Motu Patlu Ki Dukan – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu Patlu Ki Dukan – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

It has been so long, there hasn’t been a single customer in our shop since we opened it. Not a profit of single penny. How will they come? These days no one comes, we have to call them. Buy your vegetables, buy some potatoes. Buy some cabbage!! Yes, that seems to be a good way to attract peoples attention. Shout out and get customers in. Buy your Flour!! Buy it here; buy Sugar, buy lentils, buy rice. Hey, is this Motu’s voice or a train’s whistle!! I will go and tell him. Buy your potatoes!! Potatoes and onions; Buy your spices and the soaps!! Hey Motu, what have you done? Now, even those who were around even they have gone far away. Yes Patlu, this idea seems to be failed. But never mind, try and try and you will succeed. We will call everyone and tell them, ok? Doctor Jhatka, buy your potatoes, buy flour and buy all your lentils!!! Hey, Motu, my brother, my friend, why are you shouting so loudly? I can hear. Then, big brother, listen with care. No, I will listen with my ears but when I come to the shop not on the phone, bye bye. Buy your potatoes, buy onions too!! Oh my god!! Motu, even an alarm bell doesn’t ring as loud as your shouting! Speak a little softly. Sorry, next time I’ll speak softly. Bother boxer, rice, lentils, onions, salt, buy them. Why are you talking so softly? Speak up a little. Buy your potatoes!! Buy your onions!! Buy your flour, buy flour!!! Hey, even the referee in my boxing ring does not blow his whistle so loud. Looks like I will have to remind you that everything comes at a cost. Take this!!!!! I will hit you on the phone itself. Where will you go? Take this!! Come on, lets make a fool of Motu. My devilish mind is getting a stormy idea! What boss? Come, I’ll show you. Motu, give me ten kilos of wheat. I’ll give it right away. Wait, instead of the wheat give me ten kilos of rice. Ok, as you wish. Forget it, forget the rice, instead of the rice I want twenty kilos of sugar. All right, sugar it is. But I’ve never got involved with the sweetness of sugar. Do one thing, instead of the sugar you give me thirty kilos of pure melted butter. That is not a problem, we must obey our customers. Hey, John the don, give me the money. Money? What money? For what do you want money? For the melted butter that you bought, the money for that. But I took the melted butter instead of the sugar. All right then pay me for the sugar. But the sugar I took instead of the rice. Ok, so pay me for the rice. But the rice I took instead of the wheat. Then pay me for the wheat. But I have not bought the wheat so why should I pay you for it? Oh yes, you did not buy the wheat, so why should you pay any money. I’m sorry bother, I made a mistake. But the pure melted butter that he took, who will pay for that? On the first day of the shop, John conned you. Hey, why fear, when Chingam is here. I will catch him. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. If John comes back then call me. 20 kilos of rice, 30 kilos of lentils, 5 kilos of sugar, 2 kilos of salt, 4 kilos of spices, 5 liters of oil. Enough, brother, enough! Give me the rest of your order tomorrow; I’m tired. All right then, send this order. Right away, sir. Hera, Feri, you go with Patlu; Protect him. John cannot be trusted, he may loot Patlu on the way. Oh my god!! Constables come back fast! Dacoits are beating me up. Hey, you little man with so much to carry. Here, let me lighten some of your burden.I’ll just take away all things. Stop! I say stop. A dacoit looted me. Oh my god!! That dacoit made a fool of you. He told you something on the phone and you believed it. Next time someone tells you anything on the phone do not believe it! Even if you feel it is my call. Do not get caught in this dacoits trap again. It is possible that he is changing his voice to sound like me and fool you. Ok sir. Even if someone disguises their voice as yours, we will not get caught in thier trap. I had placed an order; why hasn’t everything reached me? Send it quick. Ok. Chingam sir, we cannot lose our customer; We will have to send him all the things he ordered. This time you come with me, let Hera and Feri stay back at the shop with Patlu. They will protect the shop if anyone tries to come here and loot it. Oh my god! I am not a fish to be trapped me in a net!! Keep bringing things like this; We’ll keep looting, may the lord above bless you. I will not let them get away with this. Did you see how I made fools out of them? Now do you believe in my brain power? Wow boss!!! And if you didn’t believe till now. I’ll show you my brain power in jail. The name is Chingam. Do you want to break the full shop? Stop now. Listen to him, listen to your friend, stop now. All right, I’ll stop now. Oh my god! You helped him get away!! I’ll just be back. Now what do we do? We have got our goods back but the shop is broken, where do we keep everything? Idea! Chingam sir had said he would help us in all possible ways. Motu!!! Patlu!!!!!

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