My $15,000,000 Mansion Room Tour (Fortnite Gaming Setup)

My $15,000,000 Mansion Room Tour (Fortnite Gaming Setup)

okay your what's going on guys Jarvis I'm back with another video today is really echoey in this room I feel like if you guys didn't know this used to be my old room I don't know if you can really see but this was like my old room phrase you moved all my stuff for a video it's right for this one's empty anyway I may as well move in because like seeing as I've fully moved into the house oh look at the color change some vibe for I haven't even said what the video is but you guys know by the title of course that I'm doing a setup slash like room torrent in the house now that I'm in phase and now that I actually officially live here I've actually got a room now so it's pretty fired but guys in the other room there's no toilets about to walk out there go to the right people walk in and out and like they would see me when I'm just getting out of shower it was kind of it was kind of embarrassing but like now we've got our own shower i'ma dress I'm gonna just show this bit first then we'll go into the actual self you just got some like ting some towels we got a shower some some head and shoulders and some body some body wash we've got a toilet that's kind of nice I don't know why I'm doing so much detail on the toilet but I don't know what I'm doing hey wait let me fill this up because this is actually left by like yeah let me fill this thing up there I got this also a lot in my stream like what is this machine this Lake it's like a it's like a mist blower thing and pretty much you put like these oils or whatever is in them and this is dead this probably my favorite one quit if you guys know quit phase quit he actually got me on this I don't know what's a cooler but that's just cooling like a mist of fire that's pretty cool in their pond do this with one hand so look will you guys have to do I get that off you sure like but five teen five drops is probably enough oh you can't see it throughout but over time it definitely goes like more mist there's more mister calm down stuff a bit that make sense I think so but like yeah that that you can I think it's cool eucalyptus that house would like it makes you more concentrated in a house with like stress especially was playing for tonight you like I go out have that one then we we just got okay have already I've started in a weird place in the room I didn't start the beginning of the herd I just started in the bathroom for some reason I don't know what I'm done okay Ben let's actually just stop coming from so of course we got the door we walk in and then BAM the beds oh my god this happened to look nice for the video of course let's do that again retake retake so obviously you got the door you just walked in and bam we got the bed it's actually kind of nice the wood you know the rooms kind of like it's a lot black and gray it looks I just like black and gray it looks really clean but like the wood does give a little color to the room I'm like an after two architect where I'm insane and then we've got your cupboard cloves clothes and then back back we got the munch we go ahead let's area we got some water some more shoes the shoes I don't think you guys have actually ever seen my shoes haven't I should go any new shoes recently black I'm definitely definitely trying to get some as I haven't worn this in so long just forgot to put on but less flex of the video a bit you know I'm sad so just cover the toilet to draw the bed now I got a fridge it's not really much else you have to say about that we got some I try I try eat some healthy food because I I would have pretty much every man when I'm out here so I try eat healthy so I've got some mangoes some peaches I got almond milk because I don't really drink milk yeah we got water as well stay hydrated you already know okay I mean I think that's that's it no I mean that's not it that's like that's the room but now let's get on to the cell oh yeah wait I can't forget the bin of course the bin what I would put the blind up by at the moment there's blinds like fully broken I'm on the first roll so it doesn't even matter like yeah there's only really trees like I can't actually see of you anyway it says calm and then we go to the cell boys whenever I mean we have to have this like right there because I can't have like greasy hands when I'm gone my controller so yeah we got we want to go one PC right now I'm gonna be ganging on the PC hopefully so I can get like back wall it's your my streams and stuff if you guys didn't know I do stream for slash little Jarvis this is it boys this is the tank it actually looks pretty fired to be honest so look guys we've got the Starbucks coffee we've got the water we got the SteelSeries mouse pad the steelseries keyboard you guys know I don't put a keyboard so I just get the keyboard that looks the best so I think this one looks prettier a Logitech mouse we don't really care about that we care about this the controller you already know we got a stream deck I don't even really use this but it looks cool you know you just feel like you're an actual streamer when you've got a