My GT Avalanche 29er Custom Build |  Bike Check & Review

My GT Avalanche 29er Custom Build | Bike Check & Review

hi everyone, let us do a bike check video on my bike my custom built GT Avalanche this is now my primary hardtail my Merida is now retired, I like this one better I will explain why on GT’s lineup of hardtail MTB’s GT Avalanche sits on the sweet spot of nicely priced good performance, and a cool hardtail frame the cheaper one, which is the GT Aggressor is okay, because it is also GT but, the head tube is not tapered a tapered headtube bike frame is better if you have the choice, go for the tapered I am not saying that non tapered headtube bikes are bad, it is just the mid to high end bikes have it that is why I recommend going with it instead be it just aesthetics, looks good, or the strength and stiffness, it also opens up for wide choices when talking about fork upgrade compatibility, the much more expensive frame options are the Pantera and Zaskar the GT Pantera is similar to the Avalanche only plus size wheels it can accommodate semi fat tire sizes those tires are a tad bit wider than the regular ones while the GT Zaskar, it is the top of the line hardtail model from GT it has different shape tubing, and a carbon frame variant to choose from but its geometry is also adapted to the latest GT Avalanche frame models in built bikes, the parts on the Zaskar are much better you can also get a thru axle frame with it that being said, if you do not have that too high of a budget for your hardtail MTB GT Avalanche is the sweet spot GT Avalanche is available in built bikes there is a choice between 27.5 and 29er wheel sizes But the good news is, GT made the Avalanche available as frame-only so you are free to spec it the way you want it for your build this saves you from spending too much later down the road because for sure, you will be upgrading the stock parts that comes with the built bike the frame that I used for my build came from RD Cycles the parts were from my old hardtail, it was just transferred to the new frame they are both 29er frame this is the gt avalanche frame, 2019 color way, aqua blue with glossy finish the decals is black and gray I like the simple decals design because it looks clean it has tapered head tube with 56mm lowers the frame doesnt have internal cable routing, which is a signature for GT Bikes but still, it looks clean even with external cable routing it uses full housing for the shifter cables that runs underneath the frame there are some advantage to the external cable routing there will be no cable that tends to rattle inside the frame no frame holes will be exposed when you decide to not use an FD anymore for 1x setup also the maintenance is easier, no need to insert cables inside the frame it has Triple Triangle design which is also a trademark of GT frames this frame design is very iconic, and has been around for so long, and GT still uses it it has been tested over the years, and it is still here to stay the seat stay is reinforced as it is welded on the seat tube as well as the top tube with this, it makes the rear triangle of the bike smaller compared to other common frame designs from other brands with a smaller rear triangle, it makes the bike more stiff, stronger, and more responsive with the triple triangle design, it made it possible to have a shorter chainstay bike while still keeping the same wheel base as the norm the top tube reach is longer which, surprisingly, I liked it coming from a Merida XC frames for the past 3 years this GT frame has different ride quality the chainstay is shorter so the bike feels easier on turns in the trails even though it has 29er wheels the feeling of the rear wheel lagging, isnt there anymore it feels really responsive the top tube on the other hand, makes it perfect to pair with a shorter stem to get the correct reach with shorter stem, the control on trails is better it also makes descents feel more stable it also makes it easy to put your weight on the rear end of the bike on climbs, I have yet to experience the front wheel lifting even though I re-rode the climbs that makes my front wheel to leave the ground I am not using a negative stem by the way I dont plan to use one too it climbs really good, as well as on descents it also pedals nice even on flat roads this frame is available for small and medium size options in our market the small size one, makes the triple triangle design less obvious the medium size one, has 2 bottle cage mounts one in the downtube and one in the seat tube the welds on the head tube is reinforced so you are assured for its durability there are also bosses for rear racks and fenders so you can somehow set this up as a tourer there are no provisions for a side stand, which is ok for me I dont use side stands at all it has 135mm hub spacing and quick release drop outs disc brake only, post mount located at the chainstay with low-profile position for the calipers it is tucked inside but still, the alignment bolts is easily accessible it has 30.9mm seat post size it is bigger compared to the 27.2mm size that I have on my old bike which in effect, makes it more stiff and more durable there is also quick release seat clamp included with the frame which is a nice touch All Terra branded, and it doesnt looks cheaply made when you buy the frame aside from the seatclamp, it also includes those rubber caps for the frame holes there are also c-clips included so using cable ties is not needed anymore there are also bolts for the bottle cage mount a cable tunnel guide that sits under the BB shell and the brackets that holds the external cables under the down tube this is a medium sized frame, I am 5’8″ in height it feels different at first as I was used to riding a small sized 29er but now, it is a pleasure to ride fork I have here a Manitou Markhor fork it has tapered steerer, quick release drop outs air suspension fork, and with Kwik toggle lockout this fork gives a plush ride there is also a rebound adjustment although I have yet to play on the rebound settings I like how the suspension plays be it on trails or climbs, I mostly keep it unlocked I do not have to keep the air pressure on the fork too low just for it to have a plush play and more compliant in bumps and offroads the play is very smooth, however, I do not recommend picking up this fork it is because, for a little more, you can get the Manitou Machete variant, with burlier stanchions it is a better fork, it is a better investment, very much worth the few extra bucks this fork, it was just given to me I liked it more compared to other cheaper air suspension forks that I had tried before drive train I am using a 1×10 drive train for this bike I chose to use 1x setup just for simplicity even though I know, that 2x or 3x setup is can run faster than 1x those were also easier to climb with because of the granny gear in a 1x setup, I have no choice with its lightest gearing I do not have a choice but to just improve my climbing with it the 1x specific drive train, is best used for trail rides but for long rides, it is still not bad I still cannot spin out on my heaviest gear I was just able to do it on descents capping at 40kph where I cannot feel the crank anymore we dont ride that fast on flats on long rides so no worries being dropped on the group ride I have a Deore M6000 rear derailleur paired with a Kactus oversized pulley with a bigger pulley, less effort is required to turn the drivetrain that is one of the benefits it makes you less tired, even though it is just marginal the shifters are Deore 10 speed as well, right only because we use a 1x setup the crankset is from FSA, V-drive, modular direct mount, self-extracting with 170mm crank arm lenght the chainring is a 32t this crankset is a pleasure to pedal with, very stiff the cassette that I use is the same cassette that I have been using before, Weapon Shuriken 10speed cassette, 11-42t, gold color until now, the gold color hasnt faded and there is still no issues with the teeth paired with a PYC chain with gold color as well to match the aesthetics hollowed pins lightweight, yet a good quality chain from PYC the brakeset is an old model Deore brakeset this is the best brakeset that I have I have tested its durability and performance I just had to bleed it once I also replaced its stock brake pads when it reached its time I put finned brake pads because those are compatible with this brake set also for good heat dissipation and of course, for the aesthetics, the finned pads look bad-ass 160mm rotors for the front and rear these are Icetech rotors from Shimano I bought it along with the brakeset wheelset 29er wheelset, with Weapon Ambush hubs these are hubs with magnetic ratchet mechanism, it has a loud sound which sometimes annoying but it rolls good because of the sealed bearing insides the spokes and nipples are just ordinary, unbranded I never had a broken spoke, ever I believe if you have a well-built wheelset, with good lacing and proper use, it will last the rims are Weinmann U28TL, these are good quality rims Weinmann has been on this industry for a long time they are also making rims for other well-known name brands this is the cheapest yet, you are assured with its good quality I use a 28mm rim width this is just right for cross country use not too narrow, not too wide these are also tubeless ready my wheels are also setup tubeless paired with Vee Tire Co Rail tires the side wall is skin-wall it was easily set up tubeless even without air compressor just with good tape, it turned out good I like the thread pattern on these tires it rolls fast on paved roads while still performing nice on trails very light weight as well other components the handlebar and stem is also from FSA V-drive these are just alloy, but hey it is FSA, a well-known name for these parts I have a 60mm stem with 7 degrees angle I just dont like using a really steep stem my handlebar is a 740mm it has no rise, but with backsweep for a comfortable ergonomics the grips are Supacaz Grizips it feels really good on the hand even without gloves the softness is just right, also it is not sticky to touch I just dont like that the grips are too beautiful and leaning the bike with the grips is a torture the seatpost is from Cycle Design brand it is a lightweight seatpost, it uses 7075 alloy I was not able to use the FSA V-drive seatpost on my bike because there arent a size that is compatible with the seat tube the saddle is just an old saddle of mine it is a copy of the Velo Plush saddle I have this for almost 3 years already still using it, best $5 I had spent for my bike If I am using this saddle, no saddle sores at all, even at very long rides the pedals that I use are Shimano M520 SPD-SL pedals these are double-sided with sealed bearing, and clipping in and out is very easy I just cant enjoy using my bike if I am not wearing proper shoes for this if I want to enjoy more in the trails, I just swap it out with a sealed bearing flat pedals that is the Weapon Ambush pedals I also have a saddle bag on my bike this contains my spare inner tube that is for emergency purpose, if the tubeless setup fails it also holds my multi tool tire levers, valve adapter it is for presta valves, so you can easily refill air on refilling stations stickers, and kremil-s MOB mini pump with holder mounted on the bottle cage mount I would like to commend MOB for this product until now, it still holds very well the bottle cage is a cheap carbon cage that I used on my Merida it is a side entry cage I have been using a speedometer from Meilan, M1 it has GPS so no need for extra sensors in the bike you can also sync it with Strava I will have a review of it, just please wait for it that is my bike setup I am very satisfied with this bike I do not see myself changing it anytime soon because the frame is just perfect for me unless, I will have to replace it with a frame with modern geometry and is more trail-oriented with slacker head tube angle and thru axle drop outs but if it still just another XC bike, without something special on it, it wont be worthy to replace this frame for me with all its bells and whistles especially on its budget bracket thats it guys please like comment and subscribe if you like this video a simple like will really help this channel comment down below if you also have this frame or you intend to build one lets talk in the comment section if you have questions, requests or suggestions let me know in the comments subscribe if you havent yet more bike related videos will be uploaded in the future see you on the next one ride safe everyone!

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