New 2020 Brompton Borough Roll Top Bag, replacing the T bag

New 2020 Brompton Borough Roll Top Bag, replacing the T bag

This week we received the Brompton bags.
New for 2020 they are the Brompton Borough roll-top bag, the Brompton Metro
messenger bag and the Brompton Borough basket bag. We also have for comparison
the Explore bag and the old-style T bag. We’re going to make a video on each
one of the bags so please check back if there’s a particular bag you’re
interested in. New for 2020 Brompton have divided the luggage into three
categories. The Metro which is their smarter range which is designed for the
cities. The Borough which is for weekends and exploring but also can be used in the
city and transit which is for transporting your Brompton. We’re going to look at the Brompton Borough roll-top bag. This bag is new for 2020 and is
introduced to replace the T bag or Touring bag. It’s similar to the Brompton
Explore that we made a video on recently so I’m
going to put them next door to each other. This is the Brompton Borough bag this is
the very similar Brompton Explore bag One of the key differences we’ve noticed
between the Borough roll-top bag and the T bag is the rubberised webbing handle.
It has a nice tactile feel, however the key difference with the new type of handle
is it means it’s compatible with all handle bar types. The old T bag had a
hard plastic handle which meant that it wasn’t compatible with the S handlebar
type and it can interfere with your steering. However the new borough
Brompton roll-top bag is compatible with the s handlebar type. And just remember,
not to overfill it so that you have good steering. And the handle is slightly
different from the Explore bag which is padded. The Brompton Borough roll-top bag is made from 1000 D Cordura broken twill fabric that was exclusively developed
for Brompton. With the DWR finish it provides a good level of water
resistance…. however if you’re stuck in a British rain shower you’ll want the
orange waterproof cover which is hidden in one of the back pockets the water
resistant cover simply goes over the bag. It’s a bright orange to make you visible
in the daytime and it has a reflective strip to aid visibility at night. It also
has an elasticated bottom to keep it snug around your bag. New for 2020 is the Brompton branded fasteners. This is different from the Explore bag that
didn’t have branded clips. This includes the two side clips which
weren’t branded on the Explore bag. The bag has a detachable branded shoulder
strap. It’s detached easy these clips which is simply undone and then removed
from the webbing by sliding out. They can then be reattached by popping back
through the webbing strap and then attaching with the metal faster. The
shoulder strap is padded and the padded area is movable. Of course
please remember to safely stow your shoulder strap before you ride,
otherwise you might interfere with your front wheel – and cause you to fall off! On the front of the bag is an extra capacity load strap which is perfect for securing your extra
luggage or jumpers. On the front of the bag are seven loops they’re handy for
attaching things for example my helmet when I get to my destination We also have a zippy pocket it’s called
an O pocket because it can be opened from both sides It has YKK zips that are easily undone
even when you have gloves on It has stretchy side pockets one on each
side – perfect for my gloves – they’re in a contrasting black in comparison to the
grey bag. It has a woven Brompton logo on the front of the bag.
So, now let’s have a look inside It as if you pocket, which is stretchy
perfect for keeping your important things safe. Also on the inside is the
branding of the Cordura fabric. On the inside, unlike the old T bag is a large
laptop sleeve. There’s plenty of room on the inside of the bag On the back of the bag are two pockets here’s a different view of the two
pockets on the back! They’re closed using two fasteners which have they have
two different settings depending on how much stuff you have in your pockets.
Choose which ones to use depending on how much stuff you have in your pockets.
This is one of the key differences between this and the Explore bag. On
the back the Explore bag it has this Firlock closures and an adjustable strap. On the right hand pocket it has an integrated water bottle holder.
As with most Brompton luggage it has an integral frame the frame can be removed
by undoing the two velcro straps and sliding it out. The stated dimensions are
40 centimeters by 30 centimeters by 20 centimeters.
Obviously the depth is dependent on how much you put in it. The stated capacity
of the Brompton Borough roll-top bag is 28 liters, however please remember that the
weight limit of the front carrier block is 10 kilograms. The weight of the bag
frame and the waterproof cover is approximately 1.6 kilos. If you liked
this video about the Brompton Borough roll-top bag please give us the thumbs
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please comment in the comment section below. It also has an elasticated bottom
to keep the roofing it also has an elasticated bottom, to keep it snug around your bike …. bike?

14 thoughts on “New 2020 Brompton Borough Roll Top Bag, replacing the T bag

  1. Too bad about the back pockets, I‘d really have liked the magnetic fastener. Anyway, I ordered one (from you of course) and can’t wait to try it. Had a C-bag (with a sawed-off handle) so far but was eyeing the T-bag. The improvements in the borough bag finally gave me an excuse to get one for my S-type Brompton. 😉

  2. I could do with one of those! I have a Brompton bag for the front but it's as old as the bike (18 years) and isn't at all waterproof. It's also too small.

  3. Another excellent Video. All we need now is a better range of bags for the Brompton Electric. Are you listening Brompton ???

    ( dismounts hobby horse :-))

  4. T bag is better as the plastic handle is handy to fold/unfold the bag.

    Why stopping it just to please people with S ?

    The 2 pockets have silly closing system and design = you can not take a bottle with 1 hand as the pocket is too high and has a flap.

    The best bag = the old T bag. The one with the mesh.

    The new T with the white logos was already less good as it can not be closed full and the mesh can take much less. Plus the pocket with zip is less large.

    So it goes worse and worse…

    Change Brompton designer team !

  5. Oh, thanks a lot for this useful review. This bag looks really good. One thing I am wondering is if the center/top strap isn't too short. Currently on my Roll-Top bag when I sometimes load it more than the Brompton engineers imagined, but still reasonably, the strap is not long enough. I can imagine it being 3-5 cm longer. What about this one?

  6. I have an old t bag, used for 5 years and still in good shape.

    But after watching your video about the explore bag, I understood that the t bag was dead and I managed to buy one of the last one sold online in France.

    But the old one is better.

    I can not live without the t bag, I used it in supermarkets, hence I bought a second one thinking it would be better than the explorer.

    I have C, 2T, 2 game (the blue is crappy, I never used because it lost his color when I rubbed it), mini ortlieb (not good quality, snap fell off and the bottom fabric is damaged by the plastic angles but it is handy).

  7. nice one…Had a giggle when you put your head in the bag , my c bag and rack sack have a yellow liner for easy viewing inside.. it does help. How about a review of the rack sack as I feel its use is undervalued?

  8. Really helpful. The game changer is the handle as this bag will fit on S handlebars. I currently use a C bag but on an S frame to make it fit. thanks for your films as always…

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