stream deck but I mean I think I've used it twice like my stream is really basic I don't know I don't have all these like starting screens or anything I just have gameplay and facecam that's really a but I still stolen and guys just a tip if you're in your room if you're in your room and you want to make your room ax by it but like this room would be kind of basic like like if you have this thing in a room unless you makes it go from a 5 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10 room all you need is these things called hue lights you just put them in instead of the normal lights you have and then you download an app on your phone do some like smooth stuff and then bad you can literally choose any color and it just makes the room so let let me show you the setup a bit more we got three monitors you already know what some three monitors yet support correct good and then my Twitter easiest plugs boys let's go but is that really much else to show you we've got we're going out got so light we go the at2020 my this PC thing is gone like it's going rth 2089 processor I decide to dig a ramen and some other stuff they were serious headset brought like pretty much everything so cerise no series plug the subways you got the classes chair I do have like a headrest for that that says face job is on it but I don't really like the headrest we also have a hundred K 1 so this 100 K when we got like not even that long ago I'm on the ones on the way let's go I bought some I didn't know what to put in the room bro so I just bought some mini cactuses I don't know how to decorate a roof but I definitely like this room isn't even fully fully done ok that looks a lot better we've just been it zoomed in the whole time I'm not good at this vlogging stuff man I'm against some stuff for my walls as well because it is looking kind of like empty right now we got fan got a fan because like it's summer it does get really hot actually a lip fan though it's got loads of different settings and stuff on it I don't think there's much else to really show like I caught up in this car open is blind but like we do have a little outside there there's just like trees and stuff and then there I see v8 to go outside though but I mean I don't know if there's anything else I really need to show you guys this is like my first room I've ever like actually customized to make it my own kind of room and it looks pretty lit right now I'm gonna get another PC and some like more like some more like little stuff but to be honest the main part of the room is done make sure you guys are using the support craco jobs by the way you already know but yeah I guess I'll see you in my next video guys if you want to see more vlogs and stuff I could start doing some more like amaura life videos I don't know what I'll do but I could definitely do it but um leave a like for that as well and I'll see you my next video guys peace out okay guys this is the morning offer I just feel my setup video but like I didn't actually show you the rest of the house it's like half a in the morning so I think everyone's really asleep you guys are probably seen this house a hundred million times but i'ma show you anyway so yeah so the arch this is definitely the most wall guys I do everyday is just walking up these stairs this is my workout for the day yeah it definitely looks like everyone went out last night there's a lot of bottles of you know drinks and stuff I can't go out I'm not 21 yet so I got just stay in where we got table team we got some chairs yeah actually got this this is really that every morning Monday to Friday we have a meeting here and we got this oh just one black we got this on the screen and shows everyone's like growth my name isn't actually on there yet but like it's just a lit to see how everyone in phase is growing this fire phase up baby yes sir I'm doing a self room tour thing let's go there is a gym guys I I mean I start where I started running for like five days I did it five days in a row and it was actually lit and then I don't know what it was I just like I couldn't do it but as soon as I get back as soon as I get back from the UK back here I'm gonna start on the gym drank no more World Cup so yeah now on the second boys and this one is Ricky's kind of empty at the moment we just got like two setups this is where high sky was and that's where till was when they came over but we're trying to make this into like a chill spot so his the vision boys we're gonna get like a couch they're like a rock ting gonna have a coffee table over some chairs there maybe like maybe like a green screen for like four thumbnails and stuff and then we're gonna get rid of this table put like a coffee machine get a TV up there get some hue lights and down this room is actually gonna be a bad but I don't really think there's anything else I need to show you guys hey that's the whole house pretty much you guys I'm sure you guys have seen it many times before anyways guys I hope you enjoyed the video that's my room and lighthouse kind of tall if you did leave a like I'll see you in my next video guys peace out

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