Mountain Biking Explained – EP1

Mountain Biking Explained – EP1

Any outdoor activity can be really fulfilling,
but my activity of choice is mountain biking. A mountain bike can quickly cover any terrain,
and take you amazing places inaccessible by many other vehicles. Plus, mountain biking is a great way to get
in shape, push yourself, and even make lifelong friends. The vast majority of mountain bikers went
on their first ride with a friend, parent, or coworker who was already experienced. When your experienced friend takes you out
on the trails, they can fix your mechanical problems, warn you about obstacles ahead,
and even tell you when to shift gears. The thing is, not everyone has that guidance. Meet Lisa. She’s not an actress and she’s never been
mountain biking before, but she wants to learn. Follow along with Lisa as she learns how to
ride, how to find trails, and how to perform basic maintenance on her bike. She’ll go through everything you will, and
probably have a lot of the same questions. She’s going to have a lot of fun, and probably
make a lot of friends, but she sure as hell won’t be doing it on this bike. This is a hybrid, or comfort bike. Surprisingly, it’s sometimes mistaken for
a mountain bike. The shocks, the gears, and the fat tires make
it look like it’s designed for riding off road, but this sticker states otherwise. So we’ll need to max out Lisa’s credit
card and get her set up for the trails. First she’ll need a bike, a helmet, and
some gloves. She’ll also need a floor pump with a gauge,
as tire pressure is really important in mountain biking. She’ll also need a hydration backpack, which
holds lots of water, and other stuff like her cell phone, supplies, and car keys. Speaking of car keys, Lisa will need a bike
rack, unless she’s okay with putting a filthy muddy bike in her back seat. I’d also recommend a multitool. Altogether, this will cost around $1000, but
that’s just a guide. You may already have some of this stuff, and
often times you can find it used. Over the course of a year, many people spend
over $1000 on coffee, and definitely more than that on ordering in lunch. Do the math. Chances are you could make your own coffee,
pack your lunch, or scale back on something else to make room for mountain biking. With the right beginner gear, Lisa has the
headroom she needs to grow and improve without being limited. She has a bike that can be easily maintained,
repaired, and upgraded, and gear that will last her many many rides. In the upcoming videos we’ll go over all
this stuff, where to get it, and how to use it. Now that she’s all set up I’m thinking
we should shock Lisa’s system with a ride on Porcupine Rim, a 3000 foot descent along
the edge of a mountain, followed by a bone jarring ride across miles of Jeep road. Then, a blistering descent along a big friggin
cliff…or we could start on some dirt paths and teach Lisa the basics first. That’s the safest way to start mountain
biking; getting used to your bike before you try anything crazy. Lisa is riding through a beginner trail, which
is usually just a dirt path with some loose terrain. This isn’t much different from riding in
the street, but it does get you used to riding in narrow spaces with tight turns. To find mountain bike trails there are apps,
and websites that show listings by area. This listing on shows the
difficulty level of these trails. Green dots are for beginners. Before we start turning Lisa into a mountain
biker she’ll need to know some terminology. We’ll do a little of this in every video,
but first we’ll start with the most basic terms you’ll hear the most. This is a hardtail, or a mountain bike with
front suspension. Some bikes also have suspension in the rear. These are called “Full suspension mountain
bikes”. Full suspension, hardtail. Most beginners get hardtails because they’re
less costly and easier to maintain. This is singletrack, or a narrow trail designed
for one rider at a time. Most mountain bike trails are singletrack,
so you’ll hear this term a lot. It usually just means a trail. This is a trailhead, or the entrance to a
trail system. This is where you’ll park your car, get
set up, and meet with your riding buddies. So before Lisa goes to the trailhead to ride
some singletrack on her hardtail, she’ll need to learn how to use all this gear, install
a bike rack, and master a few techniques that make riding singletrack different from riding
pavement. If you’re an experienced mountain biker
who follows this channel, now’s the time to get your friends started by turning them
on to this series. We’ll still be doing the normal stuff in
between, but every couple of weeks I’ll be releasing another episode with lessons
for beginners. Try to be helpful and answer questions in
the comment section.

100 thoughts on “Mountain Biking Explained – EP1

  1. Ok, I am moving from about an intermediate street level rider who has a Specialized Ruby; I want to add mountain biking to my world (very tired of fighting traffic). I am looking at a used Specialized Jett 29er hardtail on an ordering site. My question is…. the L19; is that comparable to the XS Ruby in size? I am a 5 ft tall rider and want to stay with the larger tires so I can keep up with hubby….. don’t want to ride a kid’s bike.

  2. This whole video is false..
    1. This is not a guide to mountain biking. This is an explanation of the SPORT.
    2. $1000? My fucking ass. I did a price check and it should only cost you about $500-600.

  3. Hey Seth, I am just beginning my journey in this sport. Any updates on how Lisa is doing after 18 months? thanks and keep up the amazing content.

  4. How is Lisa doing now. Could you do a follow up ? Or more cool videos of beginners or showing progress? Good Stuff Seth !

  5. What do you recommend for a good starter helmet that had a long chinstrap? I'm looking at some Bontrager ones but am having trouble making a decision. I love your channel and have learned so much.

