but what I did get to play when you step into that world you really do feel like Tony Stark they make the flying how you would think like heat like building bending your wrist like that and and flying backwards falling forwards it was so cool so I'm definitely excited for this so let's get to the big one this is the big one that everyone's kind of anticipating marvel's avengers by Crystal Dynamics look you and me and caboose we kind of covered this at a III and I know we were excited about the game but there was a lot of backlash about the graphics and also later it was revealed that the coop wasn't exactly the what we thought it was because the coop is not part of the story mode it's part of it it's a separate thing I would say they got a good PR win in this in this panel because one like I mentioned before not everyone there is familiar with what hat went on with the three so they're selling this to a different ought not completely different audience obviously but a different audience and they did improve some of the graphics the designs are still very similar they didn't change the design but they did improve the graphics in the same twenty minute demo that we saw the lighting effects were better there's more detail in there and I felt like with the talking about some of the other features like the co-op mode and cost customization I think they did themselves very well for for this panel what do you think yeah I was really impressed because were like like he said we saw the first version at e3 and I definitely saw some major improvement not super major like not nothing game-changing but I noticed a lot more it looked a lot more fluid a lot more graphics with especially like the hair and I know a lot of people getting on crap about Black Widow I thought they they helped her out a lot so for the most part I was really impressed with everything we got to see and how they were talking about like the customization feature so it seems like you you can't customize like the your story yeah your story mode character is always going to be the same typical costumes but when you're playing online what if your friends coat the co-op mode that's when the actual customization takes place and you can I think it's skills the the the costume itself and they they show to some of the concept bar for some of the upcoming like customization that you can do and it looks sick it looked incredible so I can't wait to pimp out my character yeah I mean the people were sure just for the gameplay demo a lot of people were cheering for the Hulkster yeah and then his whole concept designs you had the regular Hulk and then you had him and his like mr. Fixit how are you yeah I'm just saying you know Iron Man has a bunch of different color schemes and just look cool and we got to see those footage we didn't get a seat at e3 which is the some of the co-op play yeah we gotta see lay it looks marries very similar to the story mode obviously they're probably not gonna have all these cutscenes in a deep story or anything like that but you you play very similar yeah and they look and it looked how I would imagine how you would place with somebody don't like like I like a Marvel oldham Alliance or something like that where you're playing people like the two heroes are fighting next to each other smashing one one person down or something like that so it looked fine for me and I'm I'm just curious to see like how they'll try to improve upon that with the the new characters that they're gonna bring cuz I did say that these aren't the only characters will we'll see in this game so like I know they kind of teased for ant-man so I'm kinda interested to see how if if the characters that they're going to haven't shown us will be woven into the story itself where they're just gonna be unlockable like on the side for the online campaign yeah they brought the cast out as well you know with troy baker and north and the other guys and they talked about it during that they also brought out the statue for the collectors yeah they didn't say when you could pre-order it but they just showed kind of a prototype of the Captain America Statute that comes with the collector's edition and I and I know and once I bought the castle once they like actually started talking about it I know every every cast member anything is not gonna like shit on their game or movie or anything like that but genuinely seemed like they were passionate about their characters and the voice acting they did in this cuz I think Troy Baker said that this is one of the most emotion not emotional most like in touch he's been with a character in terms of the story that this is that that will play out so I can't wait to see what they actually do cuz I think he's an incredible voice I think they're all incredible voice actors so if they're really working across each other like kind of like an Avengers team I think this can be something special story wise and in terms of their acting yeah I think overall I think Avenger the Marvel's Avengers game by Crystal Dynamics I think made the biggest impression on people I think it also did a lot of good for you know maybe some of the backlash they answered some of the questions whether it's like the graphics or the co-op or the customization and all that stuff so I think it turned out to be a big win for them and he made sure that like he made they make sure to emphasize that the game is constantly gonna be updated even after it after it comes out so I no matter how you feel about the graphics or ever I think that it's showing that they're putting a bunch of care and that they will consistently keep putting care into this on whatever we give them like it like you heard the fans outcry they said hey we're fixing it so if they're constantly updating if there any issues like just got no respectfully yeah cool all right guys that's what we thought of the Marvel games panel at Hall H at comic-con this year let us know your thoughts even post your comments below.also Falls for more San Diego comic-con coverage we're gonna have that all through the rest of the weekend yeah the weekend you know with Perry and coy and Amy Dallen Jay Washington just did some stuff for us you and me are gonna do some stuff we have our panel on Sunday you can check that out if you are here at Comic Con we are so recording that as well so until the next video see you guys later

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  1. So we can’t change suits in the story modeee are you serious that fucking sucks!!! The gameplay better be good I swear

  2. Don't worry about the gameplay demo they said they will release the gameplay online after gamescon just watch the ign interview that they released at comic con it's on IGNs utube channel

  3. You can't change suit in story mode? Whats the point of having customization then? Im starting to doubt about this game

  4. They confirmed a minute ago they were not going to change how the characters look; but improve the game itself.

  5. I need to see more with the Avengers game before I preorder it. Thanks for the heads up guys 😊

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