  6. OK, all you beginners go right ahead and blow a grand. One thing left out? Half of what you just bought from your "local bike shop/thief" is either garbage, or you paid 100 times the value. And anyone taking/teaching someone to mtb ought know…garbage will get you hurt. He mentioned nothing about research. And when I say research, this does not mean from here…get out…on the trail…in the parks….ASK QUESTIONS! Then? Ride. Buy used. Look for community bike shops.

  7. I havent been riding long but enough to know the basics and essentials. But personally, I prefer full suspension. Sure it's more maintenance but I prefer the forgiveness over a hardtail. But personal preference I guess

  8. I love how descriptive you ar and how spot on you are with tips and tricks. I used to mtb way back in the day and it's how I lost tones of weight. after about 8 yrs of not riding anymore. I gained a LOT of weight and am thinking of riding again cause I hate working out and it's more fun and easier to ride a bike through some gnarly trails. I wish I had vids like this back when I used to ride. thanks for the awesome vid

  9. U dont nedd to buy all that stuff just save up for a reliable good bike and ive had no punctures or anything and i ride hard

  10. So Im looking for a bike ive watched your videos concerning them but im curious when it comes to the moutain bikes you suggest whats the weight limit on them Im currently at 350 but wanting to loose weight but a lot of bikes i look at have a weight cap of 250 or 270 and unfortantly were Im from there are no local bike shops that could help me

  11. Dude I live in gaffney sc just started but not a rookie to mountain bike. Would love to come meet up with you guys and bike. Would like to be your experiment to turn into a pro at my expense. 864 2069741

  12. Helpfulness is at its best……thank you from the bottom..whoever made please feel great about yourself for helping to achieve a dream of are an ideal human being.godbless you man

  13. so true mate …. i sold my ps4 and xbox got my self a hardtail and got my arse out there 🙂 besd choice i ever made

  14. I took my best friend mountain biking for the first time, it went……. actually pretty good, he's a road biker so he can kinda ride pretty well

  15. What if your 13, live in a mud puddle sludge hole, and never have time t go on a ride because…

    A: your dad won’t take you.

    B: sports get in the way.

    C: your mom will take you but the won’t ride, she’ll run, and she’ll make you wait for her at every turn.

  16. I watched many your videos, I bought a Kona entry level mountain bike,im 55 cancer survivor, I can get short of breath but then again I'm only going be jumping twigs on rr trails, I wish I discovered mountain biking years a go,i live in pennsylavannia and we have many trails ,thatnk you for your videos and keep them coming,very helpful to novice people like me,im 6.2 and as can imagine nothing comes easy.

  17. ive been given 1000 dollars towards getting an entry level mountain bike. but I don't know where to get one, theres not that many shops where I live

  18. My first mountain bike was a mongoose trailblazer and I ride a bmx for a living and the shocks were crap the shifting was crap and the whole bike sucked. I only had that thing for a month until I got a trek marlin 5 with hydraulics, inner cable housing, and it was under 500 dollars and I love it.

  19. I have a mountain bike but I am not very experienced. I want to get a dirt jumper and I live in Australia. Would you recommend any bikes

  20. whats a good bike to start off with? im wanting to get into mountain biking and can only afford something around $400-500, suggestions?

  21. I had to learn from trial and error and destroyed my ebike saddle and a year of training and plenty of crashes and repairs. I am riding extrem trails

  22. hydration packs not needed no water bottles either, unless you are into warm liquids when you are hot & thirsty.

  23. also, you can be on a bike for way less than $1000…many newbies will waist a grand in a bike shop on modern junk…GREAT bikes can be found on craigslist well built chromoly triple butted fully lugged steel,
    often for under $200.

  24. I went on my first ride on a hybrid and ended up riding some blue trails even though the bike was not right for the job o still had a tone of fun

  25. A month ago I watch this clip. And yesterday I bought my first bike after 15 years, and tanks to your county on you tube i bought a trail worthy bike an x caliber 8. My idea was that 100 bucks will give me a good bike from Facebook market place 😒. Thank you again

  26. I'm very new to mountain biking and barely know other terminology. My main question is what do people mean when they say "140mm on the front suspension"??

  27. I'm trying to get my girl into mountain biking , she is a fighter and an overachiever so I hope your videos motivate her and she will star a healthy lifestyle she is in need of .

  28. As soon as Lisa gets off the saddle and learn how to balance the bike by shifting her weight around , she will be unstoppable .

  29. My first trail was with a mate. It was a techy black downhill on a 17kg hardtail. I didn't stack, and since then I haven't stopped riding my bike.

  30. Give up a few things to pay for your mountain biking, like make your own coffee, make your own lunch, grow your own food, sell plasma, move in with your parents, get a second job…

  31. Ive wanted to switch up from BMX to Dirt jump bikes for some time now, but Unfortunately, where i live, All the mountain bikers I have met are pretentious "im better than you" acting jerks. So I just Trail ride BMX by myself. I ride pretty much all the same trails they do locally, and I do it on my 23/9T geared wethepeople. Id love to meet others I could ride with, but Can never seem to meet anyone whos not trying to act better than everyone else.